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Posted on October 8th, 2020

Prohibition in the United States was a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933.. Prohibitionists first attempted to end the trade in alcoholic beverages during the 19th century.

Kavali Rural,3. Atmakur, Kaluvoy, Anumasamudrampet, Ananthasagaram, Gudur Municipality, Gudur rural, Chillakur & Manubolu, Sullurpet Municipality,  D.V Satram, Pellakur & Tada, Venkatagiri Municipality, Sydapuram, Dakkili & Balayapalli, Asst.

Promote and maintain good public relations and convey necessary information to the media and the public to ensure transparency without jeopardizing efficacy of cases under investigation. Alluru,4. The department is planning to automate all the services including internal workflow services under the aegis of Excise e-Governance Project. Visit all the check posts during the month. Ananthasagaram 4. Sullurupet Rural 3. & Excise, B.V. Nagar, Nellore, Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore District, Station House Officer (Proh.& Excise Inspector), Assistant.

Muthukur, 1. & Excise Stations once in a year, ensuring no overlap with inspections of DCs/ ACs, Inspection of at least 10 Toddy depots / shops in a month, Inspection of at least 2 methanol using units in a month. Inspection of A4 shops and 2B Bars regularly and conducted raids regularly at suspected places.

& Excise Stations once in a year, Inspection of at least 5 Toddy depots / shops in a month, Inspection of at least 1 methanol using units in a month, Inspection of at least 1 Check Post in a month, Supervision Collection of revenue and old arrears, Review of fortnightly Diaries of Sub-ordinates, Monthly review of Crime work of SHOs in the District and submitting review reports to the superiors. The Jurisdiction of Prohibition and Excise Department, SPSR Nellore District under the supervision of the Deputy Commissioner as details detailed below : The Nellore and Gudur Excise Districts is divided into (15) Proh.& Excise Stations. & Excise.

Education & Welfare Infrastructure Development Corporation (APEWIDC), INTEGRATED TRIBAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (ITDA – YANADIS), A.P. Inspection of the Toddy Depots/Shops and topes. & Excise Superintendent, Crime cases review of stations in the jurisdiction, Inspection of at least 15 Toddy depots / shops in the excise district in a month, Enquiry of petitions and disciplinary cases as assigned by the Proh. Collection of intelligence on excise crime and submission of fortnightly report to the Proh. & Excise on all the specific adverse items published in the daily news papers. There are (15) Proh. The Prohibition and Excise Department is a major revenue earning department of the State.The department is planning to automate all the services including internal workflow services under the aegis of Excise e-Governance Project. The above staff are checking the vehicles for importing, exporting and transporting of liquor, Beer and ENA through permits issued by the Commissioner of Proh & Excise, A.P. The information and Forms relating to issue of various... 2016 Rights Reserved, Department of Prohibition and Excise, Govt. Atmakur Municipality 2. & Excise Superintendent or Deputy Commissioner of Proh. To attend bandobust duties on special occasions like Elections, Festivals, Jataras, etc., Attend to beat duties as entrusted by SHO / P & ESI. Receiving Public Grievances and disposing those grievances by taking appropriate action. Service of summons and execution of warrants/ NBWs. Collection of .information regarding properties possessed by the defaulters.

PAY & ACCOUNTS OFFICER –I, WORKS ACCOUNTS, DEPT. 1920s consumption. e-Governance Project, Special Chief Secretary to Govt (CT,Excise,Reg, & Stamps) Revenue Dept, Commissioner of Distilleries & Breweries and Managing Director. The enforcement wings of the department deals with enforcement activities like controlling I.D. & Excise and the Commissioner of Proh. & Excise Superintendent, The Jurisdiction for P & ESI shall be allotted by the P & ES on rotation basis every year. The department is planning to automate all the services including internal workflow services under the aegis of Excise e-Governance Project. Controlling of Excise Crime like adulteration of toddy, smuggling of NDPL/ Deshidaru/ Chloral Hydrate and other intoxicants and drugs. Ozili, 1. Collection of intelligence on Ganja cultivation and collection of intelligence on other Narcotic Drugs and organizing raids. Collection of Intelligence of Prohibition and Excise crime in the SHO limits particularly in mandal/area jurisdiction allotted by the SHO.

‘A’ category villages should be raided personally once in a month. Commissioner of Proh & Excise bearing No. The enforcement team comprising of 1 Assistant Prohibition & Excise Superintendent, 2 Prohibition and Excise Inspectors and 2 Prohibition and Excise Sub-Inspectors, 2 Prohibition and Excise Head Constables and 10 Proh. on N.H.5. Collection of information regarding properties possessed by the defaulters. & Excise. Presently this site is limited to facilitate the SHOs to update all the crime records ( Crime Register / E2 Register ). In order to check the vehicles, a service road is provided all along about 1 to 2 Kms of the check post and a thorough passage is given to Cars, Interstate passenger buses and two wheelers etc. © Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore , Developed and hosted by National Informatics Centre,Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, Recruitment of Specialist doctors and Paramedical Staff, A.P. Anumasamudrampet 3. Submission of fortnightly diaries to DC’s & CPE, To assist the Proh. To assist the SHO in maintenance of Dossier sheets of Excise offices. The Deputy Commissioner is the head of the district and responsible for the entire district administration. Overview of the Department: The Prohibition & Excise Department is a major regulatory department. Within the revenue district, there are 2 Excise units each headed by Prohibition and Excise Superintendents. Gain confidence and loyalty of subordinates by personal integrity, impartiality, devotion to duty and fair play. & Excise Stations in the District. Controlling Excise Crime, i.e., adulteration of toddy, illicit distillation of arrack, illegal transportation of R.S., D.S., Methanol, NDPL etc.. The office of the Deputy Commissioner of Proh & Excise, Nellore is located in Govt. Conduct route watches at least twice in a week. Review of fortnightly Diaries of Sub-ordinates and sending review notes to Deputy Commissioner of Proh. Ensure prevention and detection of all Excise Crimes in his SHO limit and work under over all supervision of Assistant Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise (Enforcement) on matters pertaining crime. All I.D. Monthly review to all Writ Petitions / Appeals in the High Court and O.As in Tribunal and sending Review Notes to the Commissioner of Proh. To gather intelligence on Ganja cultivation and control the crime. Watching of weekly diaries of P&ESs, AP&ESs, P. & E.Is., and P. & ESIs. PAY & ACCOUNTS OFFICER –II, WORKS ACCOUNTS (FINANCE-II), DISTRICT COORDINATOR OF HOSPITAL SERVICES, DY.CONSERVATOR OF FORESTS, CAP (TGP) DIVISION, DODLA KAUSALYAMMA GOVT. & Excise Constables. It regulates production, sale, transportation and usage of intoxicants and alcoholic preparations both for potable and industrial purposes.Revenue generation is incidental to such regulations. Reconciliation of revenue receipts and expenditure. Movies, radio, and sports in the 1920s.

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