why is infant baptism important

Posted on October 8th, 2020

The significance of baptism joining one to the church became lost. The faith of the parents sufficed when it came to circumcising a child. Bucer is recognized as a leading defender of infant baptism during the Reformation.17 Much of his interest in infant baptism was due to the fact that Strasbourg, where he labored, harbored so many “Sectarians,”18 with whom Bucer engaged in both verbal and written debates. Though Baptist theologians have repudiated this teaching, it is still prevalent in many churches today. 1:16). “We say that faith was reckoned to Abraham… before he was circumcised” (Romans 4:9-10). Like the paralytic in Matt. They gain nothing by the quibble to which they here resort, viz., that this was only once done, and, therefore, it does not forthwith follow that the Lord always acts thus with infants. . “Their” seems to refer back to the “they” of the same verse: “And behold, they brought to him a paralytic…”, The faith of the parent suffices when they bring their infants to be blessed by Christ via “the circumcision of Christ.”. If you oppose infant baptism, you might point out, "Nowhere does the Bible command infant baptism, and nowhere does the Bible mention a particular baby being baptized." It were [sic] dangerous to deny that the Lord is able to furnish them with the knowledge of himself in any way he pleases.29, The fact that Calvin neglected to include faith in this discussion is disturbing, especially in the context of infants. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Luther clearly appealed to tradition to justify infant baptism: “Since our baptizing has been thus from the beginning of Christianity and the custom has been to baptize children, and since no one can prove with good reasons that they do not have faith, we should not make changes and build on such weak arguments.”14 Some scholars consider such statements as an overreaction against the Anabaptists.15 If so (and not all agree16), then Luther was clearly willing to go to almost any length to validate infant baptism. And this would seem to exclude infants as possible candidates for baptism. One writer called this a tendency toward “sacramental manipulation.”24 This shift in Bucer’s thinking strengthened his defense of infant baptism. For brevity’s sake, I will use just one of the five examples cited in that parenthesis while I’ll encourage all reading this to take a look at the other four examples as well. They did not have to first “accept Moses as their personal prophet” before they could be circumcised. The Lord explicitly “called infants to him[self]” in Luke 18:15-17: Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them; and when the disciple saw it, they rebuked them. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Martin Bucer was a Reformer in Strasbourg, Germany (though the city is now located in France) for about 25 years. But to silence this class of objectors, God gave, in the case of John the Baptist, whom he sanctified from his mother’s womb (Luke 1:15), a proof of what he might do in others.

Baptism, according to Colossians 2:11-12. This last point came about because of Zwingli’s understanding of the covenant basis of this sacrament.10, Martin Luther (1483–€“1546)

While this argument may sound convincing on the surface, it does not survive serious scrutiny. St. Paul, being a Jew, as well as all of the apostles, understood the idea that true religion is a family affair. 9:2). The question of infant baptism has embroiled the church for centuries.

. St. Paul’s point is that in the New Testament baptism is open to all. You had to be a free, male, Jew to be circumcised. Baptists see the Reformers’ defense of infant baptism as a concession to a historical practice over the Word of God.

Home \ Faith News \ The Reformers’ Defense of Infant Baptism, Faith Pulpit To those of other Christian persuasions, this precedence is not compelling, and they have constructed alternative theologies to justify infant baptism. The Greek indicates that baptism is the circumcision of Christ! It was certainly not the kind of faith adults have, Calvin maintained, but he stated he “would rather leave the question undecided.”31 He held that infants can have faith in some way.

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