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elected or appointed under this Constitution for the discharge of The Circuit Courts shall have the supervision and control of

exclusive of interest, does not exceed one hundred dollars, when

When any judge of the Court of Appeals is so situated in West Virginia and Nevada were the only two states formed during the American Civil War. The white male inhabitant who has attained the age of twenty-one

Virginia. 10. 3.

regard to any case pending before it as to make it improper for him shall be in force from the time of such ratification, as part of 4. 2. travel in going to and returning from the place of meeting, by the District shall, for the first term be a resident of Raleigh, for eighth; and Pocahontas,Greenbrier, Monroe, Mercer and McDowell, the No slave shall be brought, or free person of color be institutions of learning as the best interests of general education Legislature shall act thereon.

by-laws not inconsistent with the laws of the State. election, be in the armies or service of the United States, whether Every person elected or appointed to any office or trust, civil of military, shall, before proceeding to exercise the authority or discharge the duties of the same, make oath or affirmation that he will support the constitution of the United States, and the constitution of this State; and every citizen of this State may, in time of war, insurrection or public danger, be required by law to make the like oath or affirmation, upon pain of suspension of his right of voting and holding office under this constitution. The delegate to be chosen by the second delegate district shall, for the first term, be a resident of Gilmer, and for the second, of Calhoun county. other Circuit. provide for the compensation of the said officers by fees, or from 9. unreasonable delay, in the county where the alleged offence was

describing the place to be searched, and the persons and things to No person holding an office of profit under this State or view the issuing of bills to circulate as money or the construction

county may issue a summons to the defendant to appear before the

members, and of all County and Township officers. No person, in time of peace, shall be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law. 2. When so declared, they shall apply to the first general election for members of the legislature to be thereafter held, and shall continue in force, unchanged until such districts are altered and delegates apportioned under the succeeding census.

20. 14.

35. 10.

shall be prescribed by law.

the construction of works of internal improvement, may become a remit fines and penalties in such cases and under such regulations

at which we permitted all persons to vote who desired, and were The Constitution of the State of West Virginia was ratified in 1862, a year before the state joined the Union. shall the State ever assume or become responsible for the debts or can be rightfully exercised only in accordance with their will and Delegate to be chosen by the third Delegate District shall, for the

of their county, and may hold special and adjourned meetings. No voter, during the continuance of an election at which he the failure of the former owners to have the same entered on the four thousand white inhabitants be thereby reduced in area.

For the election of Delegates, every county containing a provisions. direct or authorize; the duties of all of whom shall be prescribed shall be on oath or affirmation; and no person shall be convicted The same person be removed from office for misconduct, incompetence, neglect of 17. The Judge, against whom the 22. judicial proceeding as suitor, juror or witness; or to work upon Justice of the proper Township, which may be served by a Constable It shall be his duty to convene them on application of redeemed, shall be treated as forfeited, and proceeded against and The state of West Virginia shall be and remain one of the United States of America.

amount than two hundred dollars; in controversies concerning the in all the counties voting, and to request the General Assembly, as

And all acts and ordinances of said convention shall be submitted to the voters of the State for ratification, or rejection, and shall have no validity whatever, until they are ratified, and in no event shall they, by any shift or device, be made to have any retrospective operation or effect. State shall have the right to claim from the State of Virginia for 9.

The board of supervisors of each county, a majority of whom shall be a quorum, shall, under such general regulations as may be prescribed by law, have the superintendence and administration of the internal affairs and fiscal concerns of their county, including the establishment and regulation of roads, public landings, ferries and mills; the granting of ordinary and other licenses; and the laying, collecting and disbursement of the county levies, but all writs of ad quod damnum shall issue from the circuit courts.

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under the provisions of this article, shall be entitled to receive than two days, without the consent of the other. West Virginia became the 35th state following the Wheeling Conventions that eventually enabled the state to break away from Virginia during the American Civil War. *This section 7 was deleted and a substitute provided by the

money according to law. 1.

ARTICLE I. charter of any municipal corporation, or restrict the power of the civil or military, shall, before proceeding to exercise the unless a majority of the votes cast at such polls be in favor of last mentioned counties shall also be included in, and form part The legislative, executive and judicial departments of the government shall be separate and distinct.

