behringer c4 review

Posted on October 8th, 2020

I have only one cuestion.

thanks and best ! Interesting comparison. I was a sound person with ATV in the late sixties, but haven’t done much since then. By Crashman from Wilmington, NC/Hollywood California on 03/02/2010. keep sharing Jonathan, You might find this useful, too: If you want to do stereo, you will need two Ultragain Mic200 preamps. so I will use it when I have a microhpone.

The C-2 is not a vocal mic and I think you’ll struggle to get satisfactory results. Your point-by-point analysis is by far the best available after many hours of surfing. Yes, they are ideal for acoustic instruments like this. Hi Heath – assuming you’re still following this thread! Yes/No - You may also flag this review. I don’t think I’ve known anyone continue to use Behringer mics after climbing up the mic ladder to the likes of Neumann! Of course, an omni C-5 can’t compare with an expensive omni mic, but if you’re strapped for cash, and recording acoustic instruments, it’s worth a try. Thanks for that info. Just got C4's, never done XY prior, sounds good so far hunting for sweet spots on my sheightty acoustic... Don't know about C4, but used C2 live as overheads and they work o.k.

I use the B1 for male voices in a choir (often they’re weak so adding a little into the mix helps and the B1 is smoother than the C2, but a whole lot more ‘in yer face’ size wise). No matter what job I’m on, I always have a pair of C-2s nearby. The C-2 can handle loud sounds better.

Don't even think a bout buying these. In this situation when I have a solo section in the middle of the song without other instrument playing, my guitar sound was clear enough, but the problem is when the other instrument playing, my guitar sound wasn’t clear. However, I did record a few tracks for an acoustic band and I used the C-2s and the C-4s for acoustic guitar and baritone ukulele (and B-1s for acoustic bass and vocals). I use the 835s for vocals and the 58s for rock vocals. I’ve been really busy recently so I haven’t had a chance to do a proper head-to-head test under controlled conditions. Buy a C-5 and compare the two capsules on something like solo guitar (of course the omni has to be closer for the same sense of perspective). Thanks Johnathan for correcting my typo. One correction though, the -41dBV is a smaller signal than -38 dBV, so the C-4 is 3dB LESS sensitive than the C-2. They’re more expensive but you get two capsules so I figured the cardioid would be the exact same capsule as the C-4.

Sounded great to me. See how you get on, but personally I’d use a stereo pair of C-2s for the piano and something with a larger diaphragm for the voice – perhaps a Behringer B-1, or C-1 if budget is tight. 1. which one better Behringer C2 or C4 for acordeon, concertina and Bodhran (traditional Irish Percussion) ?

You’ll have to try to see which suits your venue best. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

Good luck! The next microphones I am likely to buy will probably a set of dynamic drum microphones, so expect an article about that in the future! Only problem is that a single one of them costs twice as much as two of the Behringers. You can even use the mics for brass instruments etc. If you want something more open then a pair of Rode NT3'2 is cool. I haven’t come across many uses for them with all of the better options I have in the studio but for testing, they sounded quite good on an acoustic guitar.

I generally make very little use of dynamic mics as almost all of my work these days is choral/orchestral/acoustic, so it’s not worth investing in decent dynamic mics. Save your money and invest on a Rode or AKG, © 2020 Beach Audio, Inc. All Rights Reserved. When I get round to testing the C-4s in the choir, I’ll comment at the bottom of this post and provide samples. Best of luck, and let me know how you get on! This is my honest user experience. If you don't like them, simply return them and get yourself either a refund or something else. All I have is an unmatched pair of dynamic mics, hence the punt with cheapo but matched condensers. As well as the XY pattern, you could also try ORTF which gives different results – I wrote about it a while back: l am really lost as to which is the best. the audio of this video we doing recording very simple in the guesthouse during the music trip program. But if you’ve already got some Oktavas that you’re happy with, you might as well go with those. I haven’t used it myself, but it has received some pretty good reviews. but as you can see that Behringer Ultragain Mic200 have 2 Input, 1 XLR jack and 1 ordinary plug 1/4 jack. and I am still using piezzo system on that video. The B1 is my favourite cheap mic for recording speech, which I do for video or for foley, where the smoothness of the sound helps adding the foley into the mix. Check out this guide, Hi everyone.

Fair enough, but even then, they may fall short.

My recording has hardly any high frequencies and a hollow sound, as if the choir were singing in a tunnel. I would favour the C-2s for use as drum overheads or in other loud applications. Looking to mic hi hat and two overheads for drums in my church, What options will you recommend? I own these and Behringer C-2's as well and both are amazing sounding for the money. There’s not much between them. If you’re impressed, buy another and become a spaced-omni freak. But I think they’re worth the extra. So what’s the difference? I’ve been using C-2s to record the choice in XY and ORTF setups for several years and have always been very pleased with the results.

