in which of the following scenarios would the carpenter case apply quizlet

Posted on October 8th, 2020

He looks down at his hands and sees two very different speeches. Jerold asked his top speech writer to prepare both speeches. Of course, this does not just affect the listener in the public speaking situation. Read the following scenario and answer the three questions based off chapter 2: Jerold Follinsworth is an elected official on the verge of giving the most important speech of his entire life, but he doesn't know which speech to give. We have tutors online 24/7 who can help you get unstuck. As speakers, we are often called upon to evaluate and refute potential arguments against our positions. accomplish goals of particular organizational units. BUS 201. If Jerold gives the speech in his left hand, an important initiative for his state will be defeated by his political enemies. However, Ben later thinks it over and realizes that he has no desire to take dancing lessons and that if he should win the raffle, he will never take the lessons. The Carpenter Uses Red Oak, Birch, Cherry, And Walnut Wood Samples. When examining ends, we need to think about both the source and the receiver of the message or behavior. Even though you do not have personal knowledge, you may prejudge the teacher and his or her message based on information you have been given from others. He looks down at his hands and sees two very different speeches. Whereas the means are the behavioral choices we make, the ends are the results of those choices. We strive to Understand and Respect Other Communicators before Evaluating and Responding to Their Messages This is another ethical characteristic that is specifically directed at receivers of a message. Question: A Carpenter Is Studying The Durability Of Wood By Exposing It To A Harmful Organism. How would you analyze Jerold's decision using the ethical pyramid? The second part of information honesty is to fully disclose where we obtain the information in our speeches. Taylor & Scientific, Management during the industrial revolution, Organization- Alfred Sloan and Chester Barnard, Leadership- Mary Parker Follett and Douglas McGregor, Motivation- Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg. The speech in his left hand clearly admits to the public that he has been having an affair with a senior staffer.

(chapter 2.12 and 2.22) 2. An economic model is only useful when we understand its underlying assumptions.

While there are cases where speakers have blatantly lied to an audience, it is more common for speakers to prove a point by exaggerating, omitting facts that weigh against their message, or distorting information. However, voters might argue that balancing the budget is a bad end if the city lacks these things for the year in question, because in that case balancing the budget would require raising taxes, curtailing essential city services, or both. decides what work needs to be done to meet those goals. Scenario Number 1. Again, the ethical standards you and your audience expect to be met will help in deciding whether a particular combination of speaker and audience ends is ethical. As ethical speakers, it is important to always cite your sources of information within the body of a speech. Are you an educator? Carpenter moved to suppress the government's cell-site evidence on Fourth Amendment grounds, arguing that the FBI needed a warrant based on probable cause to obtain the … (chapter 2.12) 3. We believe that speakers build a relationship with their audiences, and that lying, exaggerating, or distorting information violates this relationship. HOLU To Shoot క ం త ం 21 The Chica Pyramid - Stand up. While you may not know all your sources of information firsthand, you should attempt to find objective sources that do not have an overt or covert agenda that skews the argument you are making. The Carpenter Also Varies The Growth Age Of The Samples, Harvesting Them From 50-year-old, 100-year-old, And 150-year-old Trees. Listeners should try to objectively analyze the content and arguments within a speech before deciding how to respond. As public speakers, one of the first ethical areas we should be concerned with is information honesty. Motivating, interacting, communicating, leading. Your Choice 314 13 1 point Which of the following statements are true? Scenario Number 2. For example, if we agree that honesty is ethical, it follows that ethical speakers will prepare their remarks with the intention of telling the truth to their audiences Similarly, if we agree that it is ethical to listen with an open mind, it follows that ethical listeners will be intentional about letting a speaker make his or her case before forming judgments. For example, suppose a city council wants to balance the city's annual budget. We may also find ourselves judging a speaker based on information we have heard about him or her from other people. What means might you use to persuade Marty to do you this favor? In his right hand, he has a speech that sidesteps the affair allegations and focuses on an important policy issue.

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