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Posted on October 8th, 2020

ScoreBing offers the comprehensive directory of football clubs and teams in Slovakia. PSG ‘Yes, we call each other by our first names.

According to the documents, 1.8 billion forints  (approximately €5.57 million) were given for the reconstruction of the old stadium and 140 million forints (approximately €433 thousand) were given for the operations of the Révkomárom Sports Academy. This article is a part of a research supported by the IJ4EU grant. National League clubs are in talks with the Government over a rescue package and want matches streamed online to generate income and save their … is the official site of UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, and the governing body of football in Europe. Liga 2012-13.

Client Kehinde Ayinde attends 2 week training camp with MŠK Žilina Slovakia Premier League. The connection between Lőrinc Mészáros and the Sepsiszentgyörgy club is proven by the fact that the plans for the stadium and the soccer fields were designed by Hungarian company  Fejér Tervező és Mérnökiroda Kft. The area looks like this at the moment: Construction site in Sepsiszentgyörgy – Photo: Atlatszo / Gergely Pápai, Government decrees and MLSZ documents about Sepsi OSK (Google Drive). The government of Hungary has sent 4.5 billion forints  (approximately €14 million) to sports clubs in Vojvodina until now. Some sources suggest that the Hungarian government is supporting the new stadium because the old one is owned by the Romanian state. Government decrees, decisions by the Hungarian Department of Human Resources and MLSZ documents about Komáromi FC (Google Drive).

He is the main sponsor and the former chairman of the Topola club. Agony for the Republic of Ireland as their hopes of reaching Euro 2020 are ended by Slovakia in a penalty shootout. Hungary has spent several billions of forints on these academies across the border since then. Ages 13-17. The story went on to explain that Szondy made a speech and thanked the government of Hungary, his supporters and his friends in Felcsút because ‘this complex was created based on friendships.’ The story also adds that the project was partly financed by the Department of National Policy, through the Bethlen Gábor Fund. BGA’s documents relating to its decision to support FK Csíkszereda (Google Drive), Government decrees and MLSZ documents relating to support to MK Csíkszereda (Google Drive). The two billion forints were sent to Sepsiszentgyörgy in two installments and they were earmarked for the youth academy of the football club, for a new office building, for new training fields and for a new stadium that seats seven thousand spectators. In this first part of our investigative series, we present how 16 billion Hungarian forints (approximately €49.5 million) were given to clubs in Slovakia, Romania, and Serbia. Relationships with Football Clubs throughout Europe. In Southern Slovakia, there are three football clubs that have in total received 6 billion Hungarian forints (approximately €18.6 million) from the government of Hungary.

Komáromi FC, a club in Komárno that plays in the second division has also received money from the government of Hungary. We traveled 2400 kilometers in November to visit the Csíkszereda, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Dunaszerdahely and Topolya construction sites, where new facilities have been or are being constructed using Hungarian state subsidies. Both geography and the good relationship between the two towns suggested that the academy could be built in Rimavská Sobota (Rimaszombat), Slovakia. several times to learn how exactly they are supporting soccer clubs outside Hungary.

