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Posted on October 8th, 2020

And the manner in which he adheres to it – not as being right upon the merits, as he conceives (because he did not discuss that at all), but as being absolutely obligatory upon every one simply because of the source from whence it comes – as that which no man can gainsay, whatever it may be, – this is another marked feature of his adherence to that decision. He got it up himself. [Great cheering. I drove through the early evening until I decided I could no longer do without a nice shower and a proper bed. Judge Douglas turns away from the platform of principles to the fact that he find people somewhere who will not allow us to announce those principles. I understand that there is not more than one person there out of eight who is pure white, and I suppose from the Judge’s previous declaration that when we get Mexico or any considerable portion of it, that he will be in favor of these mongrels settling the question, which would bring him somewhat into collision with his horror of an inferior race. Cries of ‘Hit him again,’ ‘That’s the doctrine.’], I have said once before, and I will repeat it now, that Mr. Clay, when he was once answering an objection to the Colonization Society, that it had a tendency to the ultimate emancipation of the slaves, said that ‘those who would repress all tendency to liberty and ultimate emancipation must do more than put down the benevolent efforts of the Colonization Society – they must go back to the era of our liberty and independence, and muzzle the cannon that thunders it annual joyous return – they must blot out the moral lights around us – they must penetrate the human soul, and eradicate the light of reason and the lover of liberty!’ And I do think – I repeat, though I said it on a former occasion – that Judge Douglas, and whoever like him teaches that the negro has no share, humble though it may be, in the Declaration of Independence, is going back to the era of our liberty and independence, and, so far as in him lies, muzzling the cannon that whoever wants slaves has a right to hold them; that he is penetrating, so far as lies in his power, the human soul, and eradicating the light of reason and the love of liberty, when he is in every possible way preparing the public mind, by his vast influence way preparing the public mind, by his vast influence, for making the institution of slavery perpetual and national. The green and gold fields sometimes laid flat and sometimes rolled over gentle slopes and undulations. "[3], Jonathan Blanchard's presidency led the school out of debt, but ignited a controversy about whether the school was loyal to the Congregational church or the Presbyterians. In these general maxims about liberty – in his assertions that he ‘don’t care whether Slavery is voted up or voted down; ‘that’ whoever wants Slavery has a right to have it;’ that ‘upon principles of equality it should be allowed to go everywhere;’ that ‘there is no inconsistency between free and slave institutions.’ In this he is also preparing (whether purposely or not), the way for making the institution of Slavery national! [Laughter.] Herndon's Writings About Lincoln William H. Herndon was Lincoln's longtime friend, law partner, and biographer. It included the settlement of the boundary of Texas, which had been undefined before, which was in itself a slavery question; for, if you pushed the line farther west, you made Texas larger, and made more slave territory; while, if you drew the line towards the east, you narrowed the boundary and diminished the domain of slavery, and by so much increased free territory. [Great applause and cries of ‘Hit him again,’ ‘good,’ ‘good.’], The next thing to which I will ask your attention is the Judge’s comments upon the fact, as he assumes it to be, that we cannot call our public meetings as Republican meetings; and he instances Tazewell county as one of the places where the friends of Lincoln have called a public meeting and have not dared to name it a Republican meeting. The 13,000-square-foot (1,200 m2), $2.4-million facility features state-of-the-art equipment, and is significantly larger than the former fitness center, Memorial Gymnasium.[41]. Now, of course, we would press Lincoln today just as he pressed Douglas on this point: if slavery was as wrong as Lincoln said it was for the reasons he said it was, then it would be intolerable anywhere it existed, the South included. Now, I confess myself as belonging to that class in the country who contemplate slavery as a moral, social and political evil, having due regard for its actual existence amongst us and the difficulties of getting rid of it in any satisfactory way, and to all the constitutional obligations which have been thrown about it; but, nevertheless, desire a policy that looks to the prevention of it as a wrong it may come to an end.

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