proselect vs fundy

Posted on October 8th, 2020

For some, this construction is part of the experience and is well loved.
The first step is to understand that nothing you do will work if your branding isn’t in order first. TimeExposure's ProSelect Basic and ProSelect Pro are the leading cross-platform In-Person Presentation, Sales and Workflow software packages for professional studios. Like Shootproof, you can set various permissions for downloading, etc. You may want to add other album production software in the mix, like several online designers that are available. This is not a time to skimp on image size or quality, these should be high quality, full size JPEGs.

Facing a sea of competition, businesses have to fight for every customer they get, and that will never change. To move your license to a different computer log out of Fundy Designer under the Help menu and log into Fundy Designer on the new computer. It is not an easy journey from part-time photographer to full-time photographer with a successful studio. Once your business is established, continue to improve your processes to increase your value. “Customization is a huge priority for us,” Christian told me via chat. Their pricing is pretty straight forward, the Solo plan ($24.99 month if monthly) is for 2 users, 1 brand and unlimited everything else.

The pricing page lists some but I wasn’t sure what it all meant. In terms of exporting data, you can go to Clients > Scroll Down (lower right corner) > Export to CSV. LendFoundry by Sigma Infosolutions Visit Website . This seems limiting to the point that I’m not sure what photographer could use this base plan.

How does this process work on desktop versus mobile? Ease of Use. Whether you are saving time at this point is going to be specific to your own organization. AlbumWorks, on the other hand, is Fundy’s new web-based design software. Well, you can do it without great tools, but then it takes more time, tests your love and tries your skills. Every year around December, I take a few weeks to rebuild all of our processes from the ground up. Get access to video content and additional supporting images. Olivia Marie Smith of, however, says she is a big fan. Sample products that are not on the wall should be updated every three to six months. With every contact you have with them, you need to ask yourself, “Was this experience unique enough to leave a lasting impression?”. Prioritize the good and bad and decide which tool makes you faster, which gives you the most artistic freedom and which lets you enjoy the process. Sign up with your email address to receive email notifications when new posts are made. I am well aware of book making tools, and even the ability to send straight from Lightroom to Blurb. It means that once your branding is in order, your advertising needs to provide a value proposition to your client if you want them to even take a second look at your business. I think that is a fair assessment. Just one screen of the myriad layouts programmed into Fundy Designer. Let's go through the process to make an album. Everything you need to know about that client is stored in right in their client profile--contracts, questionnaires, past sessions, notes, etc.”. If you choose to purchase from them at their site, please let them know that I referred you. They are Album, Gallery, Collage, and Image Brander. 4.2/5. They don't have an online scheduling feature at this time, but they are working on it.

I had a lot of photographers recommend this one. I love Simply Color lab and with a ShootQ account you get 30-40% off your print order at Simply Color, which is a big money saver for me as they have many unique products I can’t get anywhere else. Regular readers know that I am a big fan of Really Right Stuff products. Tim says that their software is also perfect for mini session bookings. You can always choose the Auto Designer as a way to get started quickly. The Studio plan, does allow for unlimited shoots as well as unlimited brands, whereas Pro allows for 2 brands. We used Sal’s business model as a shortcut to start our business, and over the years we’ve evolved and refined as we figured out our brand. And many have payment plans they need to pay online. And speaking of payments, Pixify had the MOST options for ways to get your money from client to your bank account, which I like! Consider supporting the site by buying me a coffee. You get a 30 day free trial and then after that it’s pretty straight forward. You can start your design in one of four modules.

