mxl 990 vs rode nt1a

Posted on October 8th, 2020

My first mic was a $69 Apex 435 (LDC) 10 years ago and it is surprisingly good. Someone else mentioned MXL R144 ribbons. used it as overheads, on strings in difficult situations and it sounds great. The Neumann KSM105’s are fabulous for live vocals and also great in the studio on acoustic instruments.

Blucoil MXL 990 is $35.99 more expensive than the average microphone ($49). On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Rode NT1A is a more popular microphone, based on its 500+ reviews.

I really like my audix i5 and Audia Technica AT4033 a lot. They are an excellent full range mic and only cost $99 new. I have a Behringer B-1 and a B-2 by the way. That could be a case. Uses a very different technology to capture sound.

I bought a matched pair of Rode M5 1/2 inch pencil condenser mics for recording small choirs (<20) and piano for under $200. Graham, I have only a few mics these days, an AKG Perception 120, an old Shure SM57, an even older Sennheiser MD 421 and that’s about it.
It also seems to have the right amount of air for acoustic guitars. I agree with you fully that the Rode NT1-A is an awesome mic!

The advantage over the NT1 is that it features all three pickup patterns. It’s pretty transparent and if I’m in doubt on any source, I grab this and can almost always make it work. It is much more expensive than what I’m looking at here, the sE Electronics X1R. Either of those condensers will work (the Spark or Rodes). So the moment it hits computer, it already sounds like it ready to be mixed. I have also used them on acoustic guitar and the sound was so transparent that even the guitarist commented on the sound.

Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. We are living in a wonderful time now, where there are so many great microphones being built at ridiculously affordable prices. Maybe you had a piece of gear that didn’t last very long and maybe build quality wasn’t there. So again, I’m happy with almost every mic that’s out there. Great sound – easy/unobtrusive/quiet attachment, high SPL handling. Here’s a vocal cut on them. They are great for ambiance or room mics, but their use beyond that is limited. Lately though I’ve been favoring the blue i100, and the audix I5. I tried a CAD ribbon mic and absolutely hated it – no matter how I placed it, it sounded muffled and muddy – maybe it was defective. My favorites are from a boutique mic company in Sweden, Line Audio Design; they make omni and sub-cardioid versions, both of which compete with mics well above their price range. The Behringer B1 is the only mic I own in my studio setup, it’s all I need at the moment. But, it seems that in your particular situation you don’t need them. As an SM57 alternative, there is a company called GLS Audio that make 57 and 58 clones for $39 and they are everybit as good as the Shure version.

Looking for some great sounding and affordable microphones for your home studio? In addition, you can easily do a headbasket mod (or I can do the mod for you for cheap if you're squeemish about ripping into it) on the V67g which really improves the high end clarity and solidifies the bottom end. Their self noise is only 3dB greater than the NT1-A and although they are small diaphragm condenser mics they are amazingly sensitive.

You can’t use pop filters on stage and singers quickly forget what you tell them and get right on top of the mic again! I have a pair of these that I use for drum overheads and they get a nice, transparent sound. Press J to jump to the feed. Love using my AKG Perception 420. At the time, the MXL was $59 and the Nady was $39. $13.50 Audix D6 (Great kick mic) Hi David – no new additions to this list quite yet. I love Rode. I’m using Rode M5s right now, but I’m thinking of getting a large diaphragm condenser for drums/vox. very cool! Quite usable. This means the NT1A will be slightly better for recording loud sounds. Have you looked at Sontronics mics? In general, Rode NT1A is indeed better, even though MXL 770 is not bad either. Do it to a RSM 3 (if you can find one) and you can pretend you’ve got a Royer Made in Germany. So if you sing a lot of vocals, try couple of mics as best you can. Sat did a big live session with horns and drums I’ll look into it. And have used in the affordable range that I think you cannot go wrong with. The SM57 is next on my list. It’s a ribbon mic you can only buy at (T.bone is the store brand from thomann.) And at less that $200, I think it’s a great addition to the studio! I really dig the Heil PR40 as the antithesis of an SM57. * Strings: fiddle, viola, viola d’amour, nyckelharpa, acoustic guitars/mandola/bouzouki.
Rick, thanks. But it actually smooth. This is a great site. It smooths out some of upper frequencies, you get a very warm yet clear guitar amp sound. Keep up the good work! Thanks to Graham for another great video! man does that open the sound up and add some weight thanks again. In fact I would love for you if you are watching this video to leave a comment below and leave your favorite condensers, dynamics and maybe even ribbons if you have any. Onyx WordPress Theme by EckoThemes. FYI the most helpful tip for me so far (being mr know it all LOL) was the mastering tip with the multi band comp. I look forward to your future videos and post. It’s basically got better top and bottom and a less spikey midrange than the 57. But when they’re good – they’re really really nice. It uses a moving coil which takes a lot more air to move it, so it actually doesn’t give you as detailed or as clear of a sound, may be in the up top range.

We can also see that the mid-highs are slightly more exaggerated in the NT1A.

