funhaus jon smith wife

Posted on October 8th, 2020

What are the best/ your favorite videos containing Jon so that I can put a playlist together for her. Jon Smith is my favorite member of Funhaus. Would you say that Rahul's sides were split ASUNDER? Man the part where he's doing a New Zeeland accent cracks me up every time. Sort by.

His comedic timing has only gotten more perfect recently and I feel like while he may not always know what to say in the moment, when he does it's killer. What's funny is that he did an AWESOME British accent for the first band manager lol.

My wife, however, is just starting to come around thanks to Jon Smith. Archived. share.

werenotacoupleyesyouare. 1.8k. After Bruce's departure, he shares managerial duties with Omar. My name is Jon Smith. Sundered is one of my favourite videos, I laugh so hard every time I watch it, A lot of his big early appearances were him coming in to break the disk towards the end of the first season of demo disk. That recent Teletubbies video was really interesting. Posted by 1 year ago. I've been a fan of FH since the early, IG days. I miss his creative ways to destroy discs back in demo-disc, I really enjoyed those, but I was fairly certain they were all going to die when he started bringing out the nitrogen and microwave, I like the one where he burnt off James' shoe.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The first season that lasted three years. To me, he carries a vibe that nobody else in Funhaus can match. Matt Peake is the main video editor at Rooster Teeth Productions west coast division, Funhaus.

Jon has always been - and continues to be - an absolute joy to see in videos. Ryan's cool. I think he and Alanah have really good comedic timing together. Check out his personal channel on YT. Press J to jump to the feed. There, I said it. Video. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Jon Smith's 5-Minute Pitch for Creative Employment. Alanah always knows when to play things straight and when to let the editors get real weird with it and it's fantastic. I agree, I enjoy his humor a lot and I’m glad he’s in more videos now. This week Jon Smith shows how woke he is by allowing three real live Rooster Teeth woman people to sit behind him and talk about females getting their scary lady … Hello! Jon Smith is my favorite member of Funhaus. What are the best/ your favorite videos containing Jon so that I can put a playlist together for her. The Sundered video when he asks Rahul which part of Britain he’s from in that half-retarded voice and Rahul just dying from laugh-crying in response is one of my all time favorite moments in this show.

Lawrence Michael Sonntag (born January 7, 1983) is an American actor, voice actor, show and podcast host, content producer (for live action), gaming journalist (for The Know) and Internet and YouTube personality who is best known for his work for Rooster Teeth Productions west coast divisions, #funhaus #matt peake #jon smith #anyway matt peake is a blessing #the idiots i have chosen to love. I love learning about random stuff and figured that perhaps I could share what I learn with y'all.

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