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Posted on October 8th, 2020

Fire Lord Sozin instigated the Hundred Year War.

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Zuko is the only known Fire Lord to willingly retire from his position, as Chaeryu, Sozin, and Azulon ruled until their deaths and Ozai was forcibly removed from power.

Fire Lords Sozin and Azulon were considered to be particularly effective tacticians.[10][17].

At some point during her life, Izumi had a son, who she named Iroh after her granduncle, and a daughter. Izumi and the other world leaders convened after the coronation and agreed to send Suyin Bei Fong as their representative to speak with Kuvira and convince the metalbender to step down. As Fire Lord, her new wardrobe reduced her ability to conceal her shuriken set that she received as a gift from her mother, so Izumi taught herself to throw her crown instead with impeccable precision, as demonstrated on her daughter's university campus when she overheard some youth boasting about how one he and his friends became fully realized cross-overs, "the Fire Lord [wouldn't] stand a chance.". A one-stop shop for all things video games. In an effort to ensure that Izumi never be defenseless, Fire Lady Mai arranged for the Princess to receive chi-blocking lessons her good friend, the Kyoshi Warrior Ty Lee.

Izumi was born with "the spark" in her eyes and showed firebending potential as early as infancy when she boiled her bath water when she became angry over her missing turtle duck.

The Fire Lord in this show is Izumi, Ozai's granddaughter. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

In the library, Izumi read about an ancient General Zhi that used his inner fire to unite two warring tribes under genuine and absolute peace. Fire Lord Zuko has worn multiple varying versions of the ornate robes. Twin Peaks: Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac? She ascended the throne in 167 AG following her father's abdication.

10 She Is One Of Only Three Known Females In The Fire Nation Royal Family [6][7] Economic crisis, natural disasters, and political conspiracies could greatly weaken the position of individual Fire Lords, and the Fire Nation often suffered from civil wars. As a mother, Izumi is fiercely protective of her family and has members of the Amber League assigned to each of them to keep her updated at all times of their safety status, health, and any material needs.

Unrestricted by gender, the Fire Lord resides in the Royal Palace, located in the Fire Nation Capital, and is usually a powerful firebender. For someone who commands so much respect in The Legend Of Korra, it is truly astounding that no one can confirm or deny whether Izumi can even firebend in the first place. After convincing the great spirit guardian Wan Shi Tong of her benevolent intentions, she managed to discover her new ability was simply the emergence of her inner fire manifesting itself outside her body as a defense mechanism for a firebender in a dire time of need, much like the Avatar State is a defense mechanism for the Avatar.

During his rule, he declared a "National. She was unimpressed with Wu's suggestion to attack Kuvira with an army of "highly trained badgermoles" and her glare toned the eccentric ideas of the Earth Kingdom royal down. This fact is what makes her next achievement all the more impressive. RELATED: Did Sokka Get Married & 9 Other Questions Legend Of Korra Never Answered. Izumi is the current Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, granddaughter of Ozai and Ursa, daughter of Lord Zuko, niece of Azula and Kiyi, and mother of General Iroh. [2], Izumi was born a princess of the Fire Nation to Fire Lord Zuko following the Hundred Year War. Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy of the Fire Nation,

Nala then informed the princess that she and her father, Orel discovered the dehydrated Princess in the desert weeks ago, in the arms of some massive flaming figure the local villagers dubbed the "Desert Lady".

Izumi was born a princess of the Fire Nation to Fire Lord Zuko following the Hundred Year War. Izumi retained her knowledge from those lessons in her youth and successfully managed to chi-block Masaru during a tournament for the right to train her daughter, Ursa's Firebending. While Princess of the the Fire Nation, she often kept at least a half dozen knives and stilettos on her person at all times and at least two sais. She gives Nala one of her throwing knives and tells the girl that if she or her village ever needed help, to take the knife to the nearest Fire Nation Embassy to a member of the Amber League, and to tell them that she was sent by Ziyuan Feng. In 119 AG, the five year old Princess befriended her father's ward, a boy named Masaru Lee, with whom she studied firebending under the tutelage of her Great Uncle Iroh. The Royal Gallery contains portraits of all the Fire Lords. Having passed over his first born son, Prince Zuko, he granted the position of Fire Lord to his daughter, Princess Azula, entrusting her to lead the Fire Nation in his absence.

