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Posted on October 8th, 2020

Nonetheless, Felix and the teams prepare for an attack, where Caboose confesses that despite their differences, he and Tucker are really good friends, as the latter fixes his helmet. before Donut interrupts their battle and saves Freckles, who lost most of his power in the process.

While moving Sheila into the ship, Vic contacts Church and orders them to kill the Reds. Prior to the series, Caboose was born and raised in a colony on the moon with his 17 sisters. Caboose excitedly welcomes Donut, who claims he needs to deliver a message to someone on the Blue Team. Sarge demonstrates an even more militant and sadistic attitude while possessed by O'Malley, laughing at the prospect of hitting his own soliders and telling the world to "Drop and give me infinity!". The Rat's Nest Blue Team's leader, Lieutenant Miller, clearly dislikes Caboose and is delighted at Washington's request to take Caboose away.

[12] To achieve the transparency effect, Rooster Teeth filmed the scene once with Church and once without him. However, he is revived because of Wyoming's Temporal Distortion unit. taxes!" As Caboose explains to everyone that it's Epsilon and not Church, Epsilon starts to hover away.

Church comments that the description isn't far off from reality. The reason for this is not known. After having permission from Donut to use the Reds' holo-graphic room, Caboose sneaks in, appearing from one object to the next without being see by any Reds but Grif.

Caboose flies into a rage over his friend being hurt and brutally murders the remaining Zealots along with Sarge, and Locus flies Wash to a hospital. and betrays the group. Consistently shown to be mentally abnormal, his behavior varies from merely somewhat dim-witted in Season 1 to almost completely divorced from reality in Season 3. In Reconstruction Chapter 11, it is revealed his mental image of Washington refers to himself as "Washingtub", is obsessed with secrecy, likes to scare people that are "just trying to help him", and claims to fight aliens and robots from the future with his "Freelancer Powers". Proof, perhaps, that when the situation calls for it, Church can rise to the occasion. This counter-intuitive skill is likely due to Caboose being a kinesthetic learner, being better at learning tasks that are entirely hands-on, and requiring more practical knowledge than anything else.

Caboose can be considered as, by far, the most unintelligent character in the series, although at first this wasn't noticeable. A month later, Caboose is put on a mission alongside Dr. Grey, Tucker, and Sarge to investigate an alien temple. During episode 89, it is revealed that the team once deactivated and rebooted Caboose's armor while he was still wearing it, and that it took longer to come back online than expected. Ten months later, Caboose encounters IDA reporter Dylan Andrews and her cameraman Jax Jonez, who soon find the rest of the crew.

This is hinted in, Caboose, along with Sarge and Grif, is the one of the only characters in the series to appear in every season of, Geoff Ramsey made a reference to Caboose and his team kills in, Caboose's promotion to Captain in Season 12 now makes him among the highest ranking soldiers encountered in the series, along with fellow captains. Although the Reds' jeep is disabled, Caboose manages to escape the EMP by driving off a cliff. You may be looking for the Epsilon created double. During episode 89, it is revealed that the team once deactivated and rebooted Caboose's armor while he was still wearing it, and that it took longer to come back online than expected. As Hargrove's forces breach their way into the room, the crew prepare themselves for the impending attack, with Caboose arming himself with Freckles. Church told Caboose that South was a "friend and you should help her". Afterward, he regains his strength and is introduced to a new member on the Blue Team: Sister.

Caboose is portrayed as one of the most eccentric characters in the series. For some unknown reason, Church is afraid of sickness. He will appear in the 135th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Red VS Blue, where he and his teammates will fight against the Blue Team. Because of his intelligence and unusual behavior, he acts very childish: treating serious situations like a game, envious for not being favored at some points, and having illogical reasons for his actions, which frequently earns him the scorn and disrespect of the series' other characters.

The crew then piece together the Blues and Reds' campaign against the UNSC on Earth, with Sarge and Caboose predicting how the enemy crew will execute their attack. In Recreation, Caboose gathers parts from Sheila in order to create a new body for Epsilon. While Caboose, Grey, Tucker and Sarge investigate a Charon Excavation Site, Freckles scans the area and detects no enemies, allowing them to study the nearby temple. When Wash receives a Recovery Beacon from Agent South Dakota, the three head to Outpost 48-A and rescue Delta from the Meta, who flees to Zanzibar.

Epsilon tries to find out how to make his laser work but accidentally turns off his short term memory getting in a stupid conversation with Caboose. Overall, Caboose may act like a child, but is very loyal and brave when the situation calls for it.

that he has advanced camouflage and he's also shown to run quite quickly.

Caboose reappears in Reconstruction: Chapter 3, having been stationed at Outpost 28-A "Rat's Nest" where he has been tied up and tossed in the brig for safe keeping. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Caboose gets caught by the digging team and is interrogated by C.T..

Because of this, Church had to go into Caboose's mind again, this time encountering the mental image of Washington, as well as a "memory" of Delta he had left behind bearing the important message "Memory is the key". He also had a missile launcher as well, whose missiles were strong enough to destroy the Reds' warthog in Long Live the King. Multiple times throughout series, Caboose tries to avoid blame by directing it onto Tucker, ever since he shot and killed Church in Roomier Than it Looks. Wash then orders Freckles to kill Locus, but the latter disappears once Freckles opens fire. While infected, Grif demonstrated a common O'Malley desire to take over the world, but when this conflicted with his lazy nature, had a nap instead. The team relay the event to the others at Armonia and devise a plan to attack the pirates while they're down. Caboose is also infatuated with Sheila.

