19th infantry regiment, 24th infantry division

Posted on October 8th, 2020

[4] The 24th was organized under the Pentomic Division TO&E, in which its combat forces were organized into five oversized battalions (called "battle groups") with no intermediate brigade or regimental headquarters. Aviation units of the division included 2nd Squadron, 4th Cavalry, and 1st Battalion, 24th Aviation Regiment.

"[38] However, the 24th Infantry Division managed to delay the advancing North Koreans for two days, long enough for significant numbers of UN forces to arrive in Pusan and begin establishing defenses further south. [49] By mid-October, the KPA had been almost completely destroyed, and US President Harry S. Truman ordered General MacArthur to advance into North Korea as quickly as possible to end the war. [29] The force, nicknamed Task Force Smith for its commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Smith, was lightly armed and ordered to delay the advance of North Korean forces while the rest of the 24th Infantry Division moved into South Korea. [5], The 24th remained in Germany, specifically Augsburg, Munich until September 1968, when it redeployed its 1st and 2nd Brigades to Fort Riley, Kansas, as part of Exercise REFORGER while the division's 3rd Brigade was maintained in Germany. It is known as the Battle of Rumaila. [4], Under then-Major General John Galvin, the division was earmarked to join the U.S. Army's component of the Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force, the XVIII Airborne Corps. The corps ran into heavy resistance and fought for the region until February. [84], When President George H.W. [4] It was one of several divisions equipped with new M1 Abrams tanks and M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles that formed the core of the U.S. Army's heavily armored mechanized force for the 15 years that followed. [9] After training, the division moved to Goodenough Island on 31 January 1944, to prepare for Operation Reckless, the amphibious capture of Hollandia, Netherlands New Guinea (now Jayapura, Papua province, Indonesia). [16] The division's 34th Infantry Regiment landed at San Antonio, Zambales on 29 January 1945 and ran into a furious battle on Zig Zag Pass, where it suffered heavy casualties. [32], Approximately 30 percent of Task Force Smith became casualties in the Battle of Osan. Following the end of the war, the division participated in occupation duties in Japan, and was the first division to respond at the outbreak of the Korean War. [53], On 1 January 1951, 500,000 Chinese troops attacked the Eighth Army's line at the Imjin River, forcing it back 50 miles and allowing the Chinese to capture Seoul. [56] The Chinese eventually advanced too far for their supply lines to adequately support them, and their attack stalled. [9] On 16 February 1945 the 3rd Battalion, 34th Infantry took part in the amphibious landing on Corregidor and fought the Japanese on the well-defended island. 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[47] A second, larger North Korean attack occurred between 31 August and 19 September, but the 2nd, 24th, and 25th infantry divisions and the 1st Cavalry Division beat the North Koreans back across the river again. The Division's three infantry regiments were the 19th and the 21st from the active army, and the 299th Infantry Regiment of the Hawaii National Guard. The division was on Oahu, with its headquarters at Schofield Barracks, when the Japanese launched their Attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 and the unit suffered some casualties during the attack. Once deployed, it began intensive combat training.

[4] As part of the Army's reduction to a ten-division force,[108] the 24th Infantry Division was inactivated on 15 February 1996[1] and reflagged to become the 3rd Infantry Division. The Army attachment was changed from the 6th US Army to the 8th US Army on 1945-01-01.

It remained on front-line duty after the armistice until October 1957, patrolling the 38th parallel in the event that combat would resume. [80] As the US Army withdrew from Vietnam and reduced its forces, the 24th Infantry Division and its three brigades were inactivated on 15 April 1970 at Fort Riley. The division was then charged with the defense of northern Oahu, where it built an elaborate system of coastal defenses throughout 1942. The 34th Infantry Regiment was reconstituted, and the division returned to full strength during the next year, having been replaced in Korea by the 40th Infantry Division of the California Army National Guard. [65], In January 1952, the 24th Infantry Division, which suffered over 10,000 casualties in 18 months of fighting, was redesignated as the Far East Theater reserve and pulled out of Korea. [43], At the same time, X Corps, with the 7th Infantry Division and 1st Marine Division, attacked Incheon, striking the North Korean army from the rear. This is the official website of the 24th Infantry Division Association. [34], The rest of the 24th Infantry Division arrived in South Korea, through the port of Pusan, followed by elements of the 1st Cavalry Division and 25th Infantry Division from the Eighth Army. [106] By the end of combat operations, the 24th Infantry Division advanced 260 miles and destroyed 360 tanks and other armored personnel carriers, 300 artillery pieces, 1,200 trucks, 25 aircraft, 19 missiles, and over 500 pieces of engineer equipment. The following day, the 24th Division's 1st Airborne Battle Group, 187th Infantry deployed to Turkey and flew to Beirut on 19 July. [105] Should the U.S. Army decide to activate more divisions in the future, the center will most likely suggest the first new division be the 7th Infantry Division, the second be the 9th Infantry Division, and the third be the 24th Infantry Division. [26][27] The 24th Division retained the 19th, 21st, and 34th regiments, but the formations were undermanned and ill-equipped due to the post-war drawdown and reduction in military spending. [44], At the same time, X Corps, with the 7th Infantry Division and 1st Marine Division, attacked Inchon, striking the KPA from the rear. The 24th Division's units participated in this action. For the first 18 months of the war, the division was heavily engaged on the front lines with North Korean and Chinese forces, suffering over 10,000 casualties. The regiment was dissolved and was replaced within the 24th by the 5th Regimental Combat Team. Keeble's medal was awarded on 3 March 2008, 26 years after his death. [57], In late April, the Chinese launched a major counterattack. Formed during World War II from the disbanding Hawaiian Division, the division saw action throughout the Pacific theater, first fighting in New Guinea before landing on the Philippine islands of Leyte and Luzon, driving Japanese forces from them.

[62] The 1st Marine Division and 27th British Commonwealth Brigade were able to drive the 13th Army Corps back while the 24th and 25th divisions withdrew on 25 April. [55] Amid heavy casualties, the Eighth Army retreated from North Korea to the Imjin River, south of the 38th Parallel, having been destabilised by the overwhelming PVA force.

It was withdrawn from the front lines to the reserve force for the remainder of the war, but returned to Korea for patrol duty at the end of major combat operations.

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