eleanor de clare

Posted on October 8th, 2020

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Eleanor de Clare. Hugh tricked his sister-in-law Elizabeth out of some of her inheritance – the Welsh lands of Usk.

It must have been an impressive sight given that the motte is over 60ft tall today and can be something of a surprise to a casual visitor to the town. Gilbert was a son of the Count of Brionne. thousands of pictures and over a thousand GeneaStars. The fine for the return of her lands was dropped to £5,000 and it still wasn’t paid when she died.

A traitor's death?

antiquity, 82(315), 113-124. Their mother, as a matter of interest, was Joan of Acre one of Edward I’s daughters. Present at the Battle of Hastings, Married into Royalty, Ancestors of millions of people alive today. Married after 14 June 1306, Westminster, London, Middlesex, England, to Hugh le Despencer, born … Unfortunately her royal grandfather owed a Marcher Lord 2,000 livres.…

She was promptly abducted from Hanley Castle by William de la Zouche who had participated in the Siege of Caerphilly Castle which had seen the capture of her first husband. Historians are conflicted as to the extent of the relationships but it must have made life difficult and if it wasn’t then the arrival of Isabella in 1326 from France with an army at her back certainly made life very difficult for Eleanor. [S124] #240 Collins's Peerage of England, Genealogical, Biographical, and Historical, Greatly Augmented, and Continued to the Present Time (1812), Brydges, Sir Egerton,, (9 volumes. Her lands were confiscated and she was told that she would have to pay a fine of £50,000 to get them back. Eleanor was married to Hugh Despenser the Younger when she was about thirteen. [1][2][3] She was born in 1292 at Caerphilly Castle in Glamorgan, Wales and was the eldest daughter of Gilbert de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertford, 7th Earl of Gloucester, 5th Lord of Glamorgan and Princess Joan of Acre. As a co-heiress with her sisters Elizabeth de Clare (wife of Roger d'Amory), and Margaret de Clare (wife of Hugh Audley), in 1314 she inherited the de Clare estates including the huge feudal barony of Gloucester, following the death of her brother, Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Gloucester at the Battle of Bannockburn. Gilbert did secure Cardigan and Aberystwyth. It included a dowry that settled an annual income on Eleanor. Eleanor is a supporting character in Les Rois maudits (The Accursed Kings), a series of French historical novels by Maurice Druon. Eleanor features in the 1975/1976 two-part novel, Feudal Family: The De Clares of Gloucester, by Edith Beadle Brouwer. Get Started. Eleanor was among those who benefited from the fall of Mortimer and Isabella. However, when her husband died in 1314 Maud claimed she was pregnant so that the estates of the Earldom of Gloucester could not be split. [2][3] With her sisters, Elizabeth de Clare and Margaret de Clare, she inherited her father's estates after the death of her brother, Gilbert de Clare, 8th Earl of Gloucester, 7th Earl of Hereford at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Her wedding to Hugh Despenser the Younger  took place in 1306. After Eleanor's marriage to Zouche, John de Grey, 1st Baron Grey de Rotherfield claimed that he had married her first. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. And before I forget Gilbert Fitz Richard’s son was also called Gilbert.

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