nell arthur

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Louis C. Tiffany and Company with Louis Heidt: agreement dated March 26, 1881 (New York: DeForest & Weeks, 1881), Louis Heidt Archives, box 1, Rakow Library, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, N.Y. “The New Decorations at the White House,”. the stained windows .

The two innovations that occurred almost concurrently in the White House and its neighboring church offer a view into the plurality of decorative idioms at the end of the nineteenth century and the Victorian fondness for assembling them into a collective whole. Commissioned by President Chester A. Arthur from Louis Comfort Tiffany, the glass screen, depicted in a 1902 photograph, stood in the White House Entrance Hall from 1883 until 1902. The tony Lafayette Square neighborhood just north of the White House was home to the wealthiest and most prominent individuals in Washington. During this period, he was . Brooklyn; it would most likely have been the provider of his window . James Renwick's letter to Judge J.C. Bancroft Davis continued by saying: “The glass stainer I think best is Lorin of Chartres, for fine figure brought to the White House project. Aesthetic movement style, which featured heavy Japanese, Moorish, and Only black-and-white images of the Tiffany screen remain. Next When the member of the vestry visits Chartres he must state what kind of glass he wants for each window and the price you want to pay as glass may have gone up in price since the Cathedral was done but I think you will have no difficulty in getting it done for the price I have named. The Baroque style, which was adopted by the ensuing Counter-Reformation movement in the Catholic Church, was best expressed in the chiaroscuro of painting and rippling masses of sculpture. That Lorin was founded in the nineteenth century and could not claim any direct association with the renowned windows of Notre Dame de Chartres was not a matter of concern. . Peacock blue and silver, She died two days later on January 12, 1880 in Albany, New York at age 42. composition of light and dark, irregularly shaped ovals, oblongs, and in Nell is related to Eugene Arthur. I write this in order that you may consider it before making an offer to Lorin. The collection of fine art at the White House has evolved and grown over time. Hamilton Fish to J. C. Bancroft Davis, July 2, 1883, Bancroft Papers, box 34. Ellen Lewis "Nell" Herndon Arthur (August 30, 1837 – January 12, 1880) was the wife of the 21st President of the United States, Chester A. Arthur. designer Candace Wheeler, the furniture specialist Lockwood de Forest, White House History Number 36 The art was a prominent feature of... Martha WashingtonAbigail AdamsMartha JeffersonDolley MadisonElizabeth MonroeLouisa AdamsRachel Jackson / Emily DonelsonHannah Van Buren / Angelica Van BurenAnna Harrison / Jane HarrisonLetitia Tyler / Julia... How many weddings have been held at the White House? The seed of antiquarian interests in the eighteenth century flowered into the many historic revivals of the nineteenth. It filtered less sunlight from outside, but reflected indoor illumination. There is a quaint suggestion of symbolism in the four eagles which surround this and the rough monogram “U.S.” which appears here and there in opalescent glass; but these are quite incidental, and the motive of the work is purely decorative, and aims at harmonious and sparkling arrangement of rich color."15. The pièce de résistance of that commission was an opalescent glass screen separating the Entrance Hall from the Cross Hall. The ceremony was officiated by the Reverend Dr. Smith Pyne, rector of Saint John’s Church at the time.6 Tragedy struck the family in 1880, when, at the age of 42, Nell Arthur caught pneumonia after being out on a chilly January night. The Renaissance Revival reasserted the classical symmetry and proportions of Roman temples as the guiding principles of order and logic, while the Rococo Revival rekindled an appreciation for the playfulness and freedom of curvilinear forms and seashell motifs. . Stained glass, a medieval art, was revisited in the historically retrospective nineteenth century. She was born in Virginia. Tiffany’s later windows featured landscapes and explicitly detailed figures as he refined his glass formulas and assembly techniques. The art of opalescent stained glass grew into a signature American style by the end of the nineteenth century. Accessed November 5, 2014. describe them as Oriental in treatment; angular, with olive ground, on "4, The committee agreed upon a stained glass program illustrating scenes from the life of Jesus, the Gospel of Saint John, or the Apocalypse.

On January 21, 1903, the screen was auctioned off as unwanted property and purchased by Turner A. Wickersham, a real estate agent for a Chesapeake Bay resort development. Winter 2014, Next (1881–83), they created memorable interiors in their version of the

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