retail management software

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Your data is fully secure with our data centers from the world’s top cloud service provider Amazon AWS, which meets all the international standards, compliances and governance such as PCI, ISO, SOC. We are happy to answer any of your query.

Auto-tracking and updating all sales and inventory prevent misuse of materials and theft. No manual effort is required. Groom your business with latest technology, use it on your smartphone and send FREE SMS invoice.

Maintain all taxes and generate financial reports automatically. Feel free to ask. Move stock between stores or your warehouse with stock transfers, and quickly perform inventory lookups across all your sales channels. This will help you to tailor offers and promotions for across the stores or region wise to increase customer footfall and revenue. Analyze consolidated customer information to get more insight about your customers’ buying patterns, preferences etc. This not only just saves your cost or capital investment, but also the effort, resources and expertise to configure and manage multiple locations.

While retail task management software is not a dedicated team collaboration tool, it does provide more transparency between headquarters and individual stores. Setup a new device with your data automatically just in few minutes. Automatically generate purchase orders and transfer orders based on inventory levels. Offer customers loyalty and discounts to increase the customer base. To enjoy your triumph, you need to make sure your empire has the best army. Our software is an integrated retail management system that offers a complete solution for the retail industry including: POS, Accounting, Inventory management, CRM, Purchasing, Warehouse management, and E-commerce.

All can be controlled and managed from head office and will reflect across stores automatically on real-time. Ignoring a single one would defeat your glory. Ignoring a single one would defeat your glory. Having multiple outlets is like owning multiple castles. Run SMS or Email promotions from the software. Each device runs independently even if the internet is down. No maintenance is required for the software, your data or servers.

Increase sales efficiency, track payments made and analyze customers' buying pattern to understand seasonal trends. Gain complete and real time insights into company's purchase, suppliers and payments process. Monitor existing stock and reduce inventory overstock/stock-out situations and optimize inventory holding cost and wastage.

No manual upload, download or reconciliation is required. Moreover, all communication with cloud head office are encrypted with HTTPS protocol.

Retail Management Software. No need of day-end process or manual upload, download or reconciliation. Manage master data from Head Office such as products, pricing, discount and offers. Having multiple outlets is like owning multiple castles. Tap to bill, auto-update the sales and inventory, and stay organized. Embrace the automated billing process and say goodbye to human errors.

You do not need to invest on head office server, hardware or infrastructure. Try fully functional Just Billing Professional POS Retail Software for your Retail without any obligation. Whether you have a single location or hundreds, Just billing is extremely scalable. Transfer centrally or at store level in real time. To enjoy your triumph, you need to make sure your empire has the best army. Retail Management Software Tips for New Buyers When it comes to reviewing and choosing your new retail management system, the many considerations and options can make it a daunting task. Increase revenue and optimize cost by strategic reports anywhere anytime. All your data are automatically backed up every day on our cloud servers. Operate in offline mode automatically when you lose Internet connection. Head office can view consolidated sales, customers, inventory, payment and expense information for any location with our innovative real-time data synchronization mechanism, as if it is a local store. S2K Enterprise for Retail software centralizes information across your entire organization, helping you make more informed decisions. Address: EffiaSoft, Plot # 46, Phase 2, Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032, Just Billing special offers for women entrepreneurs, Just Billing: Import POS data - Products, Price, Customers, Inventory. We assure you the best affordable pricing in the market. Be on top of the latest version of Just Billing software always with automatic upgrades. Watch online video for Just Billing in action, from installation to how to use. To support any kind of multi-chain retail business. Retail POS Software information automatically synchronize with. Use Just Billing Professional Head Office for consolidated information from store(s) and Retail back office management. Reduce human errors associated with manual accounting entries. Tally your sales with cash and bank statements or physical inventory to find the glitches. Just Billing Professional Retail Billing Software is a perfect solution for multi-location Retail business. Head office can set different product catalog, pricing or promotions for different region/stores as well. Designed to grow with your retail business, no matter how complex your operations are! Automatic data streaming would start again in the back ground as soon as the internet connection is restored. Manage queue with faster billing, auto-inventory update. This cloud based retail management software which can be accessed from anywhere gives you real-time visibility about the store(s).

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