Officials of DVTK and Rimavská Sobota first talked about the planned cooperation in 2018, and they were planning to reconstruct the old stadium and build a few new training fields. But it was not only BGA that financed the project. (…) Viktor Orbán said, what about a new stadium? FK TSC first got 3 billion forints  (approximately €9.4 million) from MLSZ, then another 1.5 billion (approximately €4.6 million). Ages 9 - 12. MLSZ gave 1.82 billion forints (approximately €5.6 million) for three additional soccer fields and operating costs. Barcelona There was one more club in Slovakia that received Hungarian taxpayer money. Slovan Bratislava is the best football / soccer team in Slovakia today. Attila Czíria, mayoral candidate of the Party of Hungarian Coalition and Híd/Most in 2014 told Atlatszo that during the campaign he was asked by prime minister Orban how he could help Komárom and the region. ‘I told him about the school for agriculture that the county was putting up for sale at the time, and said that it would be great to buy that and create a strong Hungarian high school for agriculture, because there are no such schools and because Komárom was situated in the middle of the agricultural region. The construction of the latter has not started yet. Watch live on Sky Sports Football. As the Best Football APP, ScoreBing offers Predictions, Statistics, Live Scores, Results and Tips for all leagues and cups such as World Cup, Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga. The company is renting out the land to its own subsidiary, the one that is receiving Hungarian government support. Világi is one of the most influential businessmen in Slovakia: he is the CEO of the oil refinery Slovnaft, he is a member of the board of Hungarian oil company MOL and he has stakes in several food industry businesses. They were allowed to spend the money on building the football academy and its fields and the reconstruction of the local stadium. Marek Hamsik remains Slovakia’s most influential player aged 33. Slovakia vs Rep of Ireland team news LIVE! Besides professional soccer, there is a huge amount of money spent on junior teams and training the new generations of soccer players as well. The ultimate beneficial owner of Hódút in Hungary is Károly Varga, who used to co-own two companies with Mészáros, chairman of the Felcsút football academy. I said, why not, if there is enough money left for it besides the other developments.’. All statistics, data, odds and predictions are just for your reference. 1. Ages 13-17. The official Hungarian government journal announced in the summer of 2017 that the sports club of Diósgyőr, DVTK, is going to receive 10 billion Hungarian forints (approximately €31 million), out of which 1.5 billion  (approximately €4.64 million) may be spent in establishing a football academy in Southern Slovakia. ‘Yes, we call each other by our first names. Republic of Ireland's hopes of reaching next summer's European Championships were cruelly ended on penalties as Slovakia progressed to the play-off final. Football fields in Dunaszerdahely – Photo: Atlatszo / Gergely Pápai, Government decrees, decisions of BGA and MLSZ documents about support to FC DAC (Google Drive). Support for football clubs in Southern Slovakia. The reason for this is that the money was given to the football club but the stadium is owned by the municipality. However, reconstruction of the stadium has not started yet, but plans suggest that when finished, it will seat 3500-4000 people.

EU-támogatott projektet 2007-2015 adatbázis, Company owned by Mészáros’ children won 12 billion HUF contract from his own football foundation without tendering, How Orban travels to soccer matches abroad is kept secret, but we found another private jet he might have used last Thursday, Invisible money: Hungarian government’s €14 million grant for a soccer academy and stadiums in Vojvodina spent in a non-transparent way, Hungarian taxpayers paid one million euros for two ice hockey teams to join Slovakian league, Drone footage of Csíkszereda, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Dunaszerdahely and Topolya Football Academies, Atlatszo launches data visualization project Atlo, Interactive feature: follow the luxury jet and the yacht used by the Hungarian governing elite, Fidesz-party county clerk awarded EU funds to build a guest house, which fails to attract tourists, Data visualization: this is how the pro-government media empire owning 476 outlets was formed.

The next story in our series will explore Hungarian taxpayer money helping soccer clubs in Ukraine, Slovenia and Croatia. However, it has not been clear until now, how this money is being spent by the soccer clubs and academies in neighboring countries. Five years later, this September, a story was published on the website of the Puskás Ferenc Football Academy (PFLA) in Felcsút. The majority, 51 percent of the company called Sepsi OSK SA is owned by HODUT ROM SRL, a subsidiary of Hungarian Hódút Kft, a construction company specializing in road construction. In the meantime, the academy has also been established: it covers 18 hectares, it has ten soccer fields (two of them heated), and it has a medical room and a fitness center as well. We learned that BGA gave FK Csíkszereda 1.33 billion Hungarian forints (approximately €4 million) for the academy’s dormitory and the viewing area that can seat a thousand people. The total from BGA and MLSZ is 3.63 billion forints (approximately €11.2 million). An ethnically Slovak councilman expressed fears that the plan for the academy is a plan to ‘Hungarianize’ the town. According to the data we collected, 16 billion Hungarian forints (approximately €49.5 million) from taxpayer funds were directed to territories where ethnic Hungarians live in Slovakia, Romania (Transylvania) and Serbia (Vojvodina). Topolya Football Academy – Photo: Atlatszo / Gergely Pápai, Government decrees, MLSZ documents about FK TSC (Google Drive). We do not guarantee the exactness of these numbers and will not be responsible for any loss if you take advantage of them.Copyright © 2015 - 2020 Clients Ilya Nosak and Alexander Clark sign with GERMAN SIDE SV Kelbra 1920. Even though local councilmen in Rimavská Sobota have already voted for the academy several times, nothing concrete has been done yet because the mayor has expressed serious doubts about the project. Right after he bought the club, Világi announced that he is planning to build a new stadium and that he also wants to establish a football academy. Live updates and in-game clips as Republic of Ireland go to Slovakia in their Euro 2020 play-off semi-final. However, the project is being delayed and might not happen after all: the academy became politically controversial recently, and stakeholders were unable to agree on even the most important questions.

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