wind in the willows soundtrack 1983

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Badger! He is then transported to an underground cell. Toad meanwhile makes his way out of the prison gate and goes to the Train station, only to find to his horror that the same people that he stole the motorcar from are there. Assistant Editors: Nibs Senior and Zygmunt Markiewicz. The Engine Driver: That's bad. They ring the bell and Badger appears. Wind in the Willows Theme Song [Full Length Version] Track listing contributed by fortesque If you know of another release, why don't you tell us about it , so we can add it to our database. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1 Opening - The Wind in the Willows (theme music) 2 Mole's Spring Cleaning 3 The Riverbank Home of Ratty 4 A Picnic/Noticing Badger and Greeting the Weasels 5 Mole's Rowing Lessons/Duck's Ditty 6 Mr. Toad of Toad Hall/A Finest Caravan 7 On the Open Road/Camping at Night 8 On the Open Road (reprise)/Toad's Motorcar Madness 9 Lost in the Wild Wood/Finding Badger's Home 10 "The Hour Has … It'll be good to be around the warm fire and have some food to eat. The Engine Driver: Aright, that's against company regulations, but up you come. Vous pouvez regarder le film Du vent dans les saules en streaming dans le câble TV ou cinéma au Montréal (Canada) et France avec son original en Anglais. One of the Carol singers tell them that Toad has been arrested. It's just another one of his passions.

Independence is all very well, but we animals never allow our friends to make fools of themselves beyond a certain limit; and that limit you've reached. Th-the chap's a damn frog! Du vent dans les saules, casting du film: Richard Pearson, Ian Carmichael, David Jason, Michael Hordern, Beryl Reid, Jonathan Cecil, Edward Kelsey, Una Stubbs, Brian Trueman et Alan Bardsley. Mr. Toad (singing): You are free to roam on the open road. Toad: Poop! Badger decides to use force to bring Toad to reason by locking him in his bedroom. The kind Train Driver agrees to give him a lift although it is against regulations. Toad suddenly flies past them almost knocking them over in an aeroplane which is his new latest craze. Reggie: A fellow there flagged me down, cobbled a story about a "flat crankshaft."

Hello there, Badger, old' chap. That night, the four friends find the tunnel and hear the Weasels having a banquet. Poop, poop. Having a picnic with your friends? Ha-ha! Never again! They all arrive at Toad Hall where Toad is just getting ready for a "jolly spin" in his new and latest Motorcar and invites the others to join him. Rat and Mole (singing): On the open road. At the court, the Judge charges Toad with stealing a motorcar, driving to the public danger and finally being rude to the Police. Badger: And I don't want to be too hard on you. (Laughing) Get out of my way!

Mr. Toad: We are not! I don't 'old with motercar. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Reggie: Really? While Toad works his wiles on the jailer's daughter and escapes jail dressed as a washer woman, Badger tries to guard Toad Hall from the machinations of the Weasels and is badly beaten. Mr. Badger: Toad! The voices of Sir Michael Hordern, Ian Carmichael, Richard Pearson and David Jason as Toad bring to life these well loved characters.

