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Posted on October 8th, 2020

I remember her writing, aged 13, that she 'felt like a piece of old, discarded brocade; of no use to anybody'. Henrietta Garnett. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. My mother thought the family was above me and warned I shouldn't expect our friendship to last. Every issue of the school magazine was filled with the girls' artwork, stories, poems and philosophical musings. Frances couldn't have been more welcoming to me when Burgo and I got married in 1962, and she rejoiced when our daughter, Sophie, was born the following year. The rest of the class stared as Amaryllis squirmed with embarrassment, but she had to get used to it, as there was plenty more to come. She held out her arms and I rushed into them and planted a huge kiss on her cheek. Their upbringing was wildly unconventional, and they looked set for great things. He had been a close friend of David, who had sent his son Richard, from his first marriage, to Russell's progressive school, Beacon Hill.

Vanessa Bell's Charleston farmhouse (Alamy).

[2], The four sisters had an unconventional childhood. Frances and I went for walks, returning with wild flowers and specimens of symbiosis. In 1962, Burgo married Henrietta Garnett, daughter of Angelica Garnett and David Garnett. Angelica was unaware of this when she married Bunny in 1942 after the death of his first wife, Ray Marshall, the sister of another Bloomsbury set member, the diarist Frances Partridge. Frances's sense of humour was as original as it was infectious. Yet the Garnett girls and I became ever closer, bunking off school to go to exhibitions and art galleries and — the final touch of glamour — to hang out in Vanessa Bell's London flat. Henrietta never had more children.

So what happened to these daughters of a truly exotic parentage? On May 15th 1945, the day Henrietta Catherine entered the world, the parties thrown to celebrate the end of the Second World War were barely over. Both girls spoke fluent French and were gifted at art and literature. They played the violin and cello and appeared gifted in every direction, so surely, they would go on to great things? She asked a great many questions and took my childish concerns quite seriously. [6], Now a single mother, Henrietta was swept into the hedonistic life of the swinging Sixties. But once again, Bunny and Angelica – who by now had separated – gave little thought to their future. In 2004, she published Anny: A Life of Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie, a biography of William Makepeace Thackeray's daughter Anne Ritchie, who was a sister-in-law of Henrietta Garnett's great-grandfather Leslie Stephen, converted into Mrs Hilberry in her great aunt Virginia Woolf's Night and Day. Prince William turned off Attenborough doc after George got sad, Animal circus trainer caught 'dragging exhausted dog by the collar', 'My grandfather and father inspired me': Prince William on initiative, Chinese parents cry inconsolably as they finally find their son, Davidson confronts Nicola Sturgeon for 'misleading Parliament', 'I feel disabled': Long Covid sufferer's on life since falling ill, One of BA's last two Boeing 747 planes lands in Kemble, Moment Sikh activist is fined £10,000 for breaching Covid regulations, Trump speaks to his 'favorite people in the world: the seniors', Moment 'calm and confident' Uber driver turns 'ferocious and angry', Big Brother?
By then, Henrietta had a secret boyfriend in London: Burgo Partridge, ten years her senior and the only son of diarist Frances Partridge, the sister of David Garnett's first wife, Ray.
https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/207548547/henrietta-catherine-garnett In later life, she got her act together and after two or three more brief marriages and years of gipsyish wandering, became a serious biographer. With this background and literary luminaries like their great aunt Virginia Woolf hovering over them, what were these golden girls doing among ordinary, dull clay such as ourselves, mainly farmworkers’ and shop assistants’ children? Bunny, then aged 26, was present at Angelica’s birth on Christmas Day 1918, where he uttered the – now immortal - words over the day-old baby: ‘I think of marrying it.’ 24 years later, true to his word, he did marry the illegitimate daughter of Vanessa Bell and his own former gay lover Duncan Grant. Some of the books had even been written by Garnetts themselves – Bunny’s mother Constance translated most of the Russian classics into English, and Bunny himself was a successful novelist. Mary Ann Caws, Sarah Bird Wright, "Bloomsbury and France: art and friends", Oxford University Press, 2000, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Burgo_Partridge&oldid=958315942, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 May 2020, at 03:21. Adam Kuper, "Incest & influence: the private life of bourgeois England" Harvard University Press, 2009. She would have been 104 on 15 March, For longer than anyone, she provided a direct connection to the past and could recall that lost world as vividly as though she had just stepped out of its front door. Her father was a writer. Her mother, the daughter of Vanessa Bell and the painter Duncan Grant, and a niece of the writer Virginia Woolf, was an artist.

My earliest memory of Frances is of her standing on the landing of the elm staircase at Hilton Hall, a lovely Queen Anne house on the edge of the Fens, which belonged to my father. [4], In 1962, aged only seventeen and already pregnant, Henrietta married Burgo Partridge. For one thing, her parents were accomplished and creative. It took her several years, two more husbands, plus many boyfriends, to get back on track. Frances was a born teacher and one of the most stimulating people it has been my good fortune to know. As the daughter of Angelica and David Garnett, she inherited a complex legacy of ambivalent loves and unconventional values. Every one of their relatives seemed famous. Perhaps there was a genetic predisposition, but without the genius. She drew me into a literary, artistic and free-thinking milieu of a kind I could never have imagined.

After a time of nightclubs in Marbella, she joined a group led by Mark Palmer that travelled around England in a convoy of horse-drawn caravans, in support of love and peace, a group later called by Garnett "chequebook hippies".

This page is based on the Wikipedia article. She then went to drama school and suddenly became very actressy, calling everybody 'darling' in best thespian style. The rose-pink walls of her sitting-room were hung with paintings by Carrington, Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, and the quince-yellow bookshelves contrasted with the gold and malachite mosaic of a cat made by Boris Anrep, which filled the fireplace. Her mother, the daughter of Vanessa Bell and the painter Duncan Grant, and a niece of the writer Virginia Woolf, was an artist.. One day our English teacher held up a book, Aspects Of Love. Which of the following most accurately describes the problem? I knew at once that she was quite delicious and very pretty. At our school, they were rare wild orchids set among common dandelions and their Georgian home, Hilton Hall, just outside Huntingdon, was film-set bohemian. To complicate matters further, Angelica’s husband, David Garnett, a writer and publisher known as “Bunny”, was a serial philanderer and bisexual who had enjoyed a youthful affair with Grant. It stemmed directly from the acuteness of her perceptions and the trouble she took to exercise her mind. review: Patricia Kopatchinskaja drags Vivaldi into the 21st century. Born Frances Marshall at Bedford Square in 1900, she came from an interesting and cultured family who made a considerable fortune in the 19th century from their linen mills near Leeds before they moved to a large estate in the Lake District. Those four daughters, all of whom I got to know well, seemed to be golden girls from a long line of famous forebears. _Frances Partridge, the writer and diarist and one of the last links to Bloomsbury, died on 5 February at the extraordinary age of 103.

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