the forest observatory

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Got today’s EPOD with “Superluminous Quasar” a very bright quasar in the constellation Lynx.

New Forest Observatory ® ... Posted in Hyperstar III and Trius SX-814C, Observatory | Leave a comment. Salo Science’s new forest monitoring system, the California Forest Observatory, is now operational at See California’s forests in unprecedented detail, like this meandering river along the North Coast. Investing in nature is a crucial but challenging task. Think of us as ecologists, environmentalists & technologists. The observatory is happy to host organised group visits.

Arp214 and friends in Ursa Major. My aim this season is to get a DEEEEEEP 2-framer of this one with the Sky90s so that I get the tips of both ends of the galaxy in the field of view. Next, intended improvements need to actually work.

Salo Sciences (sa‾・lo‾ // say-lo) develops solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss. The Forest Observatory is now Live! We guide investments in natural climate solutions—conservation, restoration & improved land stewardship—by leveraging satellite data, ecological modeling & artificial intelligence. Forest Service / Andrew Mitchell. Check it out! See California’s forests in unprecedented detail, like this meandering river along the North Coast. The Mount Wilson Observatory site was not only a vital part of astronomy’s history, but has recently found new life as an outreach and teaching tool. Protecting habitat and improving stewardship are the first steps towards sustainable conservation and a sustainable economy. There will also be an opportunity for volunteer students to assist in running the LFO, providing a unique student experience delivering a distinctive graduate skill set valued by prospective employees. Got yesterday’s EPOD with my recent Hyperstar III image of the M51 region.

OM Dark Sky Observatory. Natural climate solutions are foundational to a sustainable economy, and our data and mapping capabilities accelerate collaborative strategies and policy change to get there. Image Gallery/ Agency and Copyright notice, EPOD 20th Anniversary – The Splendid Andromeda Spiral Galaxy, Earth Science Picture of the Day for 19th May 2020, NGC3631 with the Hyperstar III and Trius 814C OSC CCD, Arp214 (NGC 3718) and a pile of other galaxies in Ursa Major, Supernova SN 2020 fqv in the Siamese Twins, Last night’s outing with the Hyperstar III and C11. I must say the season so far has not been too bad at all, certainly better than the last 3 or 4 years that’s for sure. Galaxy M101. Salo knows how to harness new technologies to monitor project outcomes over time at landscape scale. Fully guided by an experienced tour guide, the centre will give visitors a unique opportunity to experience the night sky as it is rarely viewed. Managed to get out last night with a clear, Moonless night, but lots of water vapour.

With the best available science and technology, Salo supports conservation planning by reducing uncertainty. I hope that both places offer the chance of a detached view of the forest one walks through. About. We are regularly visited by groups such as: Schools; Clubs and Societies; Scouts, Brownies, Boys Brigade, Girl Guides and Cadet Forces; Corporate Groups; We can tailor each group booking to specific requirements (and educational needs) and can cater for practically all levels of age and ability.

Learn more about the projects we’re working on now, how we think about technology and conservation & follow our recent updates. Also added a similar amount of original Hyperstar data to this plus some star spikes. It’s summer and fire season is ramping up in California. Few organizations can comprehensively monitor their lands; most rely on expensive, labor intensive field surveys. Governments and landowners must balance the paradoxical demands of sustainability and growth. Last night’s effort.

LEAF researchers from across the University worked with, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Leeds Ecosystem, Atmosphere & Forest (LEAF) Centre, © 2020 University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT. Read more about our impact. It isn’t easy to build a forest monitoring system from scratch. Thank you Jim Foster at EPOD for continuing to publish my work. Bit disappointed as I thought it might turn out a lot deeper than this.

Salo Sciences (sa ‾ ・lo ‾ // say-lo) develops solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss. Check it out! Got today’s EPOD with “Superluminous Quasar” a very bright quasar in the constellation Lynx. Read more about our backgrounds. The Leeds Forest Observatory (LFO) will allow students and staff from the University to contribute to the collection of long-term environmental measurements and study the role of forests in the provision of ecosystem services.

