pretty little liars season 4 episode 13

Posted on October 8th, 2020

You can’t wear a hat like Spencer’s and not SCREAM *secret murderess*, ya know? Think about it for a moment.

Bitch, take yer filthy hands off! I really want to record my thoughts on Ravenswood down on paper (on web paper?

Looks like aria has been handing out some martial arts tips to her friends, eh? , Caleb and Miranda leave the bus together at the next stop, where he’s off to find Hanna and she’s off to find her uncle. Find your girlfriend. *lolpwnt* She was just aout to reveal Ezra’s identity by pulling off his mask……but then he was like BOO! In the shocking summer finale, an intriguing riddle from A has the Liars hitting the road and heading to Ravenswood, where they are surrounded by some familiar faces. Unfortunately, it won’t take long before that temptress Miranda finishes her wily seduction over Caleb. Could Alison at least try to pretend that she’s dead? Don't have an account? Bwhahaha! It’s not typical to turn the leading actress of your new spinoff show into a BOYFRIEND STEALER, not unless you wanna piss off the viewers and make them resent your main character. I’ll bring the fruit punch! 3.) Sometimes the show does makes sense, but then it gets lost with all the other nonsense that they keep introducing to the narrative. How did we all manage to get separated when we were just together a second ago? You just met the guy, he won’t let you kiss him tonight, so put your goddamn lips away!!! D: Yes, those clothes are definitely casual attire for Miss Aria.

We thought we could count on Ezra, but recent events have shown us otherwise (I’ve never trusted Toby, for the record). LMAO. <3. Season 4 "Grave New World" 4x13 Aired 6 years ago - Oct 22, 2013 Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer crash the Ravenswood Founders Day Celebration after finding a clue in "A's" new lair that Ali may indeed be alive. , In my opinion, it would have been an AMAZING TWIST if Miranda was also a secret illegitimate bastard child of Jamie Doyle, which makes her the sister that Caleb never knew he had. None of this *fleeting shot of a red jacket* or *blurry reflection from a mirror* bullshit that was shown to us for the past couple of seasons. How did Hanna just ‘disappear’ (in about 0.2 seconds) and not notice herself?

I’M ALIVE! Of course, the amazing part is that we won’t make this revelation until after Caleb and Miranda have finished hooking up, and then we spend the entire Ravenswood series watching the fallout of their incestuous relationship~ , Ridiculously enough, the writers demonstrated there’s a ~*romantic connection*~ between Caleb and Miranda by making their characters as IDENTICAL to each other as possible. At one point, I believe Hanna actually exclaimed “Owww!” so just imagine how hard the wind must be blowing against them to cause physical pain. At certain parts, it felt like I was watching a sponsored commercial because there were so many of dem Ravenswood plugs. HEY GUISE, DID EVERYONE GET THE GOOGLE NEWS ALERT THAT ALISON DILAURENTIS IS ALIVE ZOMG!?!? does Ezra not understand that as A, only two possible attires are allowed? Before Emily could tumble down from a two-storey fall and break all her bones in the process, that shard of glass above the window suddenly goes kaploosh and nearly splices off Emily’s neck. Look at all dem ravens and that splotch of blood, that is pretty darn cool! With Hanna’s boobs serving as a magnetic compass and guiding the way, she eventually discovers another secret passageway ~*within*~ the secret passageway!

So here’s Hanna and her big tits, separated from the rest of the group, and struggling to get a phone signal in this underground tunnel. And where did that statue even come from!? The only thing better than a help message written in BLOOD is a help message written in LIPSTICK, hehehe. *sighs*. Surely the liars would have seen his cut hand while he was driving them home? . quiza mike deberia contar a la policia lo que sabe entonces acabaria en la carcel con Alison mejor que en la UCI con Cyrus bien no voy a dejar que ninguna de ambas cosas le ocurra a mi hermano quiza ezra pueda ayudarmos pero el investigo mucho para la libro quiza se topo con ese nombre en alguna sitio, HALLOWEEN SPECIAL TIME! Gurrrrl, you’re supposed to keep a low profile! Imagine: the year is 1915, and Miss Spencer Hastings is a well-to-do aristocrat who just returned from a sombre evening at the funeral parlour. Take a look at the poor guy, he’s probably some homeless bum whose most valued possession is that bag of corn chips in his hands. *shakes fist*. It’s obvious that PLL thought they could get away with *zero logic* just because this is the Halloween episode and the plot takes place in the oh-so-mysterious Ravenswood. Oh Hanna, just because you have a magnificent cleavage does not mean you’re automatically given special phone network superpowerz. Do you think we can get away with stealing them? What’s that, you say? Twitter feed for faster news and bad jokes right here. Btw, great recap as always ;). Ezra was around throughout the episode, wearing the gas mask and suddenly confronting the liars face to face – isn’t it funny how that starts happening as soon as the audience know the villain’s identity? ROFL~ MIRANDA IS SUCH A ROTTEN BITCH. And then, we waste precious screentime on a flashback of Miranda attending her parents’ funeral as a little wee girl, but it was actually kind of a sad imagery. *puts on chapstick* Lemme just get ready then~ . And I’m like dude, carry that light with you because in this light you look like Shrek! we need to do a SCOOBYDOO vs. PLL side-by-side analysis one day: omg omg omg i was thinking scooby doo the whole time!!!! I don’t know about you, but there’s something about a moving venue that makes things much more exciting. Maybe you were trying to kill me. We need to analyze the hot mess that is TESS Alison: Hey bitches! Oh my goodness, she shoved DEM PUPPIES into each and every single camera she could find. There is no Audience Score because there are not enough user ratings at this time. But before they can hightail it out of Ravenswood, they make a shocking discovery that proves everything they thought they knew about A and the A team might be wrong. *coyly puts on her bereavement hat*. lol u so screwed hanna marin~~~. Y’know, JUST IN CASE they need a way to stay in touch after this episode. Hanna and Miranda wander around the funeral home, trying to find a way out of this place, but they stumble upon a room full of coffins instead.

