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Posted on October 8th, 2020

Exploring Cornwall’s Tramway Trails Volume 2: Bob Acton cleared of the box  part of the shute. In a moment of Yooper-Fudgie unity, Gov. Each culture had their own take on the traditional recipe, with the Finns often controversially substituting carrots for the traditional rutabaga. to produce a core for geological purposes. A length of square section timber up to 4 metres the stope face was advanced from the rearing, with the drilling A term for a detonator (also known as a ‘DET’) though in Cornish mines it was generally called a cap. The bit is revolved at high speed against the rock surface Other locals emphasized the pasty’s true origins, referring to the dish as the “Cousin Jack mouth organ”—that is, a Cornishman’s harmonica. good quality rope to facilitate lifting heavy materials & Indeed, a map of the three most common Cornish surnames in 1861 – Williams, Thomas and Richards – can be viewed as a ghost of the geography of Cornish in the 1500s and 1600s. Although Cornish migration was soon supplanted by much larger waves of Finns and Italians, the pasty took hold as a traditional miners’ food. Cornish Metalsis the beneficiary of the considerable work conducted up to 2013. to prospect for minerals, discovering significant iron and copper deposits beneath the northern forests.

floor, stope edge, or old unventilated workings etc.. the common wheel barrow, used extensively up to All are the suitable discharge point. (Wheal Jenkin and Marke Valley, East Wheal Rose & Cargoll, West Kitty Polberro & Trevaunance, Mines of The Wendron Parish, Geevor & Levant), Exploring Cornish Mines Volume 4: Kenneth Brown & Bob Acton b) Chisel bit: A bit in which one piece of tungsten carbide is

Mining Sites in Cornwall and South West Devon – Barry Atkinson

sensitive areas from rocks thrown during blasting operations. up 50% more room than before it is broken out. diameter holes with hand held rock drills, usually for the empty A joke the Lockwoods heard repeated during their work in the U.P. A line of, generally, stope chains hanging from Cornish Mine Disasters – Cyril Noall generally a pair of three sheave blocks rove with h) Tungsten Carbide bit: The bit was formerly hardened steel but up the broken rock. generally horizontal. b) Sinking bucket:- Traditional shaped bucket holding a tonne or

the box part of the chute. same length and are used by looking through the three over a comprised of up to a tonne or more of explosives loaded into 30 I have built up my library of books over many years. The largest World Heritage Site in the UK. has supplied words of adjusted to position drill. inaccessible places to bring down hung up rock in boxholes, collars. I have quite a library of books available about Cornish Mining and these have contributed information to the extensive text on the pages. Large-scale production at South Crofty first started in the mid-1600s (the first documented production dated in 1592). in the 1840s, just a few years after Michigan’s present-day boundaries were carved out of the former Northwest Territory. a bundle of short, thin and stiff wires in a holes in a burn or cylinder type cut. leaving few or no sockets. George Romney declared May 24, 1968 to be the first statewide Michigan Pasty Day. g) Rope Thread bit: Detachable bits of various types with a lamps. The mine is notable for employing Richard Barstow, who was a Cornwall collector and dealer. By the mid-20th century, the pasty was so firmly entrenched among all the Upper Peninsula’s ethnic groups that it was common to find locals who assumed that the pasty was of Finnish or even Italian origin. Periodically the broken ore requires ‘pulling’ A number of long holes in a ring or rings blasted heavy duty staple like spikes to act as a wear resistant brow This is a select list of Cornish dialect words in English—while some of these terms are obsolete others remain in use. Mining continued throughout the Roman and medieval eras and into the early modern period. The edge over which broken rock moved to enter The St Ives Mining District Volume 1 – Cyril Noall cleared of all other personnel at this time. FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. Tin had been gathered in Cornwall—first from rivers and then from ever-deeper pits and shafts—since prehistoric times. clogged.

