irascible etymology

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. irascibly (comparative more irascibly, superlative most irascibly) In an irascible manner. F. irascible. Etymology . 1.1. View usage for: Our new online dictionaries for schools provide a safe and appropriate environment for children. . Last 50 years The nights certainly are drawing in, and indeed, half past two in the afternoon on Tuesday 22 September this year marks the autumn equinox, when day and night are exactly equal in length. Susceptible of anger; easily provoked or inflamed with resentment; choleric: as, an irascible man; an irascible temper. a testy and choleric gentleman easily wrought into passion— Cooper, that splenetic temper, which seems to grudge brightness to the flames of hell— Landor, he was not splenetic: nay, he proved in the offending volume he could be civil, courteous, chivalrous— Meredith, the testy major was in fume to find no hunter standing waiting— Masefield, he raged ... (implied in Tartary, "the land of the Tartars"), from Medieval Latin Tartarus, from Persian Tatar, first used 13c. [ME irascibel < MFr < LL irascibilis < L irasci: see IRATE] 1. easily angered; quick tempered 2. showing or resulting from a quick temper or a fit of anger [an irascible reply] SYN. All rights reserved. He was, besides, more gloomy, malignant, and irascible than ever. 1863, Louisa May … | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples (of a person) easily made angry: . adj. late 14c., from Old French irascible (12c.) Last 300 years. Middle English, from Middle French or Late Latin; Middle French, from Late Latin concupiscibilis, from Latin concupiscere

See {Ire}.] His rusty old Studebaker pick-up was in the coffee shop parking lot so I was not surprised to find my irascible old buddy, Eb Griper , sitting in his favorite booth. . [Perturbations and passions] are commonly reduced into two inclinations, irascible and concupiscible. This incident was too much for Grace's irascible rooster. bored and tired out and sent home, The Collaborative International Dictionary of English, Diccionario Salamanca de la Lengua Española. IRRITABLE irascibility n …   English World dictionary, irascible — I adjective bad tempered, belligerent, cantankerous, captious, choleric, churlish, contentious, cranky, cross, disobedient, disputatious, dissentious, easily riled, edgy, fiery, fractious, froward, hostile, huffy, ill humored, ill natured,… …   Law dictionary, irascible — meaning ‘irritable, hot tempered’, is spelt ible, not able. 1809, Washington Irving, Knickerbocker's History of New York, ch. mid-14c. 1.2. Last 10 years Irascible indicates quicker and more intense bursts of anger than irritable, and less powerful, lasting, or manifest bursts than passionate. [L. irascibilis, fr. Help WordReference: Ask in the forums yourself. And even if many in Silicon Valley consider him an irascible gadfly, he has a large, attentive audience.

bored and tired out and sent home cross and miserable— Shaw, irascible — [ irasibl ] adj. Excited by or arising from anger; manifesting a state of anger or resentment. late 14c., from Old French irascible (12c.)

With the death of the prodigiously productive, rigorously intelligent and reportedly irascible Paul Kurtz in October at the age of 86, American secular humanism lost, as it were, one of its guiding spirits.

He would not, but by gift of my chaste body / To his concupiscible intemperate lust, / Release my brother […]. This sounds like news, coming from the famously irascible, finger-jabbing funnyman, who calls from a speeding Acela. Oddsmakers have made Jones a more than 6-to-1 favorite over the irascible trash talker, the company's best villain. and directly from Late Latin irascibilis, from Latin irasci "be angry, be in a rage," from ira "anger" (see ire). Mr. Phillips, the shorthand master, was a red-faced, extremely irascible little man. This dainty little diner looks like a coffeehouse or a small-town cafe on the outside, but its fare is prepared by an irascible Scotsman with a talent for spicing up tired old lunch selections like hamburgers and sandwiches. concupiscible (comparative more concupiscible, superlative most concupiscible) Greatly to be desired or lusted after; exciting concupiscence. We have almost 200 lists of words from topics as varied as types of butterflies, jackets, currencies, vegetables and knots! Download our English Dictionary apps - available for both iOS and Android. OK, choleric, splenetic, testy, touchy, cranky, cross. he was ever more autocratic, more testy— Sinclair Lewis, I am not touchy under criticism— Stevenson, touchy about their own sacred symbols and alert to interpret any slight as an insult— Blanshard, old age seemed to settle on me; I grew nervous, cranky and thin, I quarreled with the travelers— Rosenfeld, sometimes, when I am cross and cannot sleep, I engage in angry contests with the opinions I object to— L. P. Smith, the attempts to persuade the Intelligent Woman that she is having a glorious treat when she is in fact being . All the latest wordy news, linguistic insights, offers and competitions every month. Ghengis' horde was a mix of Tatars, Mongols, Turks, etc.

irascible, choleric, splenetic, testy, touchy, cranky, cross mean easily angered or enraged. {I*ras ci*ble*ness},… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English, irascible — Irascible. To catch a Tartar "get hold of what cannot be controlled" is recorded from 1660s; original sense not preserved, but probably from some military story similar to the old battlefield joke: Among the adjectival forms that have been used are Tartarian (16c.

The Irascible Hedda Sterne, April 23, 1970. Copyright © 2010 by

irascibility ( n.) a feeling of resentful anger; Synonyms: short temper / spleen / quick temper. Irascible definition: If you describe someone as irascible , you mean that they become angry very easily. ire)) …   Etymology dictionary, irascible — adjetivo 1. She is that he didn't pass the test. Il n a guere d usage qu en cette phrase.

‘The nights are fair drawing in’ is a trope about the weather that applies powerfully as you read this. Synonyms: ample / plenteous / plentiful / rich.

letter of St. Louis of France, 1270: "In the present danger of the Tartars either we shall push them back into the Tartarus whence they are come, or they will bring us all into heaven"). A Turkic people, their native region was east of the Caspian Sea. ); Byron's Tartarly (1821) is a nonce-word (but a good one). Que tiende a irritarse o enfadarse: Tiene un carácter muy irascible, incluso se pone violento …   Diccionario Salamanca de la Lengua Española, irascible — [i ras′ə bəl, īras′ə bəl] adj. late 14c., from M.Fr. The online version of the Collins Dictionary has just been updated again, with another batch of new words and meanings inspired by the events of the summer. irascible definition: 1. made angry easily: 2. made angry easily: 3. (of fishes such as the salmon ) migrating up rivers from the sea in order to breed. .
the surly and irasciblepassions which, like belligerent powers, lie encamped around the heart. Synonyms Irascible, Irritable, Passionate, hasty, touchy, testy, splenetic, snappish, peppery, fiery, choleric. Forum discussions with the word(s) "irascible" in the title: In other languages: Spanish | French | Italian | Portuguese | Romanian | German | Dutch | Swedish | Russian | Polish | Czech | Greek | Turkish | Chinese | Japanese | Korean | Arabic. irasci to be angry, ira anger: cf. Irascible indicates quicker and more intense bursts of anger than irritable, and less powerful, lasting, or manifest bursts than passionate. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Jump to navigation Jump to search. affording an abundant supply; copious provisions. All Years irascible - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. irascible (12c.) Easily provoked to outbursts of anger; irritable. Irascible indicates quicker and more intense bursts of anger than irritable, and …

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