Arriving at a secret Forest Base, Carolina, along with Epsilon, explains that their ship was purposely crashed on Chorus by the Space Pirates, who are mass-producing advanced versions of the ship's Freelancer equipment. "[3] As Donut, the Red Team's new recruit arrives, they meet their own rookie, Caboose, and their new tank. Red vs Blue Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Their leader, Temple, explains that they were also sim troopers for Project Freelancer and that the UNSC is killing off all Freelancer personnel. During Season 2, when Tex and Church (now known to be AI units themselves) entered Caboose's Mind to destroy Omega, Caboose would have been implanted with three AI units at the same time. Caboose is portrayed as one of the most eccentric characters in the series. During the battle, Locus incapacitates Donut, Sarge, and Wash, and Freckles is damaged while protecting the others, alarming Caboose. Simmons asks Caboose if he could transfer Epsilon to something bigger than the monitor, in order to spy on Carolina, in which Caboose agrees. In the few seconds Omega possessed Church he quotes that he "didn't feel any different." After the Reds and Tucker defeat the Meta, Epsilon enters the capture unit to find Tex and tells Caboose to remember before departing. Because of his lack of intelligence, Caboose is a vulnerable target to enemies. After the transfer completes, Caboose informs Tex by radio of the location of O'Malley; the leader of the Blue Team, Captain Flowers . Luckily, Grey orders Freckles to run the command "Aimbot", prompting Freckles to rapidly fire and kill the pirates. He killed his captain Butch Flowers and he nearly killed Tucker with a rocket launcher.

When Burns decided to have Church possess other characters as a ghost, he debated whether he should attempt to sound like the character, or have the other character's voice actor attempt to sound like Church.

Episode 57, the last of Season 3, ends as Church, unaware that a creature is approaching him, responds to Gary's knock-knock joke with, "Who's there? when referring to the army of Texes. Epsilon starts making a humming noise with Caboose shocked saying "its you". She uses it as a bargaining chip to convince Church to help her destroy her evil AI, O'Malley. Triumphantly, Church then told Washington that the job was finished.Washington says that command keeps a keyboard shortcut to announce Caboose's team killings: "CTRL+F+U", as Caboose team kills so often (many team kills may have happened off screen). In response, the Reds and Blues infiltrate the Staff of Charon in order to stop the Chairman once and for all, where Freckles becomes jealous when Caboose compliments F.I.L.S.S.. In rifle form, Freckles is just as deadly and now has the ability to perform thermal scans of enemy units and even shoot confetti whether his handler 'accidentally' pulls the trigger or the shooter is not Caboose. The following episode Caboose, Church, and Wash watch as the Reds try to capture a warthog for the Blues to use. In Recreation, he was able to flip a warthog right-side-up, with Sarge commenting "Wow. In commenting on Episode 6, Geoff Ramsey, who voices the character Grif, noted the heavy breathing that Church makes while running.

Though his abilities as a ghost have proven useful, Church has no intention of remaining a ghost and merely focuses on maintaining his possession of his new robot body.

Overjoyed by Wash's gift, Caboose accepts the helmet and gives Wash back his Captain position. Two armies on opposite sides of a canyon, the Reds and Blues, fight … You may be looking for the Epsilon created double. After Donut, Doc, and Lopez arrive at the canyon, in a failed attempt to rescue the others, the Blues return to base and are forced to follow Caboose's every command, in fear of Freckles.

Temple tries to retaliate but accidentally shoots Loco until Tucker incapacitates him.

As a result, the Blue Team devise a plan to kill O'Malley, with Church and Tex entering Caboose's Mind as ghosts in an attempt to kill the A.I.. In Free Refills, he tries to hold a conversation with Epsilon (which is incapable of responding) reminiscing about his misadventures in Blood Gulch, only stopping when he notices that Donut has appeared behind him. If someone tries to fire the weapon when Freckles doesn't wish to, the weapon discharges a burst of confetti and makes a sound comparable to a party streamer. According to Delta, having three minds at once drove Carolina insane. While Church's mind was revealed to be an A.I., the body he possessed before Caboose killed him was biological, as Tucker claims it stunk; who's body this originally belonged to was unknown until.

Some time after acquiring Delta, he was seen knocked out by The Meta.

Michael J. Caboose is voiced by Joel Heyman. During the battle, Freckles is greatly damaged by Lopez 2.0/C.C. Although Caboose is reluctant at first, they succeed, but Sheila is shut down just before she reveals the location of O'Malley to Caboose. He also tried to kill Donut and Caboose with his sniper rifle many times but he would often miss. They explain that a group of terrorists are posing as them and that several Freelancers have gone missing since the end of the war on Chorus. He was also able to shoot off Caboose's pinky toe from a distance with a pistol. One of Church's most telling characteristics is how he can take command of whatever group he's in. He attributes that to some kind of residual effect of O'Malley possessing him.

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