homonhon island mining

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Local village chiefs, known as village captains, immediately imposed an existing joint resolution, passed March 6, that blocks the entry of foreigners to the island amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It somehow gives them a sense of hopelessness. "We have also given our partner community legal advice in documenting and safekeeping of evidences for possible cases that we could file after this pandemic,” Reposar told SunStar Philippines.“It is very sad that they are doing this loading now that the courts are closed and travel is restricted,” said Reposar, who is also the vice mayor of Palo, Leyte.According to Reposar, Elac-Eastern Visayas is still studying the charges that could be filed to the mining companies and government offices or their officers who may have been remiss in their mandates or functions.“This Earth Day 2020, we are raising our voice to highlight the urgent need to protect Homonhon. It cradles a vast and rich aqua-marine, coastal and upland resources and it has a great potential for agricultural and eco and historical tourism development. It is exceptionally blessed with the abundance of natural resources, beautiful sceneries, white beaches, rare and first class timber woods such as the Magkono tree which is named ‘steel tree’ due to its extraordinary hardness etc,. The ship, with a carrying capacity of 9,423 t DWT (deadweight tonnage), sailed from Macau and docked in Davao City for a few days before locals confirmed that it was headed straight for Homonhon Island on April 4 or 5, before returning to China. Mining covers more than 20% of Indigenous territory in the Amazon, More than 470 oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon since 2000: Report. and composed of Eight (8) Barangays with an average population of 7.000 people. It serves as a room for the birth of a new country, “the Philippine Islands” then gives us a national identity. The site has 56 million tonnes of chromite deposits;  according to disclosed 2016 data, the company had exported 28,100 tonnes of chromite and other minerals worth $3.6 million. Pagburublig kita ngan buligi liwat kami niyo para mas magin mabaskug pa it amon mga tindog. Be coherent. Then and there, everyone, most especially the national government would be obliged to care, preserve and protect the Island’s natural beauty and resources and directly be involved in the management, maintenance, preservation of its environment for Christianity, history and future’s sake. “The decades-long mining operations in the historic island of Homonhon have caused immense and tremendous environmental and ecological damages. Pero lahat daw po ng nangyayari diyan sa lugar na iyan ay sang-ayon naman sa patakaran ng DENR. Basically, it is a fishing and farming community. ’s natural beauty and resources and directly be involved in the management, maintenance, preservation of its environment for Christianity, history and future’s sake. Do not veer away from the discussion. Copyright 2020 SunStar Publishing Inc. | All Rights Reserved. Banner image of Homonhon Island in Eastern Samar. What is worst is that they are empowered by the same institutions that are supposed to protect us. This is the bitter truth,” he wrote on Facebook.Environmental Legal Assistance Center (Elac) in Eastern Visayas also condemned the “blatant intrusions and disregard of existing quarantine laws and exploitation of our natural resources” in Homonhon.“Like thieves in the night, these enterprising individuals, without due regard to existing protocols, blatantly moved to exploit our natural resources. FEEDBACK: Use this form to send a message to the author of this post. The prospects of a good and civil future is threatened as exhaustion or annihilation of resources that are essential to life takes its toll. ’s lush forest covers followed by mineral extraction from small scale to large scale. Pero ngayon okey na naman. At ang report po sa atin ng DENR ay unang-una, wala pong mining, mayroon lang siguro pong shipping na nangyayari doon. Basically, it is a fishing and farming community. (commentary), Brazil moves toward transfer of deforestation and fire monitoring to military. Christian Ofilan of the St. John the Baptist Parish in Homonhon, a fishing community of over 4,800 people. HOMONHON ISLAND                                              A FIELD APPRAISAL. Kaya gusto ko lang ipagpatuloy ang laban nila,” he said.“Ang ganda ng isla. For the case in court filed against us, we are calling for help and assistance from all principle oriented people, the Church and NGOs in order for us to comute towards peace and justice for the Island of Homonhon and to all of those who are experiencing the same fate as ours. That directive, passed by Eastern Samar Governor Ben Evardone, places the whole province under a “general community quarantine” and mandates concerned local agencies to “refuse the entry of any vessel attempting to dock and enter the province through the coastlines” to protect residents from the virus. Image by Nairb.Idi9 via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0). I learned that most of those working in these mining companies are locals. A fire razed thousands of hectares of the. We need to preserve our environment because we need to protect and save both flora and fauna to help maintain the diversity of our ecosystems,” it added.More unheeded appealsIn his letter dated April 14, Evardone appealed to DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu “to protect the health and safety of our people, to reconsider your decision to lift the suspension order on the loading of chromite ore of Techiron Resources Inc.” in the island.“The people of Eastern Samar have raised serious concerns on the possible danger this poses to public health while our province is under general community quarantine,” the governor wrote.While there has been no confirmed cases of the disease in the province, Evardone said they have done “all possible measures to protect our people from this disease and this mining operation has given Estehanons anxiety and fear over the possibility that all our efforts to prevent this disease from entering our province will be put down the drain.”“I would like to manifest our collective position that we are opposing any mining operation, including the loading and exporting of mineral ore, in Homonhon Island by the Techiron Resources Inc. and other mining companies during this entire period of community quarantine in the Province of Eastern Samar,” added Varquez, who continues to raise environmental concerns in the island.However, both of their appeals were unheeded.Mining contribution“In 2014-2016, mining has significantly contributed to the province’s economic landscape in the form of fees and taxes such as occupation fees and excise taxes paid by the mining companies,” said MGB in the region on Eastern Samar’s mineral profile posted on its website.From 2014 up to 2016, the mining sector contributed a total of P18,051,441.53.It has mining investments of US$1,437,500 or P69 million, as of December 2016.Estimated value of chromite and nickel ore produced in Eastern Samar for 2016 was P503,561,066, while estimated total value of nickel and iron concentrate exported in 2014-2016 to China was P642,092,842.08.According to MGB, the estimated metallic mineral reserve of the province is 106.673 million metric tons.“Approximately 60 percent of this reserve is bauxite while certain parts of the province contain substantial deposits of nickel, copper, and chromite,” it said.For year 2016, the total chromite concentrate exported was 29,154.09 metric tons valued at 176,224,802.72.Meanwhile, the total nickel and iron concentrate exported for 2014-2016 was 925,596.59 metric tons valued at 642,092,842.08.Permits, clearancesIndependent media Fyt reported that mining company Techiron Resources Inc. is a registered exporter that operates within the island with “proper and legal permits covered by a Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA),” citing a certification from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).Benny Antiporda, undersecretary for Solid Waste Management and Local Government Units Concerns of the DENR, also denied the allegations that the mining activities in the island were done in secret in the midst of the enhanced community quarantine.In a report from government-run Radyo Pilipinas, the official said the mine loading in Homonhon is part of the regular mining and export operations.Proper safety protocols and guidelines were also followed during the shipment of the minerals.“Iyan po ay kinunsulta na namin sa DENR.

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