”. it was more of a bad premiere for ravenswood rather than a pretty little liars halloween episode. Hanna: OWWWWWW!!! LMAOHHHHH. Yeah, I ain’t gonna volunteer to stay in this creepy ass town, no thanks! It’s either black hoodie or red coat Ezra (gurrll would he rock that latter look), so choose! Five seconds after they started the fight, Ezra was already like K.O. Miranda: I told people I wasn’t at my parents’ funeral because I don’t wanna talk about it. And then find me when you get home. Later on, it was revealed this man is one of dem dead ghost ppl who randomly pops up in the Halloween episodes…which makes it funnier because these corn chips were probably his snack on his way to hell. su vida esta en juego si, y tambien la de mike tenemos que hablar con Cyrus si Varjack le pago para que se reuinese con Alison entonces Varjack sabe quien es ” A ” vale. and the Terms and Policies, Alison: I don’t have much time, it’s still not safe for me to be here. What’s more ridiculous? There’s no way for PLL to backtrack and deny it anymore: BITCH. , Caleb: I’M COMING TO RESCUE YOU HANNA! Caleb: ok cool story bro, now stfu The two of them exchange a platonic farewell, and Miranda does this weird gesture where she pokes his forehead with her index finger. Wow, I hope all the viewers enjoyed that exciting episode of Pretty Little Liars filled with such shocking revelations!

This is the special Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars. O DEEP AGONY! Watching this episode reminded me of a longer, less coherent episode and more ridiculous episode of Scooby Doo. ), and that he has her permission to stay but, without him around, we’re devoid of any trustworthy men. Oh my god, who else would have loved to see a showdown where Hanna whacks Ezra’s head repeatedly with a phone receiver!? Hanna: How do I know you weren’t the one who locked me in the phone booth? I love you Hanna, but I need to be economical about my transportation choices! Let’s face it, the liars are only going to the party so they can prance around in their extravagant period costumes. With that said, the Miranda we meet in PLL is 100x more interesting than her counterpart on Ravenswood. Meanwhile, a joyous reunion between Hanna and her mother is cut short when A sets sights on a new target. Next time, I wouldn’t be surprised if the pretty little liars enter a secret tunnel in Ravenswood and ends up exiting through a small fisherman’s village in China. all im saying is, this show has officially gone down the tubes. Who else is surprised that Caleb hasn’t broken up with Hanna yet? Season 4 Episode 13, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Grave New World The magical world of Pretty Little Liars. Thank you for making my day! Muffled noise through the phone receiver! ZOMG!

Poof! lmaooooo~ the absence of DEADMAMA is definitely the best thing about this episode. I think she “dressed up” for Halloween by wearing a funky hat, which she doesn’t normally do unless it’s a special occasion. Maybe even the Underground Railroad! *immediately turns the TV off*, You should give Ravenswood a chance, I’d love to read your recaps of it, the show is just so ridiculous!

Funny TV Recaps – Television Episode Guides, Reviews, Summaries | Recap Everything. YESSS YOU GO SPENCER~ I especially appreciate the fact that Spencer manages to slay him so quickly.

Like the third season finale, the episode is only revelatory if you haven’t been paying much attention for the last four years, and the idea that Alison is actually alive has been floating around since the pilot. . We now know why she’s been in hiding, and that it’s almost certainly something to do with Ezra, but we have absolutely no clue why.

HEY ARIA U GOT TOUCHED DOWN THERE HEHE~ , Part of me almost expected to see a tied-up Alison squirming and struggling inside the trunk of the car.

Why is it so important for all four of them to hold hands and travel together every time they go off investigating? Outraged PLL fans: “Fuck dat Miranda and fuck her Ravenswood show! JUST NO. If Hanna was in danger at any point, I would gladly throw my own body in front of her to shield those boobies from harm’s way. why would you not suspect your ex boyfriend popping up all over the place in a different town just because you said you were there?

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