path of the deathless challenge

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Climb up and around the outside of the tower until a bunch of rubble nearly knocks you off and then shimmy around the corner. Stand in the center of the rotating arm and look for the arm with two straight wooden beams hanging from it that are slightly raised above your current location. The helicopter will blow through the whole upper level, leaving you with limited cover. Peek around the corner past the stairs to spot two Deathless Ones patrolling the courtyard and kill them with a Poison Arrow and then circle around the building and enter the other side to find a Relic [05/10] - Kitezhian Silver. There are quite a few explosive urns next to the Deathless archers, but you'll want to focus on the melee units first. The mindful do not die, but the heedless are as if dead already - Dhammapada 21 Check the northern wall of the area for a Mural [03/03] - The Long Years and then make your way west, up the stairs, for a scene.

Exit the water near the craggy wall and collect the Explorer's Satchel and then follow the wall to the right to find another Relic [04/10] - Soldier's Pendant.

© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Rest at the Solemn Crevasse Base Camp to listen to the Camp Journals III - The Truth Revealed and then enter the water and check the right side of the room for another Survival Cache [02/03]. You can now swim over to the central dome to reach the Codex - Natural Instincts and make your way back to the Base Camp.

This will lead you to some wooden walls that you can scramble to reach the top of the orrery, where there are some Byzantine coins. Look north to spot a Deathless Banner [01/08] that you can burn with a Fire Arrow to start the Challenge - Banner Wars and then check the ground to the south of the same building to find a Coin Cache [01/03]. Run along the outside of the area and look for cans that you can pick up and then make sure that Konstantin is unaware of your location before you toss it. Cross the roof to the second floor of the building to the north to find a Relic [07/10] - Flint Striker and then drop to the first floor and collect some Byzantine coins. Exit the water near the craggy wall and collect the Explorer's Satchel and then follow the wall to the right to find another Relic - Soldier's Pendant. There are two roped levers high above, each connected to a bucket of water and the circular door at the back of the lower level.

Climb into the building straight ahead to find the grate you cranked open earlier and then drop inside to collect the Archivist's Map. This is due to the fact that the Trophy/Achievement: Avid Shopper has been known to bug and not unlock if the final items are purchased in the Post Game. Enter the cave in the northeast corner of the map and defeat the bear inside and then pry open the back wall to enter the tomb. You lose some defense though (curse and IC lasting less).

Mindfulness is the path to the deathless, heedlessness is the path to death. You can now create a path with your climbing arrows up the side of the building to reach the trebuchet. Jump to the ice wall and climb up to the left and then jump forward to another ice wall for a short scene.

Check the cavern for a Mural - Lessons of Loyalty before entering the tunnel near the totems, and then follow the path to a dead end with a Relic - A Coin of the Realm. Wait for the conversation to end and press / to radio Sofia and then shoot the fireball as it flies over the helicopter, raining burning debris on the helicopter. Exit and jump to the bucket of minerals on your right to raise the other bucket in the center of the area and then drop and return upstairs after the mine carts fail to block the water. You'll need to release the lever and then Rope Arrow it to the crank across the room, quickly rushing to the crank to reel it in and secure the lever in place. You can now collect the Byzantine coins on the other side of the sarcophagus and then make your way out of the crypt.

You can now enter the codex chamber for the Document - The Overseer and the Codex - Geologist. When you jump left to grab onto a patch of ice it will begin to crumble; quickly jump left again to latch onto a more stable section of ice and then continue up the tower.

Follow the linear path to a pool of water and then swim left to a tunnel that leads to the Crypt Treasure [01/01] - Ancient Quiver. Collect the Survival Cache near the Base Camp before you enter the water and then dive underwater to the right to find a hidden tunnel that leads to another Survival Cache and an Archivist's Map. Through the Glacier. Enter the southern door and crank open the nearby gate and then head up the stairs and turn right. Visually follow the tracks to the left to spot a mine cart behind a gate and then use a Rope Arrow to pull it loose, causing it to roll down the track and stop next to the bucket of minerals.

Check near the crank for a final Relic - Dice and scramble up the wall and then head upstairs to find a Survival Cache. When you pull a lever the circular door will raise slightly and release some gas, while the water in the center of the room will lower. Return to the relic's location and drop into the ditch nearby and then Rope Arrow a line between the top of the platform and the hanging anchor. Rope Arrow the beam across the room and use the crank to pull the boat into the center of the room and then Rope Arrow the beam to the right, the one that didn't have the Archivist's Map. Stick to the right wall as you head down the path to find a dead end with a Survival Cache and then turn around and continue down the tunnel. Follow the mine shaft until it opens into a darkened area and then check the crates to your left for an Archivist's Map. Drop to the ground and look southeast to spot a cloth barricade, this is actually the building you started at, and then enter the building across from the barricade. Foll ow the path through the ruins of the building until you reach a room with a crack and some Byzantine coins and then squeeze through the opening to reach a room full of water. Check a few feet behind the document for a Relic [01/01] - Mysterious Figurine near the corpse and then turn and look up to the left of the gate. Scramble up the wall and Rope Arrow the beam to create a path to the ice wall and then latch on and climb up to a set of ledges. There's another Relic - Ivory Jar and then head up the stairs and collect the Document - The Aftermath on the right. Enter the building next to the hanging salvage crate to collect some Byzantine coins and then turn around and climb up to the roof to the east, cutting the rope to drop another Bell [03/05]. Be careful of tossing it too far away, which will cause him to not turn around, or of being spotted when you toss it.

Yeah that's a valid choice. Make sure to collect the Explorer's Satchel and Survival Cache on the other side and then return to the main chamber. Rope Arrow the weight to swing the cage further out and then return halfway down the stairs and pull both of the lever to release the gas again.

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