maud martha characters

Posted on October 8th, 2020

Mothma survived the attack due to Norra's quick response but suffered serious injuries.

Set in the 1930s and 1940s, the novel treats the impact of the era on a group of people, but most especially on Maud Martha herself. The leadership began planning for an assault on the Death Star II over Endor, but first the Alliance Fleet, which had broken up following the Rebellion's defeat during the Battle of Hoth—Mothma insisted that it break into smaller groups to avoid another disaster that the Empire could celebrate—would have to regroup near Sullust. [48], At some point later the Alliance High Command met in the Alliance Fleet to discuss what actions to take next.

Senator Gume Saam argued in favor of a bill that would open new lines of credit to fund the Republic's war effort. After Mothma's freighter, the Chandrila Mistress was attacked by Imperial forces, she and her crew abandoned their ship and sought refuge aboard the Ghost. [27][28][29] It has been reported that his mother is of Norwegian and Indian heritage and his father was Haitian; however his paternal ancestors have been traced within the United States since the early 1800s in Louisiana, Virginia, and Georgia. [36] As a politician, Chancellor Mothma was able to switch from formal talk to plain speaking based on the situation. In her absence, the New Republic fell into chaos and the Galactic Senate became divided into two factions: the Populists, who believed that individual member planets should retain their full sovereignty, and the Centrists, who favored a stronger galactic government and a larger military. [54], Twenty days after the Battle of Endor, Mothma tasked Organa with traveling to Naboo in order to gather support for the formation of a New Republic.

On 1 January 2002, after Princess Märtha Louise started her own business, in order to work with more freedom from her constitutional role as a princess. [60], Unknown to Chancellor Mothma and the others, their conversations were being tapped by Senator Tolwar Wartol, who had planted a listening device in Leia's nanny droid T-2LC. The Galactic Senate became embroiled in debates regarding the cost of fighting the Clone Wars. Mothma watches the full recording of Deputy Minister Jerec, who argued against a Republic occupation of Mandalore. Bertoni herself crashed the conversation, suggesting that the opposition was loyal to the Separatists.

[60], When Auxi opined that Kashyyyk was a victory for them, Mothma reminded her that they had secured this win by defying the will of the Senate.

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