longest living person with multiple myeloma

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Good luck and may God Bless you myeloma journey/Gary. Revlemid TD or Thal Dex is one of the treatments, and radiation is often used for plasmacytomas. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me some time ago. I did a search for your doctor and found little on line about him related to myeloma. So here we are with the changing landscape in myeloma, more clinical trials, more combination therapies, learning about the genomics, should you have a test to see is there a variation in your myeloma that can be targeted, and then this whole area of immunotherapy. All of these would have to be clarified. Thank you. 1.

James yes there are a few. Do YOU think you can help her?

Best Regard/Gary, Obummercare is NOT affordable. So your 50th birthday is coming up. So how painfull is the chemotherapy treatment, like from 0 - 10? June 2013 The numbers below are the approximate median survival using the Revised International Staging System of just over 3,000 myeloma patients treated between 2005 and 2012.

October 2013 many people like you find the old post and make their way to the one I just updated. And her tumor has been spread a little on the others parts of her body, which means that she is in danger stage, what are her chances that she will live long as 10 years as you said? My mother has multiple myeloma, has undergone a STC / 2 x rounds of the DPASS chemo yet nothing has worked. I was diagnosed at 39 with stage 3 mm and genetically tested with chromosomal 13 deletion which basically cuts my survival rate in half. July 2015 Sometimes with high risk disease transplant will not work, and new clinical trials or combination drug treatments or an allo are better solutions. What do you mean by saying your copay for Revlimid is another 10k more than last year? You can do the same thing using his name followed by multiple myeloma and see what is listed. I then had intense chemotherapy in fact I had 12 different ones I’d try one be ok for a few weeks then the chemo would stop working. So you've seen a lot of change, and you're a lucky boy. I had a bone marrow transplant with my own stem cells but after 4 week my bloods had rose higher than they were before until eventually they said there was no more treatment left for me, I had gone all through that hell for nothing to work so I decided to try cannabis oil and my bloods started to come down, I live in pain every day but I’m here and I’m still alive .
Treatment since then has improved considerably and modern survival results are likely to be better. Or How To Improve Your Mulitple Myeloma Survival Rate. For some, but we want to knock it not just down but we want to knock it out. November 2013 Meaning, your myeloma may be the kind that is throwing off free light chains which are tiny proteins that can gum up your kidneys. While the prospect of managing multiple myeloma can be truly daunting, there are things that patients can do to look after themselves as they live with the disease. If she does decide not to treat it.....then it will be just a matter of time. I am as organic and green as possible! Is she being treated by a myeloma specialist who treats at least 100 patients a year?

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