Studio ($60/$40) includes 6 users and 2 brands. But it looks like I would have to pay $50 a month to get everything I think I might want. “Yeah, agreed, we should have a features specific page,” he said. Most albums come from the manufacturer with a fixed number of pages, and in most cases, if the album can be expanded, extra pages can be added at a minor cost.
Some members have gone over to the new side and all new people are on the new system. And it has one of the easiest setups if you’re coming from another company… they’ll set up your account for free! ". It needs to work with you and not against you. Or are you trying to be bright and airy for her and dark and dramatic for him? If you want the option to allow your clients to pick time slots to book (to make mini session bookings easier! Nope, and that is because you are immune to them. I love albums, but almost hated to sell one due to the time I had to put into them designing them. Hopefully, the items I have discussed here will get you thinking critically about the programs your are considering. The answer comes in three flavors, and today we are going to tackle them. According to the website: This fully integrated session booking engine will allow you to email your client list or post on social media and sit back while your clients book their sessions with you. Did you clearly and effectively communicate the process of buying prints and what to expect after the shoot? A quick look at their website says it would connect to apps like Facebook, ClickFunnels, Trello, Gmail, Mailchimp, GoogleCalendar, Gravity Forms, Wordpress, Acuity, Sohpify, SurveyMonkey, among others. Once you choose a method, you can choose the partner or in this case a company that Fundy will deal with, In this example, I will be creating a book with Miller's Professional Imaging. My book did not look quite the same, and much of the "making" automation was gone. The easiest way to do this is to put yourself in the shoes of your average client. How do I get clients to inquire? Did you spend less time messing with equipment and more time interacting with them? An interesting thing about ShootQ is, when you sign up for them, while you are setting up and going through the walk through, you’ll get $230 in free product to use at Simply Color, just for setting everything up. Tim with Pixify says, Yeah, agreed, we should have a features specific page, just been so busy adding more features and more functionality it's taken a backseat lately! I strongly recommend that Fundy sort their partner labs by country. That comes in the form of your photography, your brand and your customer experience. For those of you who are not, take a few minutes to watch the following set of videos to get my take on the chief differences between Fundy Designer and Smart Albums.

(How to do that, here.) Put an album into someone's hands and they will actually look at the images, not just flip the pages, like some endless gallery on a tablet. In other modes, this step is more about your design. I was told they have a special coupon code for Shootproof users, you can use for 20% off your first year if you use code TAVE19! It’s because their brand offers trust, which is the most crucial element in the value proposition.

I’d suggest looking through the list and picking maybe three of them that have the best features you would like and try them out. An image that is not printed is sentenced to death on a hard drive somewhere, or buried in an endless stream of snapshots on a tiny phone screen. “You can also sync an external calendar like Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc. We designed our new studio with a custom 4K projector and motorized screen to give our clients the best viewing experience possible. Here's why ProSelect will make a big difference to your photography business: Run a professional in-person sales session. Emerging (free) covers one user and brand but is only good for 6 jobs or less and won’t get you any discounts at Simply Color.

Our average wedding with MAP spends $10K to $12K, and $5K to $6K between our main and associate brands. Want to go to our Photographer's Section for info on mentoring, the facebook group and FAQ about getting legal, etc? - Kevin Unger Learn More "My clients are asking me how I stay so organized and on top of everything!" Many of my questions and focus are based on the things I need in my photography business, but I tried to get as much information as possible for myself and you to make an educated decision. Contracts are stored within each client's profile.

The images on your website need to look like they were shot by the same photographer. First you decide how you want the album made, through Fundy Direct, managed entirely by Fundy for you, via preparation of files for partner labs, or through a completely custom design. A client can upload their wall photo to the gallery and place their images on the wall to see what they would look like at different sizes. There is an online mini booking module that I’ve been told would make it so photographers don’t have to additionally pay for acuity or bigcartel to do their mini session time slots effectively. ProSelect vs PicSpotr. At this point, you fill the image well with all the potential images that you will use to make your album or book. “We’ve just been so busy adding more features and more functionality it's taken a backseat lately!”. The problem is, the vast majority of photographers don't need something that does everything under the sun. There are numerous online tutorials to make it very easy to get started and the more you dig, the more power that you discover. Here I am choosing the 12x8 format to prevent cropping in on full 3:2 ratio images. It is a page that you can send or embed on your website where people can buy and send gift cards to themselves or to other people and then those gift cards can be redeemed on your invoices and booking pages. My research here and information I obtained is based on items I found important. Fundy Designer Vs. AlbumWorks: Common Ground. 4.1/5. How many computers can I install Fundy Designer on? They do not have an app, but the sales agent said they are mobile responsive and many photographers save the homepage on their phone for easy access. If you give clients an amazing experience, they will be more satisfied overall with the final results of the photos. Album Design Software and In Person Sales Software. “And we want you to translate your branding as best as possible :). You’ll have to request it to try it out during your trial. If people cannot recognize your brand, they will pass by any advertising they see.

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