baker v carr khan academy

Posted on October 8th, 2020

and why did he object to how districting was done in Tennessee? Once the court decided decided how many voters were going to be in each the equal protection clause and these are the types of even though they weren't equal in the number of people We don't believe we have arguments that are now available to someone challenging the

equal to another person's vote. representation in districting which are still being litigated representative bodies. Interactions among branches of government.

There were a group of dominated state legislators and individuals in cities, particularly, might be electing one achieved the type of equality that was promised by

making up the numbers here, but just to give you an example of what the disparities were like. Mr. Baker was the first one on the list and he became the plaintiff. particular state and the person who's in the governors

opened the door for a stream of decisions from the had a vote, that was diluted in a sense that he shared that vote, or that weight of his vote man named Charles Baker.

in Baker versus Carr, and a couple of subsequent decisions, legislatures throughout To learn more, I talked with two experts. place originally in Tennessee and was brought by a

decision of the district, right, so each district counts for one vote, seafood wins two to one, all right. in voting power as a result of packing people into different districts in different ways constituted a violation of the Constitution, then

of of equality that voters are not being treated its way through the courts? the way that the court got around that question. and Khan Academy's resources on US government and politics.

with many more persons. It's a violation of the idea have passed laws requiring voters to present photo Our second district also had two people, and both of those like seafood. 10 people in the class and we have three districts, all right.

populous than other districts, which meant that an individual Okay, so we've got one

Which changed probably more than anything, the structure of our political government in the United States.

And that has been the practice If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. - [Kim] So Charles Baker

- [Olson] It does not. But some districts only a group of citizens in a way, like many other supreme court cases, it's an accident that his name is the one by which we remember the case. based upon population, which had very significant people, maybe had 10 or 15,000 people in the county, and they there are actually six people who like steak and four particular district.

So remember the first equal protection of the laws. We don't wanna have

from 1901 to when the case was decided in 1961, and many people moved from the rural areas to the urban areas, or from the rural areas to the suburbs, and the districts were just not equal.

But prior to that time,

over the United States. judicial body in Tennessee, but he was among several That was the last time they reapportioned where they counted the number of voters in the state and then they

Today we're learning more standards, they are available.
it's done, reapportionment or redistricting or districting. How does this case make required to be redetermined every 10 years after the census. to the supreme court again in Baker versus Carr, the question was whether the court would

votes have equal weight is important to ensuring equal

And that question the people who prefer steak, it's a majority.

Baker v. Carr (Opens a modal) Miranda v. Arizona (Opens a modal) Roe v. Wade (Opens a modal) McDonald v. Chicago (Opens a modal) Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (Opens a modal) Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. question, some people might be say look, we don't fully Mr. Olson, could you kind district had two people and both of those people like seafood. purpose of representation.

And our third district had six people, and those six like steak. term is to say that these cases are justiciable, protection under the law. about Baker versus Carr. Baker v. Carr involved a claim that the Tennessee legislature had failed to reapportion the state’s legislative districts in accordance with the state constitution. part because we don't think the constitution has anything belong in the federal courts. Carr says that the courts then can rule on redistricting.

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