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Posted on October 8th, 2020

In a matter of weeks in late 2018, the number of tents in the city's downtown swelled from around 30 to more than 300. Also Mikey Gee came to visit for our shared birthday party. Also Guire and Jemmy Joe talk about the movie “The End Of The Tour”.

If you know of a senior in need or you’d like to volunteer or donate, go to https://southsoundseniors.org, How 3 arts related businesses are trying to survive the shutdown. Rob Smith March 21, 2020. We talked about why even do radio when you can do a podcast, about Olympia and the power struggles and backlash she has to deal with by being The Adult In The Room. We stopped by the shared studio of artist Arrington de Dionyso and China Star. Join us and our guests every other week for the fun and nonsense happening in Washington's capitol!

In today's mini episode I tell you all about Oregon's cryptid claim to fame, Colossal Claude! Better knows as half of The Lowest Pair, she recently released her latest solo album that has all of Olympia buzzing! Friend Of The Podcast playlist on Spotify! Disclaimer: The podcast and artwork embedded on this page are from Keepsake Audio, which is the property of its owner and not affiliated with or endorsed by Listen Notes, Inc. SEARCH PAST EPISODES Search past episodes of Welcome To Olympia. Leichtathletik-Neustart (doch) mit Hindernissen. Welcome to Olympia Oddities! ft a whale vs giant eagle fight, crippling anxiety about pronouncing names correctly, sweet metal album cover image ideas, Facebook bullying, and me never claiming to be a bird expert. Rob Smith August 20, 2020. A Righteous Decision. Jetzt sind sie wieder da. It should not be surprising the wood flutes sounded better than the plastic ones, but honestly none sounded bad.

Und Michael Stich schwelgt in Erinnerungen an Barcelona 1992. UK call 0844 847 2455. If you see his work, you immediately know its his work. In this mini episode I lose my shit over this Fearsome Critter, The Agropelter. Olympia Pop Rocks interviews Palmer T. Lee about his solo album, his favorite Sufi poets and why the pot in the Pacific Northwest scares him. In this episode of the podcast, we interview Dave O’Connor, a drummer in a variety of local bands. Larry Smith. The people are relatable and the storytelling is always fresh. Charles Mitchell was the only know Black slave to live in Washington Territory. You know, OPR stuff.

Also, Guire and Jemmy Joe tell you how to make friends. She is a verified Friend-Of-The-Podcast, back for her second interview. Like we do. Ft. My new favorite book, it being fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A, and axe wielding, slim hipped Bigfoot. Episodes. Also, we continue with the People Of Olympia series with an piece by a local woman who told about her mother’s journey to Olympia, what she left behind and what was found…. ft several pronunciations of the name Gohl, 1910 hot takes, Billy Montana, and Kirkland signature water. OPR is a podcast about the art, comedy, music and culture of Olympia Washington. I’m anxiously waiting for more!

We aim to be responsive to our listeners. Its sad such an amazing show happens when there is so much more going on, as I never stay for the whole thing. featuring: rants about being single that don't come from me this time, bumblebees playing dead, and bears doing what bears do. So why did we set our podcast in Olympia, Washington, a town of 50,000 people? Wouldn’t you know it, we saw some art too. A history of a history of west OlympiaMusic in this episode:Frog In The Well by Lucas Gonze used with Creative Commons licensePaper Crowns by Ditrani Brothers used with permission.Sleep by Ronny Tana courtesy of 2060 recordsSwing Gitan by Ditrani Brothers used with permission.Feathersoft by Blue Dot sessions The following is a full transcript of this episode:Rob Smith: One thing I know about the last name Smith, is that it makes you hard to find. And he’s actually great too: that’s the hat trick. Olympia Pop Rocks interviews Lexxi Lovell, co-owner of The Dumpsters Values Cooperative. He was so much fun and may be Guire’s favorite guest in a long while. Every kind of art is for sale here. 35 Min, Eigentlich wollte Bahnrad-Weltmeisterin Emma Hinze in Tokio gerade um Gold fahren.

Though seemingly a niche podcasts for locals, Welcome To Olympia is a supremely well made story telling podcast along the lines of This American Life and all the others. Ever since I learned he helped write a book that's long been out of print. In Olympia Pop Rock episode #101, Guire and Jemmy Joe talk about Jemmy Joe’s new bike, a little bit about the pandemic and Jemmy Joe interviews Donna of xOhNo, the best synth pop band in all of Olympia if not the world. Click here to hear! I’m always excited when a new episode comes out! And I have no idea if this is the right Larry Smith, but he wrote a book called With some students and I wanted to talk to him about that book that he wrote. High praise! Following today’s (12th March 2020) Irish Government directive to cancel all events of over 100 capacity (indoor) and 500 capacity (outdoor) due to take place between now and 29th March 2020, The Olympia Theatre has now postponed all affected shows. Today I talk to myself and you about one of the greatest mysteries in US History. Wir bleiben dran an den großen und kleinen Geschichten, die Olympia liefert. It was a fun, long conversation. ft: wearing spurs to bed, 16 cats, the palm springs of washington, and my middle school trauma. It was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it, but that isn’t saying we didn’t get a table and service right away. Ft. Zebra as a middle name, cult drinking games, cheese pyramids, and, of course, lizard people. I talk to myself and you about the mysterious Blob rain of 1994 in oakville, washington. No bullshitting, this is the best conversation we’ve had on the show. But she also showcased a tall skinny piece on paper with single line, expert doodles that show the life of an artist in Olympia. Thanks, friend! I've always seen this as a benefit, but now I'm trying to find a random Smith. Covid-19 Government Directive issued to cancel all public events until Sunday 29th March of a capacity of 100 people and over. ft upside down birds, the pure joy that cryptids bring me, and 2 laugh snorts, Today I tell you the story of photographer and "kind warrior" Timothy Treadwell. We talk about running a label, making music, where the best drinks are in town and all that sort of thing. Wir sprechen mit dem Präsidenten des Deutschen Behindertensportverbandes Friedhelm Julius Beucher und mit Para-Athletin Denise Schindler.

We highly recommend you click this photo and buy tickets to this show. A real treat! Click the photo to learn more about the event sponsoring this episode, Azucar: A Celebration of Latin And Hispanic Heritage. Curated by Markley Morrison. Alle vier Jahre stehen sie auf einmal im Fokus und sollen abliefern: die Athlet*innen bei den Olympischen Spielen und den Paralympics. Guire and Jemmy Joe also talk about the Olympia subreddit as well as the cat murders striking Olympia.

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