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Posted on October 8th, 2020

Endpunktscan: Die UDM Pro scannt automatisch Endpunkte (Clients), die mit Ihrem Netzwerk verbunden sind, um potenzielle Sicherheitsbedrohungen und Schwachstellen zu identifizieren.

Nudm_UECM_DeregistrationNotification) are also removed.

4.2 Connection, Registration and Mobility Management procedures, 4.2.8a UE Capability Match Request procedure, 4.2.9 Network Slice-Specific Authentication and Authorization procedure, 4.2.10 N3 data transfer establishment procedure when Control Plane CIoT 5GS Optimisation is enabled, 4.3.5 Session continuity, service continuity and UP path management, 4.3.6 Application Function influence on traffic routing, 4.3.7 CN-initiated selective deactivation of UP connection of an existing PDU Session, 4.9.2 Handover of a PDU Session procedure between 3GPP and untrusted non-3GPP access, 4.10 NG-RAN Location reporting procedures, 4.11 System interworking procedures with EPC, 4.11.2 Interworking procedures without N26 interface, 4.11.3 Handover procedures between EPS and 5GC-N3IWF, 4.11.4 Handover procedures between EPC/ePDG and 5GS, 4.11.6 Interworking for common network exposure, 4.12 Procedures for Untrusted non-3GPP access, 4.12a Procedures for Trusted non-3GPP access, 4.12b Procedures for devices that do not support 5GC NAS over WLAN access, 4.15.2 External Exposure of Network Capabilities, 4.15.4 Core Network Internal Event Exposure, 4.16 Procedures and flows for Policy Framework, 4.16.1 AM Policy Association Establishment, 4.16.2 AM Policy Association Modification, 4.16.4 SM Policy Association Establishment, 4.16.5 SM Policy Association Modification, 4.16.7 Negotiations for future background data transfer, 4.16.8 Procedures on interaction between PCF and CHF, 4.16.9 Update of the subscription information in the PCF, 4.16.11 UE Policy Association Establishment, 4.16.12 UE Policy Association Modification, 4.16.13 UE Policy Association Termination, 4.17 Network Function Service Framework Procedure, 4.20 UE Parameters Update via UDM Control Plane Procedure, 4.21 Secondary RAT Usage Data Reporting Procedure, 4.23 Support of deployments topologies with specific SMF Service Areas, 4.23.7 Inter NG-RAN node N2 based handover, 4.23.8 AN Release procedure involving I-SMF, 4.23.9 Branching Point or UL CL controlled by I-SMF, 4.23.10 CN-initiated selective deactivation of UP connection of an existing PDU Session involving I-SMF, 4.23.12 N26 based Interworking Procedures with I-SMF, 4.24 Procedures for UPF Anchored Data Transport in Control Plane CIoT 5GS Optimisation, 4.25 Procedures for NEF based Non-IP Data Delivery, 4.26 Network Function/NF Service Context Transfer Procedures, 4.27 Procedures for Enhanced Coverage Restriction Control via NEF, 5.1 Network Function Service framework procedures, 5.2.17 CHF Spending Limit Control Service, A.3 Representation in an information flow, A.4 Reference to services and service operations in procedures, A.5 Service and service operation description template, D.1 Determination of UE presence in Area of Interest by AMF, D.2 Determination of UE presence in Area of Interest by NG-RAN, E.1 Delegated SMF discovery in the Home Routed scenario, E.3 Delegated PCF discovery in the Roaming scenario, Tools: ARFCN - Frequency Conversion for 5G NR/LTE/UMTS/GSM.

The default DNN if the UE does not provide a DNN (NOTE 2). Service or service operation name: Nudm_SDM_Notification. Seems all my local speed tests are getting 200-400Mbps and the UBNT internal speed test to their own servers (further away, might I add) is getting line rates. Allocated AMF for the registered UE. Sie kann auch die UniFi Protect-Software zur bequemen Überwachung und vollständigen Verwaltung Ihres Kameraüberwachungssystems ausführen. Description: The consumer deletes a 5G VN group. Description: Register UE’s serving NF (if NF Type is AMF, SMSF) or Session’s serving NF (if NF Type is SMF) on the UDM. Description: UDM reports the event to the consumer that has previously subscribed. Inputs, Required: SUPI, Info (e.g. The S5/S8 PGW-C+SMF FQDN used for interworking with EPS (see NOTE 5). UE acknowledgment of SoR information from UDM via AMF, UE acknowledgement of successful Network Slicing Configuration subsequent to delivery of the Network Slicing Subcription Change Indication via the AMF). Inputs, Required: NF ID, Subscription data type(s), Key for each Subscription data type(s). This information is only sent to AMF in the HPLMN or one of its equivalent PLMN(s). Robust online protection feature . Duales WAN mit Failover: Unterstützt duale Internet-/ISP-Verbindungen mit Failover. Description: Consumer NF gets the subscription data indicated by the subscription data type input from UDM. Inputs, Required: Subscription data type(s), Key for each Subscription data type(s). If NF type is SMSF: SMSF MAP address and/or Diameter address. Inputs (optional): Enhanced Coverage Restriction information. updated Default Configured NSSAI and/or updated Routing Indicator) to be delivered from UDM to the UE via NAS signalling as defined in clause 4.20 (NOTE 3). ACHTUNG: die Preise auf der Amazon-Website enthalten die deutsche Mehrwertsteuer. Includes SMF IP Address and SMF NF Id. Keine Preisentwicklungsdaten von Anbietern aus Österreich vorhanden. Inputs (optional): GPSI, External Group ID, for 5G VN group creation, External Group ID, 5G VN group related information.


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