For the inquisitive Avatar fans out there, here are ten things about Fire Lord Izumi that people had no idea about. [5] By the time of Fire Lord Sozin, the Fire Sages and nobles were completely subjugated to the Fire Lord's rule. The following year, Izumi gave birth to a stillborn boy they later named Gansu after a kindly man her father met on his travels through the Earth Kingdom in exile.

They also have names containing "Z," such as: Sozin, Azulon, Ozai, Zuko, Azula, Izumi.So to have BOTH.I came up with the name "Kazumi." In 128AG, the thirteen-year-old princess accompanied her father to Republic City to shadow him on one of his diplomatic ventures as well as meet the children of the Avatar. Involvement with Anarchy in the Earth Kingdom. General Iroh Near the Hundred Year War's conclusion, however, Fire Lord Ozai broke with this tradition by establishing a personal position known as the Phoenix King, crowning himself the supreme ruler of the world. Izumi displays a calm and patient personality, is conscious of the dark past of her nation and opposed to aggressive and unprovoked attacks on the other nations. Weeks after Korra failed to stop Kuvira from taking Zaofu, Izumi attended a meeting of the world leaders, sans the Water Tribes' representatives, at City Hall. Instead of thanks, she is met with animosity and blame for the crimes of her forefathers for torching the Air Temples and part of the Earth Kingdom. As soon as Izumi was physically able, she joined the search for her estranged husband leaving her four year old son in the care of her mother.

Generating blue fire was an extremely rare ability that only four people in recent history had been known to produce, including herself, Aunt Azula, and both daughters, Ursa, and Miyoko. By 0 AG, they had become actual autocrats and had total control of the Fire Nation. At some point during her life she had a son, whom she named Iroh after her great-uncle, and a daughter. The story of Fire Lord Izumi comes to mind, who sporadically appears throughout the series before magically disappearing out of existence for good.

Black (in younger years)

After Iroh's only son, Lu Ten, was killed during the Siege of Ba Sing Se, Iroh abandoned the mission and returned home.

After all the atrocities that The Fire Nation had committed against the Water Tribes, it was only a given that Fire Lord Izumi would've had to perform some serious damage control to prevent things from escalating even further after the war was called.

[4] The noble clans often married into the royal family, and the ruler's consorts would then empower their own clan, causing resentment and feuds by rival nobles. As the president tried to reason with her, pointing out that Kuvira was a threat to the world and needed to be stopped, she explained that her nation had already spent too much of its history fighting meaningless wars and she refused to put her nation through another one unless there was no other choice. Fire Lord Izumi refused to support a preemptive strike against Kuvira during a meeting with the other world leaders at City Hall. In the wake of the Hundred Year War, and the Rise of the New Ozai Society, Fire Lord Zuko's mother, Ursa feared that someone may attempt to poison various members of the Royal Family, so she trained Izumi to be able to detect a number of common poisons by smell and even taste as well as identify the concentration of cactus juice in a spiked drink. [14] Afterward, with the assistance of Avatar Aang, Fire Lord Zuko also founded Republic City.

[10], As Fire Lord, Ozai carried on the established custom, upholding the Fire Lord's absolute rule over the nation and his ability to dictate military decisions.

Three weeks later, the Princess awoke in the healing hut of an herbalist in some desert village, under a blanket drenched in ice water, to find a young, twelve-year-old girl named Nala, staring at her. There, she sat next to her father and witnessed Kuvira denounce Wu's authority and dissolve the Earth Kingdom in favor of the Earth Empire under her own rule.

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