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Posted on October 8th, 2020

Martin’s LaneStaggins’s Jig, Mr.Stanes MorrisStep StatelyStingoSweet KateSword Dance, The, Take Not a Woman’s Anger Ill (for if One Won’t, Another Will)Taylor’s TripTemple, TheTemple Change, TheTen Pound Lass #1Ten Pound Lass #2Thomas You CannotThree Sheep SkinsTom TinkerTouch and GoTouch and TakeTrenchmoreTrip to Bury, ATrip to St. John’s Court, ATrip to the Jubilee, as ’tis Danc’d at the Playhouse, TheTunbridge WalksTwas within a Furlong of Edinburgh TownTwelfth EveTwenty-Ninth of May, TheTwins, TheTyger, TheTythe Pig, Under and OverUnder the Greenwood TreeUp Tails AllUp with AilyUpon a Summer’s Day, Valentine’s DayValiant JockeyViennaVigoVirgin Queen, The, Wa Is Me, What Mun I Do?Wallingford HouseWaltham AbbeyWatton Town’s EndWelcome Home, Old RowleyWell HallWell’s HumourWestminster HallWestmorlandWhat You PleaseWhely HouseWhim, TheWhirligig, TheWhitehallWhitehall MinuetWhitney’s FarewellWimbleton HouseWinchesterWinchester WeddingWindsor CastleWish, TheWitches, TheWolverton HallWooden ShoesWoodycockWoolly and Georgey. The Albert Memorial Square, The American Husband or Her Man, Clevedon Sicilian or Doreen’s Delight, …………………………………….

1650) Tune: Lavena Longways for six; in three parts. Please add a link here as appropriate when you have posted a set of instructions. The Night-Peace or The shaking of the sheets, Once a Night (1774) Tune: Ye Social Powers (Playford Ball), The Penniless Soldiers is this the same as the dance above, Trip to The Cottage (Intro. Pinewoods Square Eight, Pleasures of the Town (1777) Tune: The Fair Maid of the Inn, Poor Robin's Maggot. I Often for my Jenny StroveIanthaIf All the World Were PaperIndian Queen, TheIrish BoreeIrish Ground, TheIrish Lady, TheIrish TrotIsaac’s Maggot, Mr. Jack a LentJack PuddingJack’s Farewell, TheJack’s HealthJack’s MaggotJacob Hall’s JigJamaicaJenny, Come Tie my CravatJenny Pluck PearsJoan SandersonJoan’s PlacketJockey, TheJockey Was a Dowdy LadJog on, my HoneyJohnny, Cock thy BeaverJohnson’s JigJolly Boy, TheJolly Breeze, TheJovial Beggars, TheJuice of Barley, The, Kemp’s JigKensington CourtKettle DrumKing of Poland, TheKing’s JigKnot, The, Ladies’ Conveniency, TheLadies’ Delight, TheLadies’ Maggot, TheLadies’ Misfortune, TheLadies of LondonLady Banbury’s Hornpipe, TheLady CullenLady DayLady in the DarkLady Lie Near MeLady Murray’s Delight, TheLady of PleasureLady SpellorLambeth WellsLane’s Maggot, Mr.Lane’s Minuet, Mr.Lane’s Trumpet Minuet (to be danc’d with the Minuet Step), Mr.Last New French Rigaudon, TheLast New Rigadoon, TheLast New Vagaries, TheLavenaLilli BurleroLincolnLincoln’s InnLondon’s LoyaltyLord Chamberlain’s