brumby culling kosciuszko

Posted on October 8th, 2020

They have valuable input and should be included in discussion and decisions about what needs to be done, their insight and management strategies could help solve the problems that someone in an office or helicopter just can’t. In Victoria, a pro-brumby pressure group will take Parks Victoria to the Federal court later this year to prevent removal of a small but damaging horse population on the Bogong High Plains in the Alpine National Park. And aerial shooting is not as inhumane death as everyone makes it out to be, certainly compared to disease, predators, breaking legs, starving, drought, and of course fire, aka. Far more damage is done by many other animals living in the Park ,a brumby isn’t capable of causing that much damage, and it is always all blamed in the brumbies. pretty much anything that could kill a horse in the natural environment. I don’t know why people who are not locals always have a dogmatic uninformed opinion of what is going on. Why cant there can’t be an annual collection of yearlings to be re homed as working horses. I totally agree with the scientists, who have presented credilbe evidence of the impacts of wild horses on the environment, and I don’t understand why people distrust them so much. Deputy Premier John Barilaro called the new bill protecting Snowy Mountains brumbies an effort on behalf of the animal’s ‘heritage value’. SINCE FIRES number of normally seen SMALL GROUPS regularly seen and documented are MIA.. Groups of bodies in BURNT timber have been seen and recorded.. but not HUNDREDS or even thousands.. as government and parks claimed prefires.. We must to MANAGE the environment have accurate RECOUNT and these claims of population expansion must stop.. given that ONLY 4% increase is the normal and reliable.. they don’t breed like PIGS or RABBITS or even DEER.. By submitting your email address you are agreeing to About Regional's. “The picture is becoming clearer as photos and video emerge from Kosciuszko National Park showing threatened species habitat hit hard while the 20,000 strong population of feral horses have largely been unscathed,” Professor Pittock says. There should definitely be a head count!! That decision was the passing by the New South Wales Government of the so-called 'Brumby Bill' in 2018 — legislation championed by Deputy Premier and Member for Monaro John Barilaro.

Earlier this year NSW passed legislation that abandoned a management plan that recommended aerial culling of horses and instead formally recognised their cultural and historical significance. Pigs do.

Dick Williams, an adjunct professor from Charles Darwin University, said the documented evidence of the destruction horses were causing was “very clear and clean”.

Other states will be watching the outcome closely. Photo: Michelle J Photography. The NSW Government recently backflipped on a decision to cull brumby population in Kosciuszko National Park. But which side of the fence are the major parties on? New investigation needs to be done after the fires. Estimates peg around 6,000 brumbies inhabit the countryside, and the plan is to reduce this down to only 600. Cooma photographer and brumby advocate Michelle Brown took photos of some of the horses which died in the fires.

Wild horses in Kosciuszko National Park. They would achieve this reduction using all humane methods currently available, including trapping, rehoming, mustering, and ground-based and aerial shooting. Relaying the message that the horses are ‘trampling’ (horses walk they don’t trample) and all congregating where the new feed is, is the worst atrocity that could happen!

Let me make something absolutely clear to the other commenters. This month, Deputy Premier John Barilaro said the government would “immediately” reduce horse numbers by 50%, through trapping, rehoming, fertility control, and relocating horses to “less sensitive” areas. Approximately 57,000 ha have been prioritised for control in three northern parts of the park, including Nungar Plain, Cooleman Plain, and parts of Boggy and Kiandra Plains. And no horse should have to go on trucks to the SLAUGHTERHOUSE!! Scientists say feral horses in Kosciuszko national park are causing potentially irreparable damage.

Wild horses ABSOLUTELY NEED to be removed from Kosciozko and other National Parks, lethally or not, doesn’t matter. The horses and environment have co-existed in the park for over 150 years; Long before this area was declared a park in 1967!Both change and adapt to suit each other and the symbiotic relationship is there. Start actually reading research that now SUPPORTS HORSES in environment and their vital role in its HEALTH.. The Greens aim to put native species, such as the broad-toothed rat, back at the centre of national parks policy. Creeks are running with clear water and small animals are in abundance. We pay respect to the Traditional Custodians and First Peoples of NSW, and acknowledge their continued connection to their country and culture. Labor’s plan also mentions active management of feral horses in sensitive ecosystems, and ensuring large horse populations do not starve to death. Deputy Premier John Barilaro called the new bill protecting Snowy Mountains brumbies an effort on behalf of the animal’s ‘heritage value’. Deakin University provides funding as a member of The Conversation AU. The locals indigenous and whites call it annihilation; and it’s wrong. Given the destruction and IMPACTS humans are DOING to the FRAGILE ALPINE ENVIRONMENT with SKI RESORTS AND SNOW FIELDS mountain bike tracks.. carparking.. snow making water needs and infrastructures.. to native vegetation versus the FEW hoofprints and grass they eat.. it is illogical to BLAME HORSES.. A few examples include collaboration between environment organisations and local farmers to relocate as many wild horses before an aerial shoot, and/or establishing brumby reserves from old ranches and farmland, without impacting native ecosystems.

“The parliament is important and it’s got to do its job and overturn the legislation.”.

“The natural values of the Australian high country are outstanding, they’re world class and they’re severely compromised by feral horses,” he said. It says the government must “repeal in its entirety the NSW Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act 2018, and restore the protected status of Kosciuszko national park, its 2006 plan of management and implement the 2008 horse management plan”. Rosemary McCallum.

It's all down to the high country's cultural myth-makers.

— All political parties have been well informed about the science behind feral horses in the Australian Alps.

The government says its preferred method of removal is to trap and rehome animals. Horses don’t dig up the ground where these lovely frogs reside.

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