supermarket sweep episode 1391

Posted on October 8th, 2020

The basic format of the throwback show is simple: contestants in teams of two compete for the biggest sweep. With Seth Gitell, Sean Gullette, Maya Nadkarni, Peter A. Pappas. 21:48.

In a mini-sweep, Lulu gets her Fig Newtons in 12 seconds flat. The 90s hair, vests, patterned shirts and shorts are on point with pairs Malinda and Clint, Janet and Peggy, and Cindy and Vanessa. Episode 1423 21m. Although Lisa and Sherry look promising, twins Diane and Denise have the most expensive final cart at $1102. RELATED: Gene Gene the Dancing Machine: Actors Who Got Their Starts on Game Shows. Episode 1435 21m.

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Supermarket Sweep - Lauren & Wendy vs. Robbie & Stacy vs. Diane & Sally(1991) (Sweep of Champions) M.R.

The episode features a round-robin guessing game, and Donna and Joy win the sweep and the $5000 prize, finishing at $6017.

Amazon Prime has more episodes of the show available, but Netflix currently has a random collection of 15 games available for streaming right now. The latter pair shows up in the spirit of the show with geometric 90s sweaters. In this iconic game show, contestants answer food trivia questions then race against the clock while stuffing their carts for massive grocery gains. Everyone is fiercely competing in the round robin session, and it is fun to watch them strategize with their partners on the sidelines of the sweep. Directed by Darren Aronofsky.


With the decade change comes a style change. Netflix is streaming select classic '90s episodes of game show Supermarket Sweep and these are 10 of the greatest available. 12:13. Peggy and Janet win big at $6372. Episode 1391 21m. Episode 1397 21m. In this episode with ladies only, Mira and Mimi win the name game with eleven seconds to spare. Episode 1417 21m. Episode 1001 … These contestants all have very positive attitudes in the mini-sweeps. Diane is obviously salty that they don't get that $5k.

After going through initial challenges to tuck away extra time on the big sweep, Janet and Peggy are the lucky ones.

"Next time you're at a checkout counter and you hear the beep, think of all the fun you could have on Supermarket Sweep." With 14 seconds to spare, Debi and Tina go home with $6435.

Other contestants are Frances and Rosie and Brooke and Polly, who rack up $1216 and win that additional $5k for their efforts in the fake studio superstore.

Michelle and Mary earn 3 entire minutes for the big sweep. Supermarket Sweep.

... 10 1391. The 90s hair, vests, patterned shirts and shorts are on point with pairs Malinda and Clint, Janet and Peggy, and Cindy and Vanessa.

Supermarket Sweep was a classic 90s/early-2000s game show hosted by David Ruprecht. They go through small challenges and mini-sweeps in the first half of an episode to rack up time for their final sweep at the end. Supermarket Sweep 1990 Sweep of Champions episode Part 1. This episode is a rousing introduction to the 2000s, including a new computer-generated animated intro. Karen and Susan's cart and bonuses equal $1342, plus that winning $5000. Viewers also meet husband and wife Darrell and Sharon as well as college roommates Karla and Karen. In this episode, it is hard to believe that a whole pack of Dannon yogurt sold for under three bucks back in the 90s. Supermarket Sweep Episode 1391. leon belmont 22. NOTE: As of October 1, 2018, Fremantle Media, the owners of the Supermarket Sweep name, have been flagging all Supermarket Sweep related videos. Another fun ladies' episode has both Cindy Sue and Cindy Lou. This time, mother and daughter Donna and Joy bring it with the 90s poofy hair. 21:49. At the end of the day, Carol and Randee take it home with $805 in their cart, solving the riddles to add that $5000 just in the nick of time.

One of the riddles is, sadly, lost on kids of the new generation: "A prize in every box is the slogan of this snack." This episode guide is a work in progress. Newton. 21:50. Release year: 1993. Indeed, she does.

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