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Posted on October 8th, 2020

The set-up is there: A shlubby, middle-aged, down-on-his-luck who speaks in rapid-fire one-liners meant to hide the hurt in his soul meets a the goodbye girl he never knew he needed. ?” punctuated a moment the likes of which you only think you see coming. We want to hear from you!

Personal life. Film and television credits include "The Red Line," "Chicago PD," "Chicago Fire," "Open Tables" and "Older Children." Linda Vista doesn’t let anyone off the hook that easily, and if there’s hope to be had, it won’t come cheap.

Tickets: No!"

He will be featured in the role of Walt Whitman in the upcoming indie, Dreaming Grand Avenue. Related Story We assume he's being a smartass, but, gradually, we begin to suspect he really means it. I said, “Didn’t I say ‘Thanks for their service?’ I’m on their side, I don’t want these guys going off and dying, I think they should just stay anchored out there in the bay doing their dumb f*cking maneuvers and doing, y’know, pushups.”. Lighting design by Marcus Doshi.

Off Broadway: Admissions, A Man Of No Importance, Bernarda Alba (Lincoln Center); The Apple Family Plays (Public, Also Europe), Angel Reapers (Signature), Threepenny Opera (Atlantic), A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (City Center Encores! Played out on Todd Rosenthal’s nicely detailed and efficiently mobile set – a realistically outlived-its-era camera shop, Wheeler’s expertly presented cookie-cutter apartment that all but wails “divorced dad” – Linda Vista is helped along by a terrific cast, attired in Laura Bauer’s stitch-perfect costumes that perfectly illustrate both the malaise of the characters and, in one clever turnabout, the absurd desperation of a 50-year-old man who fools himself (and no one else) into thinking he could live the life of the young hipsters he envies. Cast: Ian Barford, Sally Murphy, Caroline Neff, Chantal Thuy, Jim True-Frost, Cora Vander Broek, and Troy West. Send us a tip using our annonymous form.

All Rights reserved. Chantal Thuy. Linda Vista by Tracy Letts. Jules, a life coach with a master's degree in "happiness," is coming off a painful breakup herself, but unlike Wheeler, she is determined to get back on her feet. Film: Saint Frances, The Conspirator, Affliction, Singles, The Hudsucker Proxy, Off the Map, Diminished Capacity, Slippery Slope, and Normal Life. In short, he can be funny, attractive, and supportive one minute, and a real dick the next. Unfortunately, the play gets entangled in its own repetitive pattern and piles on dysfunction upon dysfunction without any hint at resolution. Dick Wheeler, the lead character – he’s hardly a “hero” – in Tracy Letts’ Linda Vista, a very funny new play about a very sad, not very likable man, is the type of determined, opinionated loser who has reached middle age with both a decided pride and worn-down boredom with his own contrariness, his mental library of trivia and hard-knock wisdom having left him with little more than a flabby gut, a failed marriage, a few sticks of cheap furniture and the confidence that he alone knows best which Ali MacGraw movie showed the actress at her sexiest (Convoy, in case you were wondering) and why Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is nothing but a “scrubby little poser”. The apartment itself looks like the sort of place where post-college types or transients might briefly settle into before moving on. Well, let’s let the man speak for himself: Turns out she comes from this big military family, like everybody in the family has served, and I hear this and I’m thinking “Please don’t say some dumb shit about the stupid border wall or NFL players taking a knee cause I just won’t handle it well,” and so I play it cool, y’know, “Thanks for their service,” or whatever, and think I said, very concerned, “Too bad we’re always stuck in these pointless bullshit wars, like too bad all these motherf*ckers are dead for no good reason. Ian Barford both fascinates and repels as the complicated combo pack of sad sack nebbish and self-absorbed narcissist who goes through life building and then resolutely tearing down relationships, a man you might imagine spending hours constructing a maze of dominos than then gleefully kicking at the pieces and scattering them helter-skelter.

Member Steppenwolf Theatre Ensemble: The Minutes, Linda Vista (Also Mark Taper), Visiting Edna, Time Stands Still, Sex With Strangers, Uncle Vanya, Skylight, The Crucible. Based in Los Angeles, Cora is represented by Justice & Ponder.

Film and television credits include Chicago Fire; Where We Started; Of Minor Prophets and Blur Circle. And she went off on me!

Tennessee Williams and His Army of Emotionally Distraught Women, BWW Interview: Author Nick Katsoris Partners with COME FROM AWAY to Spread Message of Good Deeds, What Is THE LIGHTNING THIEF About?

Chantal Thuy and Ian Barford in a scene from the play “Linda Vista,” at the Helen Hayes Theater in New York City. TV: "Law & Order: SVU," "The Good Wife," HBO's "If These Walls Could Talk," PBS' "Great Performances" and American Playhouse. Well before intermission, we know Wheeler is going to sabotage his newfound happiness one way or another, but the degree of thoroughness and the extent of his nihilism still comes as a shock. Oh We're Gonna Tell You, Amanda Green AF, in Q, With Social D On Demand. But no sooner has their destined-for-disaster karaoke bar blind date hit a make-or-break point than Jules and Wheeler find common ground, an unexpected mutual attraction that prompts both a hilarious and awkward fight-night sexual encounter and, more seriously, an honest and revelatory relationship. Costume design by Laura Bauer. Regional credits include Peerless (Yale Repertory Theatre). Film Credits include Catch Hell, Return to Sender, Road to Perdition, 13 Going on 30 and others. Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Sturridge & Director Carrie Cracknell Reflect On Broadway's 2019 'Sea Wall/A Life' & Ponder What's Next - The Deadline Q&A, “I was out to dinner with this girl,” says Wheeler (Ian Barford, in a brave and inspired performance) to buddy Paul (Jim True-Frost, a longtime treasure, like Letts himself, of Chicago’s Steppenwolf company), “and we were talking. Dramaturg Edward Sobel. The rest of the cast is also terrific: Chantal Thuy as a young pregnant woman whom Wheeler becomes obsessed with; Troy West as Wheeler's sleezeball boss; and Caroline Neff as a co-worker who has to maneuver past both of these men as she tries to get her own life together. Linda Vista, a Second Stage presentation of a Steppenwolf Theatre Company production, opens tonight at the Helen Hayes Theater.

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