here's a lesson they should teach in school marilyn monroe

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Tall and beautiful mountain of crystal-clear ice! He acted like a nice guy around her, but I could tell he wasn’t a good guy. Mom, there’s something I need to tell you. Just a “you look pretty” could change someone’s day. They told me to give you away, but I refused. Remember, I’m the boss around here! Genre: Dramatic And do you know the best part? Anyways I’m truly flattered but I mean, it ain’t going to happen. The…, In just seven episodes, Hollywood managed to re-write history.

But it is bad for me to as him out?” I will tell her it was auto correct. By: Sarah K., Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, Age 14 But you can always feel it when you are travelling in the wrong direction. Wait…I think that is my mom now! She explains how, just like her sarcasm and wit, her ability to disappear is like a shield, insulating her from other’s hurtful opinions. Got a two hunderd and five dollars so far. Genre: Comedic, Hello… (looks down at paper) …George. Well, I’m here now, Allison.

I still can’t believe that Esteban did that. I’m still waiting for it. However, your masterpiece will never be recognized if it is a copy of someone else’s work. She’s been immortalized, and shows up on just about everything. (Calling out.) If you’re done with the tea, dear, you can just set it on my desk. Maybe we can come up with a compromise. I know I`m young, I can’t talk a lot of English, Pero yo entiendo, but I can understand it. My stupid ankle!

No one understands the daily struggles of being short. It has vegetables and it’s good for me. It obviously wasn’t my fault because why would I do things that would upset her on purpose? Like for example, there’s that coloured pencil, which is a peach colour, that everyone calls ‘skin colour’. (Jumps off stool and moves off camera. I’m sorry for that. Okay, you don’t believe me? Now I’m thinking about how not thinking about thinking made me think about thinking about not thinking. I figured everything would be okay and I could find a cab to take me to my aunts’ but then I realized that I left my bag on the train which had my phone and all of the money that I could bring.

Bob comes to me the next day and says, ‘I’m envisioning you in blue’. He really wanted to know what he could do to help me. By: Sophie S., Texas, USA, Age 16 Martin, I’ve never seen a cat so friendly. That place was crazy; it was like a 24/7 dogfight. They hide their scars by making others bleed. Gender: Female Everest, and apparently, when people die up there, they just leave the bodies. I was out in the garage taking off my boots, and she just wandered in. My father was a great person, at least to most of you. “Lola! Listening to my mom’s music especially. Gender: Any I like learning that deep in my bones is a code that belongs to me and only me. I was lucky. People also taunt you by holding things above your head or putting them on a high shelf. Oh for the love of-I didn’t say sit down!

Gender: Female I-I mean, of course, my parents would always tell me I’m pretty. For commercial rights and other inquiries, please contact us. When they finally arrived at the treehouse the last sister forced the rest of her sisters to do the renegade with her for TikTok but what they didn’t know is that they were in a magical treehouse that didn’t like TikToks so it made the girls shrink and they were sucked into the pop socket on one of the girl’s phone never to be seen again. Or get excited because they brought the characters of Vampire Diaries to life in a tv series? I could tell by the way the gravel crunched under his feet that he was drunk. I think you should know that about three years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. And she was meowing like she was hungry, so I just gave her a tiny bit of food. Jeremy headed towards the north side of the town. Description: A teenager accidentally sends a very personal text to the school gossip. (Rolls eyes and slaps forehead.)

And yeah, surgery totally sucks, but beauty hurts, right? I have five stitches. (Texting.) I started laughing and crying at the same time. I’m probably just one rotten burger away from getting cholera or salmonella.
Oh, stop looking at me like that! See that bowl there? That’s when I started to get worried, so I went downstairs to check on her, and…she was gone. Gender: Male or Female

Michael is a secret time traveler who owns a record store. My daily routine. I worry that his soul is not at rest. But it never worked. Sometimes I think you forget what growing up was like for me, and what a miracle it is that I am here, because if you remembered, you’d never complain. Tagged adventure, Albert Einstein, book, brave, Chelsea Steinem, confidence, fantasy, fiction, genius, ghosts, Gift, Marilyn Monroe, Olivia Hart and the Gifted Program, series, spirits, superpower, tween, unconventional, young adult. I wonder and I wonder, and I know that you say it’s just my imagination. I took too long walkin’ the dog. He asked me to join his club which he called the Mystery Club, which had nothing to do with mysteries at all. Finally! It’d be almost impossible for someone nowadays not to recognize Marilyn Monroe’s face. Missy, Claire and Prissy were about to die, then he goes (kneeling on one knee) “Saturn will you go to the homecoming dance with me?” It was so cute! Do your parents make you listen to their music? I have my own chauffer and personal stylist. Another one? Gender: Female It is confusing. Okay back to the story.

By:  Olivia S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Age 14 I know it’s not your fault, but Allison, it’s me. Description: A young girl seeks help from a therapist about her fear of going outside. Questions?
And you can’t melt because…because I need you. But the lead singer doesn’t dress like her. And a girl named George. Oh! But if I only ate one slice of pizza, that’s only 300 calories.

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