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Posted on October 8th, 2020

The mechanism of the Maxim gun employed one of the earliest recoil-operated firing systems in history. Je luistert naar een voorbeeld van de Audible-audio-editie, La Mitrailleuse Maxim: Combat de la Compagnie de Mitrailleuses Allemande. The weapon was adopted by the British Army under the guidance of Sir Garnet Wolseley, who had been appointed Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in 1888. In 1895, the Imperial Japanese Army purchased a number of Maxims but later decided to standardize on the Hotchkiss machine gun. It has been called "the weapon most associated with the British imperial conquest", and likewise was used in colonial wars by other countries between 1886 and 1914. Several men were needed to move or mount the heavy weapon. The mitrailleuse was one of the early types of mechanical machine gun, along with the Gatling, Gardner, Nordenfelt, and others. Een Maxim is een machinegeweer (of mitrailleur) ontwikkeld door de Amerikaans-Britse ingenieur Hiram Maxim (1840-1916). The guns were treated like artillery, and used to fire at ranges of 1500 meters or more against German infantry. Maxim established the Maxim Gun Company with financing from Albert Vickers [la], son of steel entrepreneur Edward Vickers. A total of 287 M1904 Maxims were manufactured. Reffye mitrailleuse in use, firing blanks: The Montigny was typically a 37-barreled affair, using a removable cartridge plate for loading which allowed it to maintain a very high rate of fire (as long as loaded plates were available to the gunners). Soviet Red Army machinegunners with a M1910/30 in the Battle of Kursk. Image: Mitrailleuse Maxim Modele 1908 (reseau.js) Year: 1919: Weapon Type: Medium Machine Gun: Origin & Designer: Germany/DWM: Numbers Produced [@numbers_produced] Crew: 4: Calibre: 7.65mm (7.65x53) Elevation [@elevation] Traverse [@gun_traverse] Cartridge Weight During the Battle of the Shangani, 700 soldiers fought off 5,000 warriors with just five Maxim guns. [9] Wissmann was issued one of the first Maxim guns which had reached Germany and used it successfully in his attack on Pangani.[10]. The firing lever simply pulled that blocking plate downward, allowing the firing pins to snap forward against their cartridges in sequence. The Post Office Directory of trades in London of 1895 lists its office at 32 Victoria Street SW (London) on page 1579. "The go-to gun for mowing down Infrantry. "Mitrailleuse" is actually a general name for a volley gun–one with many barrels in a cluster, which are fired sequentially. G. Richelmann, Schaffung der Wissmanntruppe; in: Becker, Perbandt, Richelmann, Schmidt, Steuber: Hermann von Wissmann, Deutschlands grösster Afrikaner, Berlin 1907, p. 191, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary, Maxim Nordenfelt Guns and Ammunition Company, "Ukrainian Troops Are Still Using This Pre-World War I-Era Maxim Machine Gun In Combat - The Drive", Encyclopædia Britannica: Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim, "South Africa's National Museum Of Military History", Handbook of the Maxim Automatic Machine Gun, caliber .30, model of 1904, with pack outfits and accessories. The German Army's Maschinengewehr 08 and the Russian Pulemyot Maxim were both more or less direct copies of the Maxim. As it was put by Hilaire Belloc, in the words of the figure "Blood" in his poem "The Modern Traveller": Whatever happens, we have got MITRAILLEUSE MAXIM MODELE 1908; MITRAILLEUSE MAXIM MODELE 1908. There he used machine guns, explored other unconventional ideas, and founded an Egyptian camel corps. The breech was a large block containing 37 separate firing pins, which the cartridge plate attached to the front of. The Maxim machine gun (French Mitrailleuse Maxim, English Maxim Gun) was the first self-loading machine gun. Concerned about their potential effectiveness, they were made a high-priority target for the very effective Prussian field guns, which could easily destroy them from well beyond the range of return fire. // Освободительная миссия Советских Вооружённых Сил в Европе во второй мировой войне: документы и материалы. MITRAILLEUSE MAXIM MODELE 1908; MITRAILLEUSE MAXIM MODELE 1908. A second lever on the side of the gun would then be pulled up vertically, firing the barrels in succession. The Boers' "one-pounder" Maxim-Nordenfeldt was a large caliber, belt-fed, water-cooled "auto cannon" that fired explosive rounds (smokeless ammunition) at 450 rounds per minute.[12][13]. A picture of the period depicts a Maxim gun mounted on a tachanka, a horse-drawn carriage, along with the gunner, firing backwards at a pursuing White Army regiment. It is effective against infantry, but weak against armored units and cavelary. The Russians fielded Maxim guns, while the Japanese used the Hotchkiss, a machine-gun first brought into production by the French. It also saw use during the Russian Civil War, which followed the Revolution in 1917. The PM M1910 (Russian: Пулемёт Максима образца 1910 года, Pulemyot Maxima obraztsa 1910 goda or "Maxim's machine gun model 1910") is a medium machine gun that was used by the Imperial Russian Army during World War I and the Red Army during Russian Civil War and World War II. Chinese Type 24 Heavy Machine Gun (Copies of the Maschinengewehr 1908), Romanian-made 6.5 mm version, at least 8–12 were produced and were used by the Romanian Danube Flotilla during, This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 05:44. It played an important role in the swift European colonization of Africa in the late 19th century. De toevoer van patronen geschiedde door middel van geweven stoffen patroonbanden. Lugosi, József (2008). On May 15, 1943, SG-43 Goryunov was adopted and since summer 1943 Maxim guns were replaced in Soviet service by the SG-43, which retained the wheeled and shielded carriage. The U.S. procured other machine guns after M1904 production ended, including the M1909 Benét–Mercié, the Colt–Vickers M1915, and the Browning M1917. The first 50 guns and tripods were made by Vickers, Sons & Maxim in the U.K. chambered for .30-03.