Both mics are also condenser microphones with 1″ diaphragms. Affordable has never meant cheap less than it does today. Again $350 is little bit more than the 1 to $200 range. Hence the recording revolution. Thanks again for this great and very relevant comparison! Have only used the 100 so far but it is very comparable to the SM58.

I’ve done records with this for many many years. Been about 6 months since this post; any new additions to the list? And SM57 is one of those sneaky microphones that is in every pro studio. ReviewFinder is reader-supported - if you click on a link on ReviewFinder and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

That they do sound different in terms of the way they capture audio and then even inside those, you know compartments, condensers, dynamics, ribbons, all condensers don’t sound the same.

They’re probably the only true “flat” microphones I’ve heard, not really hyped in the top end and are my go-to for overheads.

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Sweetwater sells them for $99. I actually never had used this microphone and all my vocals are sunk through this and it sounds so phenomenal. Just watched this video and wanted to share my knowledge of a great ribbon mic from Sweden based Golden Age Project called the R1. For vocals where the ldc is too bright, SM7 or Re20 make tracks that sit well. While that’s not much of a difference, it may be noticeable if you’re recording in a less-than-ideal acoustic space like a bedroom or home studio. On the other hand, these mics have some very important differences to pay attention to. As yet don’t have a Dynamic or a Ribbon Mic but that will probably change.. Thanks. The speakers weren’t that great or large themselves, but the result was surprisingly warm, clean and punchy, with not much presence in the high end, which was not necessarily a terribly bad thing. Its a great mic. I bought one recently and I really like it (although it’s my only condenser mic so I don’t have anything to compare it to). Synaptic Sound » Reviews & Buying Guides » Rode NT1 vs NT1A: Side-by-Side Comparison. The top end is always too harsh for my ears, no matter if it's voice or instrument. I am also going to commit heresy and substitute an e604 for snare instead of a 57 next time I mic drums. Both came with their own shock mount, cable, and carrying case. I have two and for M/S recording they are the bomb. So it’s got a scoop in it but that can be really really cool. Reeds: Accordion, melodeon, harmonium (portable) It costs about €98.

Once again a most interesting and informative video – mant thanks for the hard work you put in to produce them. Copyright © Synaptic Sound.

Agree on that, Nick about the AKG.. Love to check out the Blue Bottle sometime. Haven’t used the Bluebird so I can’t speak for it there. It sounds mostly transparent but with some nice air on the top end.

The B-1 has more air, without being harsh (on my voice, at least), and more bottom. It sounds nice and clear so on some voices it can be a little harsh, but I think for the most part it sounds very flat. Blucoil MXL 990 is a popular option on the higher end of the price range.

I’ve used them for drum overheads, vocals. the sampson is stupid cheap It’s now called the NT-1 (again). Earlier this week I wrote about the different types of microphones,,,,, 非常に優美かつ独特で、ずっと優雅な姿で潮流の最高峰に立って、流行に引率して 豪華スーパーコピーブランドお楽しみください!弊社は個性あふれるブランドコピー、すばらしい デザイ,, Friday Roundup June 12, 2015 | I have tried several from the standard Shure SM58 to Rode and Sennheiser but plosives are still a bugbear. It’s been a long time and this is a really good sounding microphone. This is a great starting point about 200 bucks for the whole kit. There are many many more. Might be worth mentioning that Rode recently re-vamped the NT-1A. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I am trying to hunt down a Blue Kickball to buy or trade with a blue ball but they are hard to find. We can also see that the mid-highs are slightly more exaggerated in the NT1A. A group I assist on the audio crew uses $50 Sure PG 58s for vocals and drums and they sound much better than I expected. I use : What’s up Jay? These are also perennial favorites on guitar amps. I had one of mine repaired there and agreed to the mods for both of them. But without some of the harshness.

I’ve been very impressed for this deal – though they normally run higher – maybe $30 to $50 each – but super deals on these are not uncommon. My mike closet is very meager (prices are in Canadian $$$): I have a matched pair of Apex small diaphragm condensers with figure 8 patterns – only $189 for the pair. Do you use it inside the cajon on or off a cloth, or aimed at the front or back/sound hole? And I was helping him mix something, work on something and this was his vocal microphone, and the vocals sound he got on this thing was insanely good. Just, I happen to have lot of Shure microphones. $35.99 Gotta find what you like. I’m a big fan of Marshall I own an MXL 2001, 770 and 990 great mics for the price and I also have a set of Behringer C1 matched stereo that I use with my classical Ibenez. A dynamic microphone like I wrote about earlier this week. I have a question, do you ever use Mic sim plugins? Lot of people hate on Behringer. But maybe I’m not the one to ask, since I recorded a song vocal, one time, with a large telephone capsule, because my former Chinese microphone had just died on me. Condensers: ART M-3, Samson C01 and MXL V63M. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress.

rode nt1-a vs mxl 990 Hi guys, I was almost totally set on the NT1-A but I've had a spanner thrown in the works. Many home studio owners need a good video like this about affordable mics.

there passive ribbon is real good sounds better than my rca ribbon under 200 bucks

However, my Mackie Onxy 1220i has mysteriously stopped recording after 2 years. 2 cad trion 6000 multi pat.

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.

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