tokashiki ferry

Posted on October 8th, 2020

You will have to buy a one-way ticket to Tokashiki at Tomari Port, and then buy another one-way ticket back to Naha at Tokashiki Port.

The last ferry is 4pm, so you will have enough time. On the alternative, you can hike up to the mass suicide memorial near Tokashiki Port, a site devoted to one of the most tragic historical events in the history of Okinawa. During my first visit, I got to experience best of both islands. How to travel between the islands. The journey takes about 35 minutes and costs about ¥4,200 for a roundtrip ticket. 2014-2020 © Copyright Okinawa Island Guide. We do not have free parking space for passengers. High school students (16 years old) and above are expected to pay an environmental tax of 100 yen when visiting Tokashiki. The one way ride from Tokashiki takes 20 minutes to Aka and 35 minutes to Zamami and costs 800 yen. Tokashiki Island, a 30mn ferry ride from Naha, is one of the best places that Japan has to offer for beach/swimming vacations with its kerama blue waters. This ferry also accommodates vehicles. Tel: 098-868-7541 (Japanese only). Please visit us in Kyoto or Osaka and have some green tea or sake with us. September is still the typhoon season in Japan and Okinawa would be a quite risky choice if I did not have a whole three months ahead of me allowing me to take the risk of ferry and flight cancelations. Register now and start earning Japan Travel Points. You can not take your bicycle onto the Marine Liner (high speed boat). The most popular beach at Tokashiki is Aharen Beach where you can find many low key eateries as well as sports centers offering water sports including kayaking to nearby deserted islands for snorkeling. Opening hours : 8:45~17:30 Mon-Fri, 9:00~17:00 Sat, closed on Sun and Public Holidays. They also offer free shuttle service to the beaches. Therefore, reservations are strongly recommended during the seasons mentioned above. Besides the above-mentioned ferry lines, there is a village ferry that connects Zamami Island with Aka Island and Aharen Port on Tokashiki Island.Note, however, that tickets to/from Tokashiki (35 minutes, 800 yen one way) need to be reserved at least one day in advance.

Adult over 12yo   【-】 Please check the time schedule at 8AM on the day. A small village ferry connects Tokashiki's Aharen Port to Zamami and Aka islands twice per day; however, tickets must be reserved at least one day in advance. Children pay a little over half price, at 1,220 yen one way, and 2,320 yen return. These two beaches provide an excellent location for marine leisure including snorkeling, SUP paddling, sea kayaking, and jet skiing. The lush nature has harbored a rich supply of water, which has supported rice cultivation for generations. You can pay by cash or credit card at ticket office at Naha Tomari port and Tokashiki port. If you plan to use different ships to go and come back from Tokashiki, you cannot buy a round-trip ticket at Tomari Port. All passengers need to be on board by 10 minutes before departure time.

The site is located up in the hills chills you to the bones, especially when it is left alone with you being the only visitor. You can start boarding from 30 minutes before departure time.

One is the high-speed Marine Liner Tokashiki and the other is the slower Ferry Tokashiki. You can start boarding from 1 hour before departure time. Tokashiki Island (Kerama Islands) From Tomari Port (Naha City) to Tokashiki Port For access to Tokashiki Island, the Tokashiki ferry and marine liner are available, with both departing from the North Pier (Hokugan) of Tomari Port. To Have an Enjoyable and Safe Okinawa Trip. By sea : Tomari Port to Tokashiki Port (approximately 35 minutes by high-speed boat or 70 minutes by ferry), Area / Population: 15.31 km² / 700 people. Please go to our online booking system or contact us to check the availability of ships you wish to board.

Marine Liner Tokashiki Ticket office → click the image to enlarge, Ferry Tokashiki Ticket office → click the image to enlarge. Tokashiki Island, a 30mn ferry ride from Naha, is one of the best places that Japan has to offer for beach/swimming vacations with its kerama blue waters. Ama Beach at Zamami for very laid back atmosphere, camping and SUP. The morning service departs Naha’s Port Tomari at 9am, while the evening service departs at 16:30. They have a nice kitchen if you want to cook your own food. It is also possible to island-hop to the other islands by ferry. The facility is open to any guest who applies and presents a plan with a clear objective. >>> Official website for Tokashiki Village (automated translation available), For more information: Tokashiki Village Government Office Naha branch We welcome any suggestions regarding this content. It is commonly reported that – during the World War II, the residents of Tokashiki Island were asked to take their own lives by the Japanese officers during the American occupation to avoid being captured by the enemy. From the skies above Sapporo to the old charm of Naha's alleyways, I have been enchanted by the beauty and variety on every island. Super friendly service, absolutely unique setting in the middle of nature, remote but because of the convenient individual shuttle at no extra cost just perfect. During my first visit to the island, I ate at a nameless outdoor yakitori place almost very night. Watching the moon rise over the still waters, with just the lighthouse blinking, was a mesmerising sight. When in Tokashiki, I almost exclusively go to Tokashiku Beach – it is about 40mn walk from where I stay – Kerama Backpackers Hotel and is usually very quite especially early in the morning. The fee of vechle (Depends on length of veichle) (for round-trip) 3m-4m 13,100 yen 4m-5m 17,460 Tokashiku Beach at Tokashiku for better swimming and less crowds.

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