national tb guidelines 2019

Posted on October 8th, 2020

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Early detection, appropriate diagnosis and timely treatment of TB result in good treatment outcomes.

{ //Fade in LR Chess TUBERCULOSIS CLASSIFICATION AND DEFINITIONS 15 Quarterly TB report format is now available for 3rd Quarter 2020. jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
{$Duration: 1000, $Delay: 80, $Cols: 10, $Rows: 4, $Clip: 15, $SlideOut: true, $Easing: $JssorEasing$.$EaseOutQuad } $MinDragOffsetToSlide: 20, //[Optional] Minimum drag offset to trigger slide , default value is 20 $Class: $JssorNavigator$, //[Required] Class to create navigator instance In developing this guideline, the National TB Program takes into consideration the emerging problems of TB/HIV and DR TB as well as other revisions including 14 MONITORING AND EVALUATION FOR TB CONTROL PROGRAM 101, ANNEXURES Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website.

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{ //Expand Stairs Treatment Guidelines Title Format; MMWR /Medscape free CE credit on the updated 2020 latent TB infection treatment guidelines. ; New NTP Starts TB Case notification pilot project in five districts of pakistan; NTP Launches Helpline 0800-88800 to provide guidance and information about TB to General Public. , { $Duration: 1500, $Delay: 20, $Cols: 10, $Rows: 4, $Clip: 15, $During: { $Left: [0.3, 0.7], $Top: [0.3, 0.7] }, $FlyDirection: 9, $Formation: $JssorSlideshowFormations$.$FormationZigZag, $Assembly: 260, $Easing: { $Left: $JssorEasing$.$EaseInWave, $Top: $JssorEasing$.$EaseInWave, $Clip: $JssorEasing$.$EaseOutQuad }, $ScaleHorizontal: 0.2, $ScaleVertical: 0.1, $Round: { $Left: 0.8, $Top: 2.5} } //Reference , { $Duration: 1200, $Cols: 2, $Zoom: 11, $SlideOut: true, $FlyDirection: 1, $Assembly: 2049, $ChessMode: { $Column: 15 }, $Easing: { $Left: $JssorEasing$.$EaseInExpo, $Zoom: $JssorEasing$.$EaseInExpo, $Opacity: $JssorEasing$.$EaseLinear }, $ScaleHorizontal: 4, $Opacity: 2 } _CaptionTransitions["L|IB"] = { $Duration: 1200, $FlyDirection: 1, $Easing: { $Left: $JssorEasing$.$EaseInOutBack }, $ScaleHorizontal: 0.6, $Opacity: 2 }; 6. $AutoPlay: true, //[Optional] Whether to auto play, to enable slideshow, this option must be set to true, default value is false NATIONAL GUIDELINES FOR TB, DR-TB AND LEPROSY IN ETHIOPIA FOREWORD Tuberculosis (TB) is a major public health problem throughout the world by infecting an estimated one-third of the world’s population and putting them at risk of developing active disease during their lifetime. Annex 2: Recommended treatment regimens and dosages use of fixed dosed

Even new presumptive TB cases should have access to GeneXpert diagnosis wherever it is possible. }

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