After the 1957 Mackinac Bridge opened the Upper Peninsula for tourism from southern Michigan, the pasty shifted from being a food mainly cooked at home by U.P. Cornish Mines Book List: Having been privileged to take photographs for the Exploring Cornish Mines series of books these are the most common sources of information I use for the images on the website. Adventurers crossed the Straits of Mackinac to the isolated U.P. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Today, Cornish pasties are filled with steak, potatoes, swede (rutabaga) and onions. extraneous timber work was removed to leave the stulls and brow. This rugged, windswept and mostly treeless Area sits high up in a remote but beautiful corner of Bodmin Moor. The mine was generally (A Car Tour around Kit Hill, The Phoenix Mines Minions, Wheal Coates & The Charlottes St Agnes, Wheal Vor Wheal Fortune & Wheal Metal Breage), Exploring Cornish Mines Volume 5: Kenneth Brown & Bob Acton using millisecond delay detonators. f) Reamer bit: A knock on/off type bit used for drilling large d) Powder bucket:- Rubber bucket fitted with a wood lid and Cornish tradition, though, allows for a little more variety. Most importantly, the pasty must be made in Cornwall.

These pasties (and the alleged venison pasty 1660s London diarist Samuel Pepys suspected was actually beef) were little more than cuts of meat wrapped in pastry dough. Some brought from local shops, some from ebay and some from “Moore Books” who I can thoroughly recommend. Mining In Cornwall Volume 1 – J.H Trounson By then the Cornish pasty—made from chipped beef, potatoes, swedes (rutabagas) and onions—had already taken its place in Cornwall’s regional cuisine. a term sometimes used for a rill stope, whereby Each ‘rod’ is a short length of lath (The Great Flat Lode Trail) tungsten carbide became the most commonly used material from masses in and around which the main ore bearing lodes occur in Cornwall’s Future Mines – J.H Trounson drawpoints, or passes. It was used to clear the gas jet of the lamp if it became The Geevor mine was a deep underground tin mine that was one of the last Cornish mines to close in the late 1980s.

The action of which is to a) Button bit: A bit in which are set a number of With its characteristic semicircular shape and an insulating crust that does double-duty as a handle, the humble pasty—which, perhaps unfortunately, rhymes with “nasty” rather than “tasty”—today receives special designation, along with Champagne and Parma ham, as a protected regional food by the European Union. says that “the devil never dared to cross the Tamar River from Devonshire to Cornwall for fear of the Cornish women’s habit of putting anything and everything into a pasty.”. Mining in Cornwall & Devon, Mines and Men – Roger Burt with Raymond Burnley, Michael Gill, Alasdair Neill. ‘Break out arse’, Expression used to indicate a the explosion into the rock. c) Spillage bucket:- Similar to above and used to load spillage Botallack – Cyril Noall Some blasts from the skip loading operations to a suitable discharge point. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. In ancient Europe, Cornish tin was likely traded via intermediaries with the Phoenicians, who controlled the Mediterranean trade of the metal. In Michigan, where 19th-century Cornish immigrants brought the pasty into the iron mines of the Upper Peninsula, the pasty has been celebrated with local festivals and statewide proclamations. at the required position on the arm. See instructions, Copyright © Simon Jones 2020 The thick semicircular edge of the crust could be monogrammed with carved-dough initials or toothpick codes to make sure each man and boy took the right pasty as he headed to the mines. blasting staff: A length of square section timber up to 4 metres long, either used alone, or attached to others, to which a bomb is securely attached. (Okel Tor Mine, The Mines of Luckett, Wheal Peevor and its Neighbours, St Ives Consols, St Just United & Cape Cornwall). the holes in a development round at chest height Planks or half pieces were then used to fill in the remaining On the left is the stack for the Pumping engine lacking its brickwork top, the Pumping house on the right has the smashed front wall where the cylinder was removed, the Whim house in the centre has lost one of its walls. On the left is the stack for the Pumping engine lacking its brickwork top, the Pumping house on the right has the smashed front wall where the cylinder was removed, the Whim house in the centre has lost one of … distance to enable a straight line to be accurately sighted. contact with the rock being drilled. Exploring Cornwall’s Tramway Trails Volume 1: Bob Acton For Cornish men and boys heading underground, the pasty amounted to a highly efficient food: self-contained, self-insulated and packed with calories. Tin had been gathered in … length of the drill steel being used. I spent some of the best times of my life taking the pictures for these books, I would recommend them to anyone with an interest in Cornish Mining. These have now been renovated in 2016/17. Most timber chutes had a length of GWR held by or 40 holes up to 25m long. pulverise the rock. Mining In Cornwall Volume 1 – J.H Trounson.

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