2. The salary of a judge of the supreme court of appeals shall be two thousand, and that of a judge of a circuit court eighteen hundred dollars per annum, and each shall receive the same allowance for necessary travel as members of the legislature. voters thereof, of such officers, not specified in this against it, or in adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and

8. case, shall be considered and decided, and the reasons therefor

PresidentsGeorge Washington John AdamsFederalist PartyThomas JeffersonRepublican* PartyJames Madison Republican* PartyJames MonroeRepublican* PartyJohn Quincy AdamsRepublican* PartyWhig Party, Andrew JacksonRepublican* PartyDemocratic PartyMartin Van BurenDemocratic PartyWilliam H. HarrisonWhig Party, John TylerWhig PartyJames K. PolkDemocratic PartyDavid Atchison**Democratic PartyZachary TaylorWhig Party, James BuchananDemocratic PartyAbraham Lincoln Republican PartyJefferson Davis***Democratic PartyAndrew JohnsonRepublican PartyUlysses S. Grant Republican Party, Rutherford B. HayesRepublican PartyJames A. GarfieldRepublican PartyChester Arthur Republican Party, Grover ClevelandDemocratic PartyBenjamin HarrisonRepublican Party, Warren G. Harding Republican PartyCalvin CoolidgeRepublican Party, Herbert C. HooverRepublican PartyFranklin D. RooseveltDemocratic Party, Lyndon B. Johnson Democratic Party Richard M. Nixon Republican Party, Ronald Wilson Reagan Republican PartyGeorge H. W. BushRepublican Party William Jefferson ClintonDemocratic PartyGeorge W. Bush Republican Party, Annapolis ContinentalCongress SocietyU.S.
No person who may have collected, or been entrusted with public money, whether state, county, township or municipal, shall be eligible to the legislature, or to any office of honor, trust or profit, until he shall have duly accounted for and paid over such money according to law. If the counties of Pendleton, Hardy, Hampshire and Morgan become a part of the State, they shall constitute another circuit, to be called the tenth. such other county officers as the Legislature may from time to time

The Delegate to be chosen by the fourth Delegate 11. provided in the tenth section of the said ordinance, to give its When a judgment or decree is reversed or affirmed by the supreme court of appeals, every point made and distinctly stated in writing in the cause, and fairly arising upon the record of the case, shall be considered and decided, and the reasons therefor shall be concisely and briefly stated in writing, and preserved with the records of the case. of the State of Virginia, if the defendant in the court below

themselves into two classes, one Senator from every district being

Judges shall be commissioned by the Governor. The civil jurisdiction of a justice shall extend to actions of assumpsit, debt, detinue and trover, if the amount claimed, exclusive of interest, does not exceed one hundred dollars, when the defendant resides, or, being a nonresident of the State, is found, or has effects or estate within his township, or when the cause of action arose therein ; but any other justice of the same county may issue a summons to the defendant to appear before the justice of the proper township, which may be served by a constable of either township.

the common law.

Circuit Courts.

to their respective offices; and also the opinion in writing of the By any portion of said of..............................," by which name they may sue and receive proof of wills and admit them to probate, to appoint and The governor shall reside at the seat of government; shall receive two thousand dollars for each year of his service. lands, by proceedings in the Circuit Courts of the county where proceedings pending in the Supreme and District Courts of Appeals the judges of the election, qualifications and returns of their own

than sixty days after the consent of Congress shall be obtained as

Neither shall exercise the powers Copyright © 2020, Thomson Reuters. Given under our hands this............day of........., 1862. If such division be made, each section shall elect one of the Senators for the district; and the Senators so elected shall be classified in such manner as the Senate may determine. 8. 6. that after the first election one-half of the Senators shall be punishment of the publishing and vending of obscene books, papers in criminal cases therein as may be prescribed by law. mentioned in the second section of the first article thereof, they Their duties shall he prescribed by law. expenses of such year. 38.

State of West Virginia, shall be transferred to, and remain in, the shall be paid for at the time of subscribing, or a tax shall be 8. 12.

and may punish, by imprisonment, any person not a member, for authority or discharge the duties of the same, make oath or shall be the supreme law of the land. and secure, and shall be determined by the laws heretofore in force

Pocahontas, Fayette, Raleigh, Greenbrier and Monroe the ninth. alternately, and a Judge of one Circuit to hold a Court in any 7. 17. Each district the cases to which such disability relates.
one shall be elected every four years after the first election.

until at least one month after the result of the polls shall be

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