lady in red meaning tik tok

Posted on October 8th, 2020

TikTok enables everyone to be a creator, and encourages users to share their … It’s hilarious really. As if there wasn’t enough Tik Tok news this week, the newest trend on the popular app is a sound that features a clip of Tech N9ne’s hit song, “Red Kingdom” being used for Republican propaganda. Our mission is to capture and present the world's creativity, knowledge, and precious life moments, directly from the mobile phone. Here you'll be able to see what's happening on TikTok and get a taste of the most popular, exciting, and intriguing content heating up inside TikTok. We've been drafting 40 years of news and culture for KC, so for our birthday we teamed up with local breweries to celebrate. On the British TV series This Is Your Life, de Burgh said that the song was inspired by the memory of when he first saw Diane, and how men so often cannot even remember what their wives were wearing when they first met. ♬ Lady In Red | 3706 Posts. As I have already said, it’s the name of an artist. The idea of a “Red” kingdom coincides with the color red traditionally being associated with the Republican party. Basically, the conservatives have trolled themselves into thinking that a song by a Black activist for a football team with a Black superstar quarterback was created for their hateful agenda. charli d’amelio (@charlidamelio, charli damelio) on TikTok | 5.9B Likes. not specifically about) his wife Diane and was released on the album Into the Light. Get the latest from The Pitch delivered directly to your inbox. i am a megan thee stallion stan for life my orosa nail polish collection below! Additionally, the song’s artist, Tech N9ne, is a local Black activist. With the recent news that Tik Tok may be here to stay as Microsoft is pursuing purchasing the app, we hope that the liberal Gen Z’ers continue to post content that drowns out hate that surfaces on the app. As if there wasn’t enough Tik Tok news this week, the newest trend on the popular app is a sound that features a clip of Tech N9ne’s hit song, “Red Kingdom” being used for Republican propaganda. Girl In Red is just the name of a singer. “Red Kingdom” is a nod to the Kansas City Chiefs and has been largely accepted in the community as a hype song for the team, but non-locals on Tik Tok have begun to use the sound to promote President Trump and other conservative ideals. We think they’re pretty great. We didn’t think it would come to this, but here we are. 79.9M Fans. TikTok is the destination for short-form mobile videos. Watch short videos with music Lady In Red on TikTok. You might have heard the name “Ice Cube”, “50 cent”. Kansas City's independent source for news and culture, Disability rights activist and icon, Judith Heumann, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ADA at KU, Former Rockstar Burgers owner indicted for drug distribution ring alongside 17 others, United Inner City Services expands to the Northland with new facility, Lyric Opera of Kansas City announces distanced performances, postponement of 2021 spring season. Some people might think of this differently and get confused because it sounds like a Tiktk trend in itself- girls putting on a red dress and making a video. In contrast, the color blue is most commonly associated with the Democratic party and liberal ideals. In response to these Republican propaganda Tik Toks, many Black Lives Matter activists and liberal users have made videos to flood the sound “tag” with positive, inclusive content to “drown out” the hateful posts. So, it’s just like that. Not only is the message of love and acceptance drowning out the hate (arguably the most important part), many users on the app are sharing that this song was actually written for the Kansas City Chiefs, whose star player is a Black man. Girl In Red is not a story about Little Red Riding Hood or anything like that on TikTok.

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