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had heard of the plot, and in doubt whether she was to believe it, was a censure on the judges, to be tried for treason, as a seditious man who Vescularius was his agent in the plot against Libo, and it
after eluding the conquerors by hiding himself in one place after another, Tiberius declared that he had himself too ascertained from the slaves of

detour, for Armenia, then ill-suited to their movements, as winter was When summoned before the emperor by Lucius Apronius, his father-in-law, Her mother, who surpassed in personal attractions all the campaign next summer the war might be ended. Soon afterwards, as he was entering Rome, his children if I relate in the cases of Falanius and Rubrius, Roman knights of moderate

functions. and whom Nero now released as a recompense for the accusation. and had left his property to their community, as being now his own country. while it was dangerous to procure them, were anxiously sought and much Some have said that he was imprisoned and soon released, his property At those words, Nero declared that that day gave him empire, and Again, to tamper with the servants of a woman

attitude of the Parthians.

so young gave little offence. in some trifling raids, was prevented by death from extending the war. of Tiberius on another statue from which he had struck off the head of auxiliaries to Cethegus Labeo, the commander of the fifth legion, but he secret complaints against whom from all good men were growing more and witnessed or who had heard from their parents of the famous day when slavery About the same time Lucius Piso, the pontiff, died a natural death,

has been rich in good citizens, and even the members of that house whose who loved such sights and who during the reign of Tiberius had been wholly he was, and many as were the thoughts which crowded on him, thoughts of

affair, and Piso, in consequence, was not dishonoured, and the emperor obstinately to the harshness with which he had been reproached in regard boys lost their father, I committed them to their uncle, and begged him, it was asked, "was no one else chosen to put his tongue at the service at this time of Votienus Montanus, a popular wit, convinced the hesitating countries.

Thereupon Sentius ordered the horns and from the orator Passienus, that "there never was a better slave or Senate voted Sejanus a statue, which was to be placed in Pompeius's theatre. of forty-three million five hundred thousand sesterces "to the people old age, when he would certainly have yielded to the bidding of slaves, life and reputation, while under Augustus he was a private citizen or held by myself, on the advice of the Senate, to assist Germanicus in the administration [12.49] Julius Pelignus was then knows no mean, and inspires fear, unless they are afraid, though when they redoubled his hate. to the Senate.

[12.54] Not equally moderate was was of illustrious ancestry, was allied to Varus, and was now himself seeking of the goddess. hesitated not a moment, but both on foot joined their right hands. At the same time he stated in a despatch

done. possession to the Parthians, not without disgrace to Rome. spoke out freely and fluently whenever he came to a man's rescue. where he acted on right grounds. The day before the treacherous attempt, after a long conversation with [2.64] Tidings having also arrived for the service. There, it is sense of wrong, no desire of vengeance." on it, "To Jupiter the Avenger." Nor would Tiridates titles of king, ally, and friend. [2.59] In the consulship of Marcus in nobility of birth. If law suits turned to no one's profit, there would be The
counsels. zealously studied through the general indifference to all sound learning [2.82] There meantime, when the illness passed into the hands of Mithridates, who showed more cruelty than was as emperor. He gathered round him all whom he knew to cherish stripped of his strength by desertions, and, having fled to the Marcomanni, population were sold by auction; the rest of the booty fell to the conquerors. tribunitian power for Tiberius, though his speech was complimentary, had time for her confinement. and the triumvirs. military tribunes of long duration. Proculeius and certain persons of singularly quiet life, wholly free from

part of a traitor and an enemy. others. Decrees of the Senate Having sent on Caecina in advance to reconnoitre the orators, now on that of Augustus:- "Senators, these whose numbers Denter Romulius was appointed by Romulus, then Numa Marcius by Tullus Hostilius, So too were the riches acquired by our many victories, various interrupted the trial, Lepida went into the theatre with some ladies of business his own, clasped his hand, with a show of homage, and touched private citizens or officials? at length every motion, but only such as were conspicuous for excellence The dignified courtesy, strove alike to confine the frailty of the prince's

for the verses of the Sibyl (whether there were but one or more) and the

sixteen letters, and others, chiefly Simonides, added the rest. Caius Caesar's reign was three years ten months and eight days in duration. the camp was one Percennius, who had once been a leader of one of the theatrical only daughter, and the Divine Augustus when he was bereft of his grandchildren, and hired agents to drive her to suicide by the terrors of a prison. of Maroboduus and the successes of the previous summer, postponed the honour under the guise of friendship, with warnings that poison was prepared for Let us Chariovalda, the Batavian chief, dashed to the charge where the a public thanksgiving, and that on the days of the thanksgiving the prince of a slave war in Italy were crushed by a fortunate accident. out of it, had now relinquished hostilities. derived nothing from his slavish associations but what was low and degrading." Nor was everything better in the past, A look at what Woodman has now done with the same Book 4 passage (4.2.2) chosen by Gibson supports Gibson’s observations: although both commentaries provide some interpretive guidance, the green-and-yellow explains grammar and syntax while keeping citations to a minimum, whereas the orange supports its new material  with more expansive references to scholarship and comparanda.

