exposed to tb at work

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Early diagnosis of TB that is treated effectively reduces the chances of dying from TB and reduces TB transmission to others. You can rely on symptoms to decide if you have active tuberculosis. Tilburg, OSA, Nivel and Prismant, 2002; pp. At this point, you’re contagious. Once the patient returns to work, s/he must be allowed time off work to visit the clinic for follow-up visits. Overall, you also can reduce your risk of getting TB by keeping your immune system healthy. Enrolment of healthcare workers(HCWs) with tuberculosis (TB) in active case finding activities. However, I won't know for sure until at least 3 months to a year have passed. A DOT provider is anyone who is acceptable and accessible to the patient, willing, trained and accountable to the health service. A new case if the patient has never been treated for TB or had less than four weeks of TB treatment, A relapse if a patient was declared cured after completing a course of TB treatment and then becomes smear positive, A treatment failure if a patient remains or becomes smear positive after five months of treatment, A treatment defaulter if a patient interrupted treatment for more than two months, A chronic TB patient if the patient remains smear positive after retreatment, Commitment by management to provide sustainable resources for TB control in the workplace, Development and implementation of clear management policies on confidentiality, discrimination, length of time allowed for medical treatment and job modification when necessary; employees should be educated on these policies, Implementation of environmental infection control measures to minimize the risk of transmission of infection in the workplace, Engagement with worker representatives from the planning stages and throughout, to ensure their support and participation, Awareness and educational campaigns to address negative attitudes towards people with TB and increase awareness among the employees about TB, Psychosocial support for employees who have TB, such as free treatment and services, identical salary during treatment or compensation for loss of income, free transport to health facilities, food support or other motivations to continue treatment, Access to good quality diagnostic services, particularly sputum smear microscopy to ensure early detection of infectious cases, thereby preventing the further spread of TB, Provision of an uninterrupted supply of good quality, free drugs accessed through the state health system or purchased directly from accredited suppliers, Direct observation of standardized short course chemotherapy by a healthcare worker or treatment supporter to ensure a cure and prevent the emergence of drug resistance, Systematic monitoring and standardized reporting, the assessment of treatment outcomes of infectious TB patients by sputum microscopy at the end of the intensive phase and the end of treatment, cohort analysis of treatment outcomes to determine programme performance and reporting to the national TB control programme, Prompt identification and diagnosis of TB, Regular and correct treatment and cure of TB. TB cases are categorized as: The primary anti-TB medicines are Isoniazid (H), Rifampicin(R), Pyrazinamide (Z), Streptomycin (S) and Ethambutol (E).

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