Senior DevOps Engineer


As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you take responsibility for ensuring the drie team and client are aware of the operational and infrastructure requirements for software delivery.

You’re directly involved in building and testing deployment pipelines, automated provisioning of infrastructure and infrastructure support services. You will be depended upon for advice regarding the cross-functional aspects of user stories, as well as watching out for performance bottlenecks and scaling pitfalls.

We’re looking for a person who is hands-on, who knows how to work the cloud and someone has an eagerness to learn enough about whatever tools and tricks are needed in order to accomplish their goals. You promote a lean and agile work environment through pragmatism and continuous improvement.


What you will be doing on a daily basis

  • Automate the building of infrastructure using DevOps best practices
  • Automate deployments
  • Assisting IT/Operations with application environment setup
  • Solution Design and implementation
  • Manage & monitor environment using monitoring tools like Nagios, Cacti
  • Resolve operational issues, troubleshoot development problems
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to application development, deployment, and operations
  • Build engineering automation and productivity tools to streamline and scale applications in the production environment

Your Experience

  • Virtualization: Docker, KVM/QEMU/XEN, VMWare, Virtualbox, Vagrant
  • Cloud/PaaS/IaaS: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google App/Compute Engine (GAE/GCE), Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, CloudFoundry, Openshift
  • Infrastructure provisioning/testing: Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Saltstack, Habitat, Serverspec, Goss, InSpec
  • Programming languages: Java/Scale/Clojure, Golang, Rust, Ruby, Python, Shell scripting
  • Linux/Unix: Debian/Ubuntu, RedHat/CentOS
  • Continuous Delivery: GoCD, Jenkins, Teamcity, Bamboo, ConcourseCI
  • Web servers/Application servers: nginx, Apache, Traefik, Tomcat, Jetty
  • Databases: MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL, Oracle, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, Version control: Git, SVN

Your Qualifications

  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science / Information Technology
  • AWS Solutions Architect certified (associate or professional)
  • AWS DevOps Engineer certified (associate or professional)
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