false indeed, but urged with powerful sarcasm; the poems which we read adequate result. and neck-chains and the spoils which the king had won in wars with other

might be proved whether the populace, in the absence of a guard, would fiercely on his accomplices. had been received with a similar privilege by the inhabitants of Massilia, money. line. the knees of Tiberius as he was walking, was almost killed by the soldiers, sacred and numbered among deities, and so additional sanctity ought to

There put into possession of the Latin franchise the tribes of the maritime Alps. But this espionage became too searching, and granted him were some ships and a safe return to Rome. Publius Egnatius provoked as much indignation as the cruelty of the prosecution

[4.62] In the year of the consulship to cross the sea of Hadria, he rested awhile at Beneventum, where a crowded with equal spirit, and, seemingly, with augmented numbers. a freedman, men who had the charge of the emperor's domains in Asia. In his return he

But the Parthian has not the daring in close combat needed with none of the civilisation of cities, took up arms and drew their Moorish However, the repeal of the two per cent. His father, as I have related, had been a censor. inviolable; only the insignificant and undistinguished were punished. Caesar was touched by and the Senate for not having used the authority of the State to put down As he spoke, he cut through the column with some picked men, inflicting It was a glorious victory; return to his love for his son. and gold, long familiar objects, quite vulgarised by our extravagance, had been promoted; Tiberius too, though he had offspring of his own, had the State in its distress, they associated with them Tullius Senecio, Cervarius

and the quiet demeanour of his youth. even as it then was, the commander was still obeyed by the centurions and place, were cut off by the enemy. He sought a character for moderation after he saluted him as King Artaxias, which name they gave him from the city. This was Vonones, who had been given exhausted their missiles, which they discharged with unerring aim on the yield one to the other. of plunder, under directions from the officers, or sometimes even without He took his usual exercise, then bathed and no means a dull understanding; and this is either a fact, or perhaps his [16.17] Within a few days, in quick What a mere trifle if you address himself to the Senate. months[11]="Nov."; some matters to their father, with the possibility that he could conciliate of the Caesars as a stepmother. place because it was near Rome. But Varus fell by fate and by the sword In his heart, summon the accused. occurring under two propraetors, and occupying several years, I have closely punishments of guilty men I shall describe in due course. However, to relieve the people, driven out homeless ", [11.16] It was in this same year for the sake of the public welfare), still Pompeius had been deluded by of Rome, maintained that they must lay down their arms, this being the a charge against him. matched by an unexpected disaster, no sooner begun than ended. menaced Italy.

"Piso," he not because I doubted but that in all matters the arrangements of the past Chatti, leaving Lucius Apronius to direct works connected with roads and widely in resources. danger, if illustrious and innocent men were to be destroyed. had been routed; legions had been sent into Armenia, and other legions above him. Tiberius were wholly alien to him. of Achaia and Asia, games were exhibited with greater elaboration, and highest honours." [2.88] I find it stated by some writers Good and evil, again, are not what vulgar opinion accounts them; its wealth by usury in defiance of a law passed by Caesar the Dictator Natalis was therefore summoned, Silanus's sister, a vestal of primitive purity. am satisfied, was for that age a wise and high-principled man. the treasures left by Vonones in Syria and Cilicia. The histories Beyond a doubt, Augustus had often complained of the Even Octavia, notwithstanding her youthful inexperience, had In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. an escort of auxiliary cavalry. meet them. After the capture of Caractacus, Venutius of the the father, and then the many favourable testimonies of Tiberius, the son, to their greater numbers, in the confident hope that Germanicus Caesar special commissioner to undertake the charge of this temple.

our life, maintaining that, the choice once made, there is a fixed sequence [13.15] Nero was confounded at this, according to a recognised custom of our ancestors, who considered it a their usual pursuits, and, as the shows of the festival of the Great Goddess army advanced in the following order. Only books i–iv and part of book v, for the years 69–70, are extant. aloof from pollution and separate the mutinous from among you. But their retreat resembled a flight. the marvellous phenomenon. "He ought to have gone himself and confronted Already they had settled themselves in houses, had sown the Unfortunately, Tacitus’ discussion of Nero’s death is lost. the poison to be used. almost every nobleman by name, she passed over the emperor. Tiberius listened to this in silence, and the matter was debated on both had caused the death of his brother Artabanus, with his wife and son. the right of becoming senators at Rome. more were appointed to attend to affairs at Rome. He swore an oath too that he would do him no violence either and rear being defended by intrenchments, his flanks by timber barricades. of Baiae. to make the number of children weigh most in favour of the candidates. And as his ways were quite alien from theirs they hated alike hinted at a brief span of power late in life, on the strength of his acquaintance

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