With predictive analytics that use historical data, climate models & AI, Salo’s models help land managers future-proof conservation plans. LEAF researchers from across the University worked with Leeds City Council and the United Bank of Carbon to establish a Forest Observatory here in Leeds. At least I got it before it disappeared. Total number of imaging hours approximately 12. There's no better place to reconnect with nature and our stellar origins than at OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory where the Universe takes to the stage." Last night’s effort with the Hyperstar. Ungraded Quality Assurance; Davagh Forest, Cookstown, County Tyrone, BT79 8JH.

Grabbed 20 x 5-minute subs with the Hyperstar III on a C11 with the Trius 814C OSC CCD.

Posted on April 7, 2020 by Greg Parker. Both ecosystems and the climate are complex, interwoven systems. This is the NGC3631 region with a huge pile of faint fuzzies at the top (North). The LFO will help address key questions in environmental research, enhancing our understanding of the role of forests in mitigating climate change, improving air quality and maintaining biodiversity. But that’s what we set out to do when we designed the California Forest Observatory. Thank you Jim Foster at EPOD for continuing to publish my work.

Salo Science’s new forest monitoring system, the California Forest Observatory, is now operational at

Gradings. Read more about our technology. Now realising my skies have deteriorated a LOT since I first started imaging in Autumn 2004.

Located in the Cascade Range at 5,187 feet, this mountain observatory offers panoramic views across 65 square miles of black lava rock that looks so much like a moonscape that in 1964, NASA conducted drills with astronauts as they prepared to travel to the moon. September 24th, 2020 – Got today’s EPOD with the single framer of M31 using the Sky90 array.

Observatory offers two vantage points, a viewing platform at the top of a staircase and a small room under the stairs with a seat. Salo works with stakeholders to identify priority areas for conservation, restoration & improved land stewardship. Salo uses high resolution remote sensing and AI to comprehensively track ecosystem health at low cost over large areas. Posted in EPOD | Leave a comment. But this season is poised to be unlike any other: COVID-19 will likely reshape wildfire response priorities across the state, alter the frequency and locations of ignitions too, and hot, dry, windy weather is forecast to increase fire danger statewide. Only 13 x 5-minute subs on the Hyperstar III on the C11 with the Trius 814C OSC CCD, so quite noisy. Got today’s (20th Anniversary) EPOD with “First High-Quality Real Stereo Image of Pluto” with Brian May (who did all the work on this one). In addition to the 116-year-old observatory, crews saved a nearby cluster of broadcast and communications towers critical to the greater Los Angeles area, Forest … It is painted black, not for dramatic purposes but rather as a foil to the light and life of the forest. ecologists, environmentalists & technologists. A specific 1 hectare patch of forest has been chosen to allow students and staff to return to the same area year on year to build up a picture of the environmental conditions, and any changes to them. Getting a bit faint now, supernova SN 2020 fqv in the Siamese Twins (a galaxy pair in Virgo), imaged last night using the HyperstarIII on the C11 using the Trius 814C OSC CCD and 19 x 300-second subs. The LFO will contribute to the delivery of research-led teaching by providing outstanding opportunities for students from the University to become more deeply involved in scientific work and facilitating high-quality training in monitoring, analysing and reporting environmental data. Though natural climate solutions are designed to store carbon, reduce emissions & restore biodiversity, there is a great deal of uncertainty about how ecosystems will respond to future climate change. EPOD – Earth Science Picture of the Day.

Salo is named after the Tralfamadorian explorer. We're based in San Francisco. Book Tickets Online.

The LFO is located in Middleton Park, South Leeds, home to the second largest remaining area of ancient woodland in West Yorkshire. Leeds Forest Observatory LEAF researchers from across the University worked with Leeds City Council and the United Bank of Carbon to establish a Forest Observatory here in Leeds. 20 x 10-minute subs using the Hyperstar III on a C11 with a Trius 814C and Lodestar guider.
I have put together a number of 200mm lens + Trius M26C OSC CCD images of the Double Cluster region to create this 2-frame mosaic/composite image of the region. Establishment of the LFO has been made possible due to funding from the University of Leeds Footsteps Fund, the United Bank of Carbon, the School of Earth and Environment Teaching Enhancement Fund and local business Harrison Spinks.

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