singapore curriculum framework

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Or when teaching negative numbers, try using algebra discs. Assessment for CBSE classes is based on the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system. Subjects include maths, science, technology, arts, language (including a second language), social studies and physical education. By 2004-5, Singapore’s government had more or less identified the kind of pedagogical framework it wanted to work towards, and called it Teach Less, Learn More. Or ask a quicker-learning student to explain a concept to one who hasn’t yet grasped it. There’s a focus on three key areas of learning: personal, social and emotional development; communication and language; and physical development. Australian International School (PYP, MYP and IBDP)Canadian International School (PYP, MYP, IBDP)Chatsworth International School (PYP, MYP, IBDP)Dulwich College (Singapore) (IBDP)EtonHouse International School and Preschool (PYP)GEMS World Academy (Singapore) (PYP, MYP, IBDP)GESS (PYP, MYP, IBDP)Global Indian International School (IBDP, IB PYP)Hillside World Academy (MYP, PYP, IBDP)ISS International School (MYP, PYP, IBDP)Marlborough College Malaysia (IBDP)Nexus International School (Singapore) (PYP, MYP, IBDP)One World International School (PYP) (and from August 2016 MYP)Overseas Family School (PYP, MYP, IBDP)Stamford American International School (PYP, MYP, IBDP)Tanglin Trust School (IBDP)UWC South East Asia (PYP, MYP, IBDP).

The Singapore Science Curriculum Framework (Exhibit 4) is structured around the spirit and practices of scientific inquiry 21 and defines three integral domains essential to the practice of science: knowledge, understanding, and application; skills and processes; and ethics and attitudes. Shorter programs (two, three or four year) formats are also available. Most schools offering A Levels will offer GCSE courses as these are the best preparation for these next stage exams. An Individualised Education Plan may target the development of skills in the following areas: Students on the autism spectrum need to be taught basic life skills that are not learnt from a general academic curriculum. Want to compare the schools on your shortlist and access all the info you’ve been wanting on fees, facilities and see what parents have to say about their schools? In preparation for lifelong learning amongst kids in kindergarten, our trained preschool educators follow a curriculum framework that reflects the desired outcomes of education set out by the Singapore Ministry of Education and ECDA. Consider how your child learns best, or whether you plan to move to your home country or elsewhere abroad further down the line. Disciplinary knowledge is found in the eight learning areas of the Australian Curriculum: English; Mathematics; Science; Health and Physical Education; Humanities and Social Sciences; The Arts; Technologies and Languages. The Singapore Mathematics Curriculum Framework (Exhibit 2) is used at all the grade levels from primary to preuniversity education, and emphasizes the development of students’ mathematical abilities, with a focus on problem solving.

Therefore it’s a great choice for any family wanting a global education.

The Singapore mainstream school curriculum (currently leading to a PSLE and GCE 'O'/’N’ Level qualification) is our base curriculum. Many schools in Singapore use the (I)GCSE as preparation for the IBDP. EYFS has a strong focus on interaction with children to advance creative and critical-thinking skills, as well as the early adoption of language. As detailed above, the Reggio Emilia curriculum is at its core a hands-on, project-based group learning approach, which Reggio Emilia-inspired educators use as a basis for their programmes. During Level 1 (before age six) there is an emphasis on the acquisition of the common core of knowledge and skills based on key competencies for education, lifelong learning and success in later life. Learn about what these are and how you can plan your child’s educational journey. Kindergarten (ages two to six) is optional, after which comes compulsory Grundschule (ages six to 10). We focus on: Our Primary School Formation Programme has hallmark pillars such as: Our objective is to enable children to be ready for primary school, ready for life. UEN 199406237Z |, Infant – 3 years Relationships-Based Curriculum, High proficiency in both English and Mandarin through our Pedagogy for Enhanced Mandarin Acquisition, Creating a love and interest in academic areas such as math and science, Building self-confidence, and developing social and emotional strength, Pedagogy for Enhanced Mandarin Acquisition, Structured Reading and Literacy Assessments. Students are allowed freedom to choose their preferred activity, thereby learning free from strict instruction. A roof is useless without a house underneath it. It has a skills-based approach with specific learning goals for every subject.

That’s why we don’t rush through the syllabus.

Last updated: 13 Jul 2020, Learn about the schedule and how to sign up. You can only build concepts safely on top if the concepts at the bottom are safely in position. Students enter Level 2 at age 11 in Le Collège (Lower Secondary School), where the aim is that all students become proficient in the common core of knowledge and skills. Most courses require written examinations at the end of the DP, but also involve internal assessment. Quite rightly, as maths teachers, we spend most of our time asking students to do maths. If you all have key aspirations for a chosen career path or higher education institute, that can all affect your decision, too!

Curriculum blending mainstream syllabus and non-academic curriculum. The choice of secondary school will depend on your child's PSLE results. 101 Bukit Batok West Avenue 3 Singapore 659168. Students finish school with the American High School Diploma, which is recognised by US and Canadian universities. Your child’s educational journey can proceed along different pathways which provide a range of support. All the best sanity-saving tips, fam-friendly hotspots plus heaps more. Supported by the following organisations and other donors: Last modified on Monday, 09 September 2019 16:45, Copyright © Some preschools offering the Singapore National curriculum: Kinderland Preschool and KindergartenRepton SchoolhousePat’s Schoolhouse.

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