Albert Vickers became the company's chairman, and it later joined hands with a Swedish competitor, Nordenfelt, to become Maxim Nordenfelt Guns and Ammunition Company. A blue plaque on the Factory where Maxim invented and produced the gun is to be found in Hatton Garden at the junction with Clerkenwell Road in London. Durant les batailles de la Shangani en 1894 et d'Omdurman en 1898, des troupes européennes parvinrent à anéantir des forces locales très supérieures en nombre au prix de pertes minimes. The cartridge plate (now full of empty cases) would be pulled out the top of the gun, and a fresh loaded one put in its place. « Quoi qu'il arrive, nous avons la mitrailleuse Maxim et eux non », The Maxim Machine Gun Systems Blueprints by 1906,, Catégorie Commons avec lien local différent sur Wikidata, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. Ultimately, it was only the use of Maxim guns in WWI that would change the minds of generals and ordnance departments worldwide (although a forward-looking few did learn from conflicts like the Russo-Japanese War). Some were fitted with a tractor radiator cap fitted on top of the water jacket to allow handfuls of snow to be packed in to melt while firing. All multi-barrel Mitrailleuse developed before the Maxim Gun, such as the Gatling Gun, De Reffye Mitrailleuse and the Montigny, Gorlow, Nordenfelt and Gardner weapons, were fired by hand-operated, which exposed the operating team to hostile fire. The Imperial Russian Army likewise purchased 58 Maxim machine guns in 1899 and contracted with Vickers in 1902 to manufacture the design in Russia, although manufacturing did not start until 1910. La mitrailleuse Maxim était la première mitrailleuse auto-alimentée. Maxim's first patents related to the development of the Maxim were registered in June and July 1883.

The secrecy had not been particularly effective, though, and the Prussians knew about the guns. Item kan niet op de lijst worden gezet. The mitrailleuse was one of the early types of mechanical machine gun, along with the Gatling, Gardner, Nordenfelt, and others. It was developed in 1885 by the American-British inventor and designer Hiram Maxim and was used until the middle of the 20th century. It was developed in 1885 by the American-British inventor and designer Hiram Maxim and was used until the middle of the 20th century. The advent of smokeless powder (developed by, among others, Hiram's brother Hudson Maxim), helped to change this. The Maxim machine gun (French Mitrailleuse Maxim, English Maxim Gun) was the first self-loading machine gun. Comme l'écrivit Hilaire Belloc dans son poème The Modern Traveller : « Quoi qu'il arrive, nous avons la mitrailleuse Maxim et eux non ». This sequence would be repeated as desired until the gun overheated or ammunition ran out.

"Про утилізацію стрілецької зброї", Розпорядження Кабінету міністрів України № 687-р від 14 серпня 2013 р. This can be avoided by giving short bursts of fire. Crew of a machine gun (“Schwarzlose”) of the Austro-Hungarian infantry in the field, title page of the Österreichische Illustrierte Zeitung, issue of 16 July 1916 As a result of their utter failure to provide the French Army with an advantage, a general feeling of the inferiority of all such rapid-fire rifle-caliber weapons would permeate military culture for several decades. Production took place at Erith in Kent, and some models were fitted to early biplanes also fabricated there.

La mitrailleuse Maxim: combat de la compagnie de mitrailleuses allemande. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Maxim's earliest designs used a 360-degree rotating cam to reverse the movement of the block, but this was later simplified to a toggle lock. LMG is de Britse afkorting, en tevens ook kunnen gebruikt worden als Nederlandse afkorting, voor Light Machine Gun.

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