is death battle accurate

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Much like the Eight Gates, the forms and attacks do alot of phsicyal strain on the user but unlike gates, it’s not as fatal to the user. ( Log Out /  :All Might Vs Might Gai , How Accurate was Death Battle? Considering Madara can casually spam  Light Beams from his mouth confirmed to be Lightspeed, it’s of little surprise   However is Might Gai faster than Light? 100 5..85 Teraton punches means All might hit with the combined DPS o 1.755 Petatons of TNT which is Contitntent level, in his statement, he would’ve needed only 5 meaning at presumably “100%” of his power at his prime, he could punch with the force of   351 Teratons of TNT . In his youth, he effortlessly redirected Missiles  with his Carolina Smash.

At  Seventh Gate, Gai was fast enough to blitz Madara, catching him off guard within Imperfect Susanoo. Due to the destructive nature of his powers, he cannot go all out if there are innocent lives in the crossfire. It can likely be even stronger into the Multi Continent level range as Gai was able to crack a stronger and more complete Sunasso with Madara fighting seriously against  him. Not to mention he can generate enough force capable of bending space time, essentially turning the energy around him into a micro blackhole, as we know  not even light can escape a blackhole’s gravaritonal pull which should prove advantageous for Gai’s Night Guy attack functioning or would it. As seen with   Deku himself using a piece of the Villain Bot armor to step on Landmines to  launch himself over the battlefield, tanking the damage of the explosion while jumping ahead of the pact.. All Might  was then able to battle the Nemo, an artificial monsority created to combat the likes of All Might in a direct fight.

2) In actuality Gai is the one with superior brute force, however All Might has superior speed,especially with his casual dodging of Bagoku’s blasts, with the prime scaling, All Might actually suprasses even Gai in Eight Gate in speed. 7 530 146 452.5 joule = 1.799 748 196 1 ton [explosive], Gai’s 7th Gai Sweating Energy::1.8 Tons of TNT (Building Level+).

Leaders should die only when loosing a battle or very very rare case random death. LoboGuara5bruxaria/My Favorites Death Battles, Is it accurate? Keep in mind All Might  is holding back his full desturcivte power fearing hurting cilvlains around this point and was begining to weaken as he was at his limts, Even a completely dmiiinshed All Might was able to clash with a massive attack creaitng a city block sized  epxloison. Going by this, it’s likely part of the Greater Tokyo area which we previously had at just 13,539 sq klimoeters or a storm cloud roughly 116.4 km wide and long with the cloud being as high as 8,000 meters.

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