Delight, TheLord Mayor’s Delight, TheLord of Carnarvon’s JigLord Phoppington, TheLove for Love: Danc’d in the PlayLove Lies a BleedingLove NeglectedLull Me Beyond TheeLumps of Pudding, Mad MollMad RobinMadge on a TreeMage on a CreeMaid in the Mill, TheMaid in the Moon, TheMaid Peeped out of the Window, TheMaiden FairMaiden LaneMaid’s Delight, TheMaid’s Last Wish, TheMaid’s MorrisMall PeatlyMan Tiger, TheMan Was for Woman MadeMansell, TheMarlborough, TheMarriage Hater, TheMask, TheMay FairMermaid, TheMerry, Merry Milkmaids, TheMerry Milkmaids in Green, TheMilkmaid’s Bob, TheMiller’s Jig #1Miller’s Jig #2Mill-FieldMillison’s JigMock Hobby Horse, TheMock Match, TheMoll Peatly (the New Way)More the Merrier, TheMother Brown’s CatMother Dobney’s TrencherMotson’s JigMount HillsMug House, TheMulberry GardenMundesseMy Lady Foster’s DelightMy Lord Byron’s DelightMy Lord Byron’s Maggot, Never Love Thee MoreNew Bath, TheNew Bo-PeepNew Bore, TheNew Bourrée, TheNew Conceit, TheNew Figary, TheNew Invention, TheNew New NothingNew Rigadoon, ANew Royal Exchange, TheNew WhitehallNew Year’s EveNewcastleNewmarketNews from TripoliNight Piece, TheNobe’s MaggotNobody’s JigNone suchNonesuchNorthern NancyNottingham Castle, O Mother, RogerOaken LeavesOf Noble Race Was ShinkinOld Abigal’s DelightOld BachelorOld Man Is a Bed Full of Bones, AnOld Mole, TheOld Noll’s JigOld Simon the KingOpen the Door to ThreeOranges and LemonsOrmond House, Painted ChamberParsons upon DorothyParson’s FarewellPaspe, APaul’s SteeplePaul’s WharfPegasusPell-MellPepper’s BlackPetticoat WagPhoenix, ThePicking of SticksPilgrim, ThePool’s Hole #1Pool’s Hole #2Pope JoanPortsmouthPretty MissPrince GeorgePrince Rupert’s MarchPrincess, The #1Princess, The #2Princess’s Court, ThePuddings and PiesPunch Bowl, ThePunk’s Delight (the New Way), ThePurlongs, ThePut on Thy Smock a MondayPutney FerryPye Corner, Queen’s Birthday, TheQueen’s Delight, TheQueen’s Head, TheQueen’s Jig, The, Red Bull, TheRed HouseReeve’s MaggotResolutionRockingham CastleRoger of CoverlyRose Is White and Rose Is RedRound, TheRound ORow Well, Ye MarinersRoyal Navy, TheRub Her Down with StrawRufty TuftyRummer, TheRussel, The, Sage LeafSailor’s DelightSancho PanchoSaraband, TheSaturday Night and Sunday MorningSawney Was TallScotch AirScotch CapScotlandSellenger’s RoundSerag’s Hornpipe, TheSham Doctor, TheShepherd’s Daughter, TheShepherd’s HolidayShore’s Trumpet TuneShort’s GardenSiege of BudaSiege of Limerick, TheSilver Faulken, TheSimple SimonSingleton’s SlipSion HouseSkellamefagoSlaughterhouseSlip, TheSmith’s New RantSmith’s RantSoldier and the Sailor, TheSoldier’s Life, ASolomon’s JigSpaniard, TheSpanish Gypsy, TheSpanish JigSpring GardenSt.
