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What we do

We run a workshop assessing your cloud readiness for AWS and Azure. As well as define your custom cloud strategy including a migration plan.

We lift and shift processes from on-premise data centers to AWS and Azure. 

We will help you optimise & automate your infrastructure so you can scale your business in the cloud. 

We provide you with skilled professionals to help you choose the right approach to your strategy for your business needs.

Use Cases

Cloud Migration

We support you moving your workloads from the datacenter to your chosen cloud provider.

Cloud Security

Have a custom cloud security strategy that is bullet-proof and implemented by drie.

Cloud Strategy

We design cloud strategies that will bring cost and technology efficiencies to your business.

Disaster recovery in the cloud

Know that you have a fast & efficient cloud-based disaster recovery plan that allows you to make bolder and better decisions.


No more walls or silos between software development and operations.

Cloud Training

Arrange a training for your team with one of of our certified experts on any cloud-related matter.

Our Clients


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