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drie's setup wizard connects your GitHub and AWS accounts so that every commit is built and automatically deployed using best practices. Your developers can use the familiar GitHub UI and our dashboard to scale your service without having to learn how to use Amazon's console.


Get running on your own infrastructure in minutes
Don’t spend weeks or months building and configuring your own infrastructure
Support most languages and frameworks
We support Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Scala, Node.js and many more languages. If it runs on Linux it runs on drie
Run every branch
Don’t spend weeks or months building and configuring your own infrastructure
Simple dashboard
Our dashboard is quick and easy to learn. Keep your developers out of the AWS console
Create new environments in minutes
Create live-like staging environments in minutes, load test your service, and destroy it when you’re done to save money
SSL by default
All apps and prototypes are behind SSL which we manage and renew automatically
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
We integrate with your GitHub account to deploy your changes as they happen
High availability
Scale up your web services behind a load balancer in minutes to meet peaks in demand, scale down when things calm down

From build to deploy in a few minutes

See for yourself how easy it is!

The drie architecture

Transparency is key. We don't believe in black boxes.

drie is built by gluing together the best components of AWS and runs on your own infrastructure in your AWS account. For example, we use EC2 instances to build your web service before deploying it onto dedicated instances using Docker and Elastic Beanstalk.

drie use cases

You want to move your infrastructure from on premise to the cloud. Clouds like AWS are powerful because they’re highly configurable; drie gives you best practices from day one without spending £1000s on training your team.
Turn your product into a SaaS. You want your service to sell itself with low friction. drie makes it easy to deploy and scale your existing product. Use our team’s experience to make it easier for new customers to consume your product.
You find it hard to recruit for DevOps or SysAdmin roles. Experienced infrastructure specialists are increasingly expensive and hard to find. drie automates 80-90% of common patterns freeing up your existing team to work on the things which make your business special.
You want to keep your service secure without compromising on productivity. Checklists are slow but help you ship a secure service. Using automation, drie enforces best practices which means that your service stays secure and helps you to safely scale and improve your product to meet customer demands.
You are thinking of deploying Kubernetes, OpenShift or CloudFoundry. These are great tools which are quick to install but more challenging to configure to meet your needs and maintain.
You are thinking of adopting a microservice architecture. Well developed microservice architectures can make your service more resilient and your team more productive. drie is a great way to try out this pattern with minimal commitment rather than taking months to hire a team to build your own microservice infrastructure.