First edition published in 1651, second edition 1653. The Troubled Suitor, Trumpet Vine or Joe Brown & rsquo's Hornpipe Pope’s JigDragoon’s MarchDraper’s GardensDraper’s MaggotDrive the Cold Winter AwayDuchess, TheDuke of Gloucester’s March, TheDuke of Lorrain’s March, TheDuke of Luxemburgh’s MarchDuke of York’s Delight, TheDull Sir JohnDumps, TheDunkirkDunmore KateDurham Stable, Eaglesfield’s New Hornpipe, Mr.Easter EveEaster TuesdayEdinburgh CastleEly CourtEly MinsterEmperor of the Moon, TheEnfield CommonEnglish Pasby, TheEpping ForestEpsom WellsEssex BuildingEurope’s RevelsExcuse Me, Fain I WouldFiddler’s MaggotFiddler’s Morris, TheFine Companion, TheFit’s Come on Me Now, TheFrench Ambassador, TheFrench King’s Mistake, TheFrench Rigaudon, TheFriar and the Nun, TheFriday NightFrolic, TheFrom AberdeenFy, Nay, Prithee John, Garter, TheGathering PeascodsGelding of the DevilGeorge’s MaggotGeud Man of Ballangigh, TheGilford, TheGinnie PugGlory of the West, TheGoddessesGolden SquareGossip’s Frolic, TheGranny’s DelightGray’s Inn MaskGreen Sleeves and Pudding PiesGreen Sleeves and Yellow LaceGreen StockingsGreenwich ParkGreenwoodGrenadier’s MarchGrimstockGun, TheGun Fleet, The, Half HannikinHang SorrowHaphazardHappy Marriage, TheHappy Meeting, TheHappy Miller, TheHare’s Maggot, TheHave at Thy Coat, Old WomanHealth to Betty, AHealths, TheHeart’s EaseHedge LaneHemp-Dresser, TheHey Boys, Up Go WeHey Ho, My HoneyHey to the CampHighlander’s March, TheHill’s MaggotHit or MissHobb’s WeddingHockley in the HoleHole in the WallHolyrood DayHunsdon HouseHunt the SquirrelHuntington’s MaggotHyde Park. He is perhaps best known today for his publication of The English Dancing Master in 1651. Links: Facsimile of first edition. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license:, Red House of Cardiff (Tŷ Coch Caerdydd), The Shy Mer-Chant or Jack's Serenade to Genny, Trumpet Vine or Joe Brown & rsquo's Hornpipe, Trumpet Vine or Joe Brown’s Hornpipe, Twas Within a Furlong of Edinborough Town, The Whirligigs’ Last Bow or Whirligigs’s Maggot, CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International. These are dances that do not fit the English or Contra genres, and may be drawn from Ceilidh or other dance forms. Miss Bedlington’s Fancy, Moll Peatly, Monica's Delight (2 couple, Pat Shaw, written at age 13) AlbansSt. Shropshire Galop (The Salop Galop), The Shy Mer-Chant or Jack's Serenade to Genny Region: England; A manual of music and instructions for English Country Dances. The Penniless Soldiers, Phoenix Rejuvenated, The The English Country Dance Database index of titles, authors, recordings etc; The EFDSS's Folkopedia has started an index of 20th Century dances; Webfeet also includes: A collected list of dances; A gradually growing list of annotated dances you may meet at an English Ceilidh.... and Callers' Notes of 4 bars+6 x 32 bars), The Troubled Suitor 1st couple cross and lead down while 2nd couple cast up; all fall back 3 and cross over. Dick's Maggot Longways, Triple time. Mr Bach's Gavotte ? Mr Ganiford’s Maggot, Mr Handel's delight (Flights of Fancy, Greg Reynolds), Mr Young's Delight (Purcell's Dancing Master), A New Rigadoon (Purcell's Dancing Master), New Whitehall (Purcell's Dancing Master), The Night Piece or Night Peese or organized to here — nashjc 2017/11/30 18:43, Lord and Lady of the Rings (Flights of Fancy, Greg Reynolds), ———- edited to here — nashjc 2017/12/05 15:16, Men of Law or Solicitors and Barristers Silver for the Matthews

Silver for the Matthews, Slof Galliard (Pat Shaw, “New Wine in Old Bottles”) Monica’s Delight, Monieks Maggot This is a dance for 3 couples by Philippe Callens. The Three Sea Captains, Tribute to Irfona (Mary Williams version? Pinewoods Square Eight
CatherineSt. These are dances that do not fit the English or Contra genres, and may be drawn from Ceilidh or other dance forms. The Slof Galliard, Some Say the Devil's Dead (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730), Spanheim (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730), Staffordshire Hornpipe

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