The Jailer: I've been told you are a criminal of deepest guilt, and matchless artfulness and resource... whatever that means. Mr. Toad: I really do miss Toad Hall at this time of year. Du vent dans les saules, film complet - Sur la rive de la rivière, taupe, rat, blaireau et Toad sont de bons amis et de vivre en paix, mais parmi eux sont en désaccord sur la nécessité de quitter le confort de votre maison et avoir des aventures. You cats! Poop! I'll make one more effort to bring you to reason. Toad: I say your fellows, this is the only way to travel! Mr. Toad: (sobbing) It's lost! Reggie: Uh. In Winter, Mole wants to see Badger, but when Rat won't take him, he decides to go on his own to the Wild Wood where he lives and ends up getting lost and very frightened. Les berges du fleuve, symbole du connu et sécurisé, et le monde entier qui représente la liberté inconnu et dangereux, mais aussi, sont le cadre de cette histoire sur le charme de la vie simple et l'amitié, le tout baigné dans l'humeur et la poésie. The Wind in the Willows song Sung by Ralph McTell music composed by 'Keith Hopwood' and Malcolm Rowe Arranged by Brian Ibbetson Badger: Inside! You are a good, kind, clever girl and I am indeed a proud and stupid, Toad. Come and join us. The world has held great heroes, as history books have shown. Toad: (laughs) Here today, there tomorrow. You can stay in here for all I care! Later Rat, Mole and Badger are relaxing near the river at Rat's House. Voices by Richard Pearson, Ian Carmichael, David Jason, Sir Michael Hordern, Beryl Reid. Movies that have music composed by Keith Hopwood, Movies that have music composed by Malcolm Rowe, Movies That Don't Use ZIP, CARTOON - BIG WHISTLE ZING OUT, Movies That Don't Use PLINK, CARTOON - SOUR PLINK, Movies That Don't Use BITE, CARTOON - BONE BITE, Movies That Don't Use PLUCK, CARTOON - VAROOP, Movies That Don't Use ZIP, CARTOON - QUICK WHISTLE ZIP OUT, HIGH, Movies That Use TRAIN, BRAKE - BREAKS SQUEAL, Movies That Use Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects, 01:19:00 le film entier avec ou sans sous-titres en Français. Mr. Toad (falsetto): Er, goodnight, ol' chap. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience. If you'd just take a look at it? Produit par Jake Eberts et John Goldstone. Label: Red Bus Records - RDBLP 1150,Thames Television - RDBLP 1150 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Non-Music, Stage & Screen • Sous la direction de Chris Taylor et Mark Hall, le film complet Du vent dans les saules (long métrage) avec original streaming en Anglais, a été produit en Royaume-Uni et est apparu dans les cinémas Français en 1983. Encouraging Mr. Toad! Let go! Chief Weasel: Hello, Mr. Rat. A Picnic/Noticing Badger and Greeting the Weasels, Lost in the Wild Wood/Finding Badger's Home, Toad Escapes his Friends/Stealing a Motorcar, Toad's Twenty-Year Sentence/Badger in Charge of Toad Hall, The Jailer's Daughter/The Weasels Knock Out Badger, "The Weasels Have Taken Toad Hall"/Secret Tunnel Plan, The Battle for Toad Hall/"Well Done, Toad!". Meanwhile Toad tricks a couple and steals their Motorcar as well as being extremely rude to a policeman.

Go on, hop off! But never would they have doubt in faith compared with that of Toad. Mole: Toad!

Rat: Oh, don't you worry. The Engine Driver: What's going on? Mr. Toad (singing): Hahaha! Toad goes to Rat's house, but his friend doesn't recognise him until he tells him so and goes inside. Toad: I say, I wonder if you could help me. Alan A. Badger: we will see whether you come out of that room the same Toad that you went in. 1 Opening - The Wind in the Willows (theme music) 2 Mole's Spring Cleaning; 3 The Riverbank Home of Ratty; 4 A Picnic/Noticing Badger and Greeting the Weasels; 5 Mole's Rowing Lessons/Duck's Ditty; 6 Mr. Toad of Toad Hall/A Finest Caravan; 7 On the Open Road/Camping at Night; 8 On the Open Road (reprise)/Toad's Motorcar Madness; 9 Lost in the Wild Wood/Finding Badger's Home Toad: Oh, yes, in there. Toad (singing): It’s a life of ease on the open road. The Engine Driver: The law, eh? Brian TruemanEdward KelseyJonathan CecilAlan BardsleyBeryl ReidUna Stubbs, The Wind In The Willows TV Series (1984-1990). The daffodils, the primroses and of course the parties I host. Toad: I say, stop it!

Toad: Ha ha! He makes Toad promise to give up Motorcars forever and the animal agrees. They go for a picnic on the riverbank, on a caravan expedition with Toad, until Toad switches allegiance to his new car and his reckless driving makes Mole and Rat search out Badger for help in curbing Toad's profligate habits.

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