Enterprise-wide cloud introductory training

Zain is the pioneer of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East and leading mobile voice and data services operator with a commercial footprint in eight Middle Eastern and Africa countries with a workforce of over 6,000.

As a digital leader in the region, Zain’s executive team was eager to introduce a baseline for its staff around cloud computing and reached out to drie to conduct a respective training course.

The half-day workshop was designed to support individuals in understanding the core concept of public cloud, the difference to traditional on-premise solutions and the most common business cases that appear in markets that are new to the cloud movement. Attendees will be introduced to the principles of cloud computing across the following areas:

· The concept and evolution of cloud computing
· The different cloud deployment models (Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud)
· The cloud’s three main areas of operation (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
· The key players in the market and the differences between them (AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud)
· Advantages of cloud vs traditional, on-premise infrastructure
· The most compelling business cases for cloud (costs & benefits)
· Getting started with cloud technologies: Tools & best practices