However if you can spend a little more money you’ll get better results. Even there is a huge difference between the qualities of each. The drum set is like 60cm behind the mic point. Would you recommend buying the C – 2 to record a piano and on occasion a concert band or a group and for a trumpet the B -1 ?? It reminds me of holding something heavy like a spanner. The highs lacked very much detail, and the lows were muddy. I will posted here my video when I use that microphone in Live performance, again thank you so much.

I have recorded an orchestra before using just the uni mics of a Tascam DR100 with surprisingly good results. For more “room sound”, move further back. Tnx again. Microphone placement is just as important, so I recommend watching some videos about where to position the mics.

i was planning on getting some for a cheap drum overheads till i can afford a set of AKG C414's. Are these any good for recording an electric guitar amp?

The other choice could be to record piano on its own with 2 microphones, then add the trumpet afterwards.

Difference 2 is irrelevant although in my opinion the C-4s look a bit silly. Hello again,

you can see on this video. Thanks. I’m thinking of getting the C4s for some cheap n cheerful (but hopefully good) orchestral recordings (all ensemble sizes) using, perhaps, a stereo XY pattern. I’ll keep the C-4s for drum overheads or sell them. So really the C-2 are $35 each. B5 around 83 $ USD > Best of luck, and let me know how you get on! Great, thanks for the reply and Info! Was this review helpful to you? Both microphone kits come with the same accessories: a pair of microphones, wind shields, microphone clips, a stereo mounting bar and a hard carry case. I was leaning in the direction of a Mic set of the sort you recommend. I will send video recording of the performance today later I guess they can afford ’em. The 835s (and their big brothers the 845) are a lot smoother sound which I prefer. my question is Me falta probarlos con el coro pero por los comentarios leídos, me parece que el c-4 no me dejará muy satisfecho, Genial porque tenía la duda de si comprar los C2 o los C4 para grabar guitarra acústica y un C1 para la voz y me acaba de aclarar todas mis dudas compraré el C2 para guitarra y el C1 para la voz. Behringer C4 Studio Condenser Microphone The Behringer C-4 are 2 professional true condenser microphones for studio recording and live applications. Behringer C-2 Studio Condenser Mic Matched Pair Features at … Hace una semana compré un c-2 para presentaciones con mi coro en vivo, quedé tan satisfecho que decidí comprar un par más, lo cierto es que ví los c-4 que según son especiales para coro y los compré, lo cierto es que los acabo de probar y acabo de compararlos con el c-2 Y la verdad me parece que el c-2 tiene una mejor recepción al sonido de ambiente que el c-4. For accordion, I would recommend C-2 rather than C-4. They are sensitive, record REALLY well and sound killer for the money. and I mixed Piezzo pick up and external microphone using dynamic microphone. My guess is that the C4s are just not designed for the sensitive, nuanced recordings needed for choirs, orchestras etc. You can get amazing sound with much less gain. I have had one C2 have problems — with clicks and noise — but otherwise have kept going and going and going…. I’m happy using the XM8500s on speaker cabs for electric or bass guitars and sometimes use them for cajons but always prefer a C2 for djembe. then when I asked the technician guy to increase the volume of monitor speakers feedback come again, also when I increase gain or output control in my behringer mic200 the feedback come again. Good to know, thanks. Tnx a lot for d info, u have really helped me to make an informed decision. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

thank you so much for your respond, as always it’s about feedback The C-4 is a bit more sensitive so you might prefer that.

A matched pair of small-diaphragm condensers is standard equipment for every studio's mic locker. It just depends on what people’s needs are. My intention is to record a duo trumpet – piano and with the C – 2 record the piano, but I do not know what would be the best microphone for a trumpet, what do you recommend? Thank You! This week I had cause to buy another pair – but I noticed that since I bought my C-2 microphones, Behringer have introduced the C-4. Thanks again and good luck with your work. Have a look at the Behringer XM8500 as a budget all-rounder dynamic mic which would work for percussion but also for vocals. Hello, My main concern is, although our church has good acoustics, the congregation can’t sit still so there is a lot of coughing, rustling of paper, creaking of pews, etc. Use stereo only for recording, not live. It's awesome that you can get the Behringer C-2 for the price of a song. I have four of them.

It’s a surprisingly good microphone for the money, and good on vocals.

I found the C4 to be boxy – as in a mid-range frequency boost that was not unlike listening to a sound source through a seashell.

Choose between the C-2 and B-5, depending on your budget. It’s probably too late for me to return the C-4s now but I will probably sell them on and buy another set of C-2s because they have never let me down and have a great natural sound to them. But the real test of these microphones will be in a recording. You can hear some the choral recordings I’ve made with the C-2s on